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  1. I totally agree. If the were to build another station, then taxpayers would most likely be paying for it. I wouldn't think an extra stop on the extension would really be worth the money.
  2. UlmerPark B6


    Welcome to this magical-transit kingdom! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Yea, I remember too. So is there a physical problem with the toography that artics can't run in all the other boroughs, or is it just a finacial thing?
  4. Right on, dude, seriously, who is going to stand for hours to wait for the countdown to 2010, and afterwards, experience the mad dash to the train station.
  5. Nice pics, but here is a tip, you should hold your camera more steady.
  6. Di Fara FTW!!! That place is awesome, right on my block, I smell it every afternoon when I come home from school, but the "Out of Dough" sign is pissing me off.
  7. Yea, but it also said the ( and will run local between Prospect Park and Kings Hwy, and I don't think there are any temproary platform at stops beyond Newkirk Avenue.
  8. I found a good link on the website detailing the rehab project. http://www.mta.info/nyct/service/bqLinesRehab.htm#details Also, the ( and train will start bypassing Avenue H and Avenue M on Sept. 28 but the trains will still run local. I do not know why they are telling people from Avenue M and Avenue H to go to Newkirk Avenue, people from Avenue M and transfer at Avenue J. Info for Sept. 28: http://tinyurl.com/yczxjvf
  9. You can't say it's false since you can't really predict any project.
  10. Nice pics, that dude is so stupid, he could have suffered a major fatality. You should have told a employee. As for the R32 (, I see it every morning around 7:30 to 7:40 bet. Avenue U and Avenue M going northbound.
  11. Nice pics, the bus looks more complete with those rooftop ads!
  12. Welcome to the site, Susan!
  13. The Brighton Line stations are a little crummy and old, but I can assure you, they are not as worn down as the Sea Beach line, look at their stairs, platforms, or leaks. I don't see why should waste their money on repairing stations like Newkirk and Avenue J, but if the say they can pose a safety hazard, who's to stop them. But I bet people who rely on the line, aren't too happy.
  14. Yea, they've been playing excellent, with their great pitching and offense from Helton, and others. On June 1st, they were 15 1/2 game behind the Dodgers, and if they can overtake the Dodgers, then they will set major-league history.
  15. Like the others said, I think it means the will run local all times from 5 AM-10 PM, meaning it will still run local even if it's Rush Hour or Midday.
  16. That is mostly because they are not born in U.S. or not fluent in English, like Hudson said. Look at Derek Jeter, the New Jersey native was born in the U.S., and look at how many commercials he has been in, like for Ford, he has a marketing line for Derek Jeter Turn 2 Gloves, and a whole line for SKLZ. Albert Pujols is great, but you can't consider him as an American product. You see Tiger Woods, Eli Manning, Chase Utley and a few others on your TV screen, all american born. Or that Guitar Hero ad with Kobe, A-Rod, Phelps, and Tony Hawk. Remember back in the 1990's, that video game about Ken Griffey, Jr. you even see Cal Ripken, Jr. star in some ads. The only time you really see players not born in the U.S. starring in a commercial, is for local ads for their own team, or the All-Star Game, like Albert Pujols did or the Subway commercial with CC and Johan Santana (born in Venezula). But there are still plenty of players who don't star in nationwide ads like Wright, Howard, Tex, Mauer, etc.
  17. Welcome to the forums!
  18. Most of these service implements are not needed. Like the express, or the bridge repair, or 10-train full car. It would be useful to some people depending on who you ask. Weren't all of these ideas talked about over the past few years, and nothing ever happened.
  19. I am so lucky to live near the Avenue J station which won't be shutting down.
  20. Great pics, didn't go this year because to me it's not that fun, nice catch of the rain coming at you though.
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