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  1. Do the Police cards have pictures on them? (I've only seen the one side. It looks like a plastic version of a bus transfer)
  2. Have they stopped distributing them to retail? (I used to see them at newsstands)
  3. Not for New York. Notice any hi-rises in those pictures? Nope. Those are great for the suburbs, as I said, but pantograph lines will never happen in Manhattan, and are too dangerous for Brooklyn and Queens too. I could see it being safer in certain parts of The Bronx and Staten Island, but again, the other issues of cost versus those of simply extending subway lines come into play, and that still remains the better option.
  4. I could see someone grabbing the discharge sign for a gag. B)
  5. I rode a slant earlier this week. I never thought it would happen. The interior was in such great shape too. Almost new looking. B)
  6. mac5689 addressed Suffolk, but LIB IS run by the MTA already.
  7. This isn't due to sympathy for the riders. This is due to the fact ridership would drop so low that the express routes would be shut down. Anyone who could easily afford a daily $15 round trip would be driving. $10 is pushing it already. $8 really is the ideal price considering the conveinence and comfort of the current buses. In fact, I even thought so when the price was less.
  8. Unfortunately, I knew that posting. However, unlike suburban paratransit services, AAR in NYC serves not only the disabled, but a disabled population that is nearer, or below the poverty line. Also, paratransit in suburban areas are more justified in charging a higher fare since their ridership is lower and it's harder to recoup operating costs. That means a fare increase constitutes a hardship to NYC AAR riders unlike those in other municipalities. I'm no lawyer, but I bet some lawyer could form a case on this alone, despite the other issues at hand here. That may be within their right, but as above, I beleieve the NYC AAR ridership rely on paratransit services more as an ambulette service compared to desiring trips purely to locations served by particular subway stations or bus stops. I think you'd find many trips would need to consist of many transfers between bus and subway that most able-bodied individuals would consider less than convenient. In that balance of scales, paratransit is more worthy of preservation than toll-free access to bridges, although I don't like that one bit either.
  9. This is like the fifth topic on this very subject. There's even one active today. This should be merged or locked.
  10. The NTT cars are pretty quiet too. An R160 could even sneak up on you. Take into account that we have them, and that new contracts will likely be for even quieter running cars, and the argument for light rail on noise is undermined. Add new cars that have to be designed and ordered, and different trackage, and you have a dealkiller compared to extending subway line instead. While I like light rail in certain instances, like the suburbs, having pantograph wires anywhere in the city is impossible and dangerous in this day. Virtually all five boroughs have have buildings, residential and otherwise, that would overlook such wires, and all you need is one kid... Oddly enough, third rails, especially since they are used on lines that are protected from pedestrians, are safer on the ground. Light rail tends to run further from pedestrian traffic and structures in suburbs (short of stations) and that's why it works there. In New York City, over and over the subway is the safest way to go. Yup. Underground, a line can be run to and through the neighborhoods in question. There would be far less incidents and accidents underground.
  11. Geographically, SI may be closer to NJ and might even prefer to be part of NJ short of seceding, but they are part of NYC, and as with Liberty island, New Yorkers are fairly possessive of it. If that public feeling of possessiveness about SI were exploited strategically, a tunnel or bridge for rail from Brooklyn could happen. Even if a fuller transit link with NJ were established, such a tunnel would be in the interest of Brookynites and Long Islanders as an additional path to the mainland. The easier and cheaper transfer of NYCT and LIRR rolling stock is only one benefit.
  12. I know it may go against most, but I far prefer scale trains travelling through and among 1:1 foilage than anything scale. It just looks better to me whether it's as realistic or not.
  13. I'm anti-light rail in comparison to subway. At least when it's a public project for the MTA. New NTT cars are much quieter for the NIMBYs out there, and there's no need for additional expenditure on different cars, rail and infrastructure. Stick with what's in stock, on hand, and what can be moved in from an existing yard.
  14. Increasing AAR fare to MORE than base MTA fare should be a basis of a suit. Most paratransit riders are stretching their budgets as-is. In fact most are eligible, and have, half-fare metrocards. They already are inconvenienced by the fact paratransit buses are not equipped with fareboxes, and certainly don't need to have to pay even more out of pocket. Just imagine it. Paratransit riders attempting to afford to continue keeping medical appointments by taking buses and climbing stair for subway rides. Not only will the increased wheelchair riders delay buses, the falls and possible deaths associated with these individuals attempting to get a subway at EL or subterranean stations having to walk stairs to platforms they could fall off. If this happens, someone might actually die due to it. I find it hard to believe they even proposed it.
  15. Actually, some stores honored their online Monday deals. You could have gone to Staples and gotten the same deals, plus used in-store coupons as well.
  16. More for the precendent it sets on shutting down Manhattan routes than what impact it has for its riders (of which I have been one), I'm against this. This puts the M50 and M27 closer to the axe as well, and these routes do take some strain off their neigbors. If anything, there should be an 18th, 28th and even an West End / 11th Ave route. Obviously those are not coming any time soon, but this is galling in comparison.
  17. Are there any N or Z cars available? Any NTT models? (I could find a drawer somewhere for a layout )
  18. Have you copyrighetd MuttroCard yet? Also, you should be multi-quoting, not posting twice or more in a row. Click this button at the bottom of each post you're responding to before submitting them.
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unused_New_York_City_Subway_service_labels
  20. Considering the MTA would lose more in the suits than they would earn, no. This may be the first time I agreed with Kamen Rider.
  21. He gave a free ride, and even gave the transfer...and he was still murdered. Just another case for reinstating, rather enforcing, the death penalty in NYS, which again, won't happen. My condolences to his family.
  22. OK, since I said I would already... Credit to Ian Smith for the original graphic.
  23. Tokens wouldn't be hard, and I was on the fence about the single ride. It's so fleeting a fare card. I thought if I do one of those, then why not a bus transfer, and then I would be doing TransitChek, disabled, MTA worker and police cards too. I just did the student ones since we have a lot of kids and teens here, and that's a good way to identify them. I'll do a routemaster, but I'm thinking others here who do vehicles can do a better job.
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