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  1. Glad to see you're still around. :)

  2. I've heard vague rumors that the M12 might be for the chop. Has anyone here heard such rumblings? I find it hard to believe, since it's a foregone conclusion the ridership will grow as more Hudson Yards rental units are occupied. If anything, extending the operating hours to standard hours, and increasing runs seem more likely to me as time goes by. Well, I suppose the 11th Ave tunnel traffic is a nightmare. I have met folks who thought the route didn't exist due to runs stuck in traffic, but I blame that more on them having four buses maximum on the road at any one time. Also, heard one M42 driver claim odd proposals were in the works for that route, such as driverless bus testing and a dedicated lane. Madness. Everyone I've ever spoken to claim they can't even have artics on that route forget anything more. Are there any M42 developments coming, or is all that pure nonsense as well?
  3. A fair response. I agree that the Brighton line ROW is more straight, and, with less graduation, allows more speed. My main reply to that would be that the service which already exists is pretty fairly utilized. Can they really increase service to compensate that increase of ridership while still accommodating the regular users? If a weekend event, there's less impact activating service, sure, and Manhattan return service would have less non-event-attending attending riders, but service would have less impact in those areas overall, and have less bottlenecks. I think this still tips the scales towards dedicated service, and the would seem to fit that bill. Still, as routes go, you are right.
  4. It's an old dead horse to many, but I do really think reactivation of service is more arguable now, as the popularity of the Coney Island Amphitheatre has increased quite a bit. Limited use reactivation here would be comparable to LIRR and NICE increasing Wantagh service for Jones Beach Amphitheatre events. Also, the event precedent exists with increased service/station access for Aqueduct as well as for the and Bronx lines during MLB games, not to mention that a line was conceived purely for a single primary destination, and I think the bases are fairly well covered for such service. Within this particular context (not regular or peak service), how fares the idea with you all now?
  5. If I recall correctly, and it will take an older member to substantiate it (or someone with the appropriate map), I seem to remember taking an M72 that traversed Central Park via Terrace Drive for an exit at West 72nd when I was a wee lad in the late 70's/early 80's. The best I can find to confirm that, or show I'm finally losing it, is the '74 and '76 maps, which show no such route. However, it might have been a bit later when the trip(s) happened. Of course, it might be sticking in my mind that it was an obvious deviation from the normal route...but then again, I know my mom didn't drag me over to the west side too often either (Oh, it's much improved since those days). Anyhow, it was a nagging local mystery (of my own), and no, I'm not mixing it up with the M79.
  6. There's rain over the weekend. I wonder if any roof leaks will become apparent.
  7. How I wish them luck...but, as someone who could see the highline a block from my window for five years, my hopes are not as high as they once were for successful reactivation (Not that I wanted that razed, mind you, but we need more rail in this city; not less). That said, they have my support...as do those who want to repurpose the Bay Ridge Branch, or make use of any existing ROW and built trackway infrastructure throughout the system. Everything that exists ought to be used to the maximum potential.
  8. Wrapping the idea of reactivating the Bay Ridge Branch, or some commuter-service purposing, within the idea of some "triboro" service has probably only hindered the effort of restoring passenger service. In this situation, simple is best. Let's have a crosstown terminating in Bay Ridge and Canarsie, and leave making provisions for future expansion as the daydreams. People have to go down to Stillwell, or up to Atlantic for most line changes, and they're sick of it. Let's end that sooner rather than later.
  9. I forget where, but I thought someone claimed to have gotten into that, and that it was one of the most impressive unused tunnels in the system. Either way, that it could finally be put to use might settle some old books. Same goes for the rest of those trackways along the line in that area of Queens. Seeing those bellmouths when entering or leaving stations, I always think of the money wasted making those preparations back then.
  10. To this day, the two most memorable subway rides I've had were both through the Rockaways (Perhaps the most scenic ride in the system): One, aboard a Westbound R-44 watching a waterspout ("finger of God!") just off Atlantic Beach during Gloria, and the other riding one of, if not, the first Westbound revenue runs of the R-110 (B, I assume) out of Mott Ave. Fear and awe, in that order.
  11. So...what's behind the Northbound termination of the today at Parkside vs. Prospect Pk? Is there station renovation going on at Prospect? Parkside struck me as odd
  12. I look forward to a new video of that. Perhaps the Neck Road platform remains will appear.
  13. Hmm, I notice no remnant of the LIRR Manhattan Beach Branch alongside. Seriously, great work. I need to find time to get back into this.
  14. Real life interferes with things beyond train schedules too, you know.
  15. My thanks to Harry for uploading these for me as a set. I think I added a few more "fun" ones such as theoretical "Yankee and Mets" subway series shuttles, but I'm not sure if the MTA has enough brains for that.

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