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    Welcome to the site!
  2. Can the bottom sustain the weight, it's really just a New Flyer with a deck on top of it.
  3. Great shots, but can you take less shots of rollsigns, it seems like you have a interest in them, but can you take less of it, no offense though.
  4. I know on the line, that after Brighton Beach, the Coney Island-bund track is closed, the shuttle train only runs on the Manhattan-bound side, both directions, there's only 1 anyway.
  5. Try not to get your fingers in the view, nice pics!
  6. Thank you!!!!!!!, but who's gonna take place, .......Spitzer?
  7. Last night's game was terrible!!!!!!!!!!! Bullpen is like the Mets, and Manny derserves it, at least it wasn't a steroid.
  8. There are many bus lines, to kill, including the B70, B23, M6, and a lot more.
  9. This is very stupid, the West Side highway, I suppose will be used for viewing, but it is street level so, it's not like on the East Side, and the West Side is more quiet, and it doesn't look that great, unlike the East Side.
  10. Why Yankees, I think the hitters might be relying on the pitchers too much, and the hitters and pitchers are thinking that eachother will do the help for them.
  11. Hasn't the Coney Island-bound run on the on the Sea Beach for the past few weekends? Maybe that's why.
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