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  1. I like all of the ideas except B4, a lot of people go to Bay Acedemy and Sheepshead Bay High, so no one wants to walk that long.
  2. Was this the Fifth Avenue Coach Company, at the opening of Shea Stadium, World Fair, or the Mets?
  3. No, but if you do use it, and you get caught, say you are in a private school.
  4. I wish they were running regular service on the Sea Beach, nice pics!
  5. Nice pics, but don't take too many pictures of rollsigns and try to tilt you camera too much.
  6. 9309 is still at UPK, along with 9301, 9314, 9324, 9330.
  7. No, not even one, the R68 were dominating the whole line, with a few R160s. Great pics!
  8. A-Rod and Texieira is getting get booed so badly.........
  9. UlmerPark B6


    Welcome to the site, Elijah!
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