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  1. Welcome to the site!
  2. UlmerPark B6


    Welcome to NYCTF!
  3. UlmerPark B6


    Welcome, Don!
  4. Wow, that's kinda cool, if It was getting a wash it would stay at CIY like you said.
  5. Wow, those signs are mad old! Nice catch!
  6. It's finally settlign down for the Yankees, the bullpen is getting a little better, Teixiera and Cano are beginning to be hot, and A-Rod is settling in, and hitting home runs. We got more offense from Damon and Jeter, and Melky, Gardner, and Cervelli has stepped up. When Nady, and Posada are back, we got a great team, but Swisher needs to step up at home.
  7. Nice pics, when is the line getting it's last run?
  8. I hope they pass it, but even if they pass it, it's as much of a hassle if the reconstruction project is going to keep on going on.
  9. I'm one of them, I'm taking mass transit for the Yankees game on Sunday at 1:05 PM, and I live at Avenue J, and I have to take the shuttle bus and then the , it's so dumb.
  10. Actually I think they are closing Avenue H and Avenue J, that's where the constructions has been going on. And at Avenue J, the trees on the former side exit have been cut down, and the soil has been flattened.
  11. If you wanna go, I suggest you rather get tickets for the Red Sox and Mets interleague game, or you can go to Washington D.C., but it's in June before they play a game in DC.
  12. Yea, wait a few years, the Culver is gonna be like the old elevated Franklin line, if the wants to save money, and do nothing about it.
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