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  1. I didn't download it to crash trains. Considering it's a simulator, all aspects should be simulated to some degree. The fact that they allow the train to topple shows that wished to simulate derailment. However, in my opinion, it's one of those things that should be all or nothing. The derailment effect being as benign as it is, is more odd than if there were no effect at all, short of a stoppage and message that you have derailed. That's just an observation. I still enjoy the sim.
  2. This reminds me of the bay ridge line.
  3. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6409
  4. He doesn't need to. It's common knowledge. Again, sharing copyrighted material is illegal, but there are torrent sites that share copyright free material, as well as films and music in the public domain.
  5. Same for hospital nurses who ride the M66 and M30. They work overnight shifts, and arrive on overnight, weekday and weekend buses.
  6. That's like asking "What's the meaning of life?" You can use Google to find plenty of tutorials on the net. Also, if you have installed it, there are some included with the software. This should also be in an general off topic forum.
  7. Still interested in the rollsign decals... One other thing. Has anyone done a recent model car (R160/R142/R143 etc) in a smaller scale like N, Z or T?
  8. What I agree/disagree with: Manhattan: YES-M1/M2 - Eliminate overnight Service: One of the buses should stay NO-M10 - Eliminated: Sure NO-M23 - Eliminated overnights: Sure YES-M30 - Eliminated: Sure NO-M66 - Eliminated overnights: Sure YES-Express Buses to $7.50 - You gots to be kiddin' me! No more than $6.
  9. Nope. There are paint strokes on this, and not even coverage. That's why I noticed it. (Although I do rememeber them exposed as a kid, so I did recognize what I was seeing) It's the same paint as what was used on the structure above. They just went and covered the whole thing. Decals would have been better, but no one thought this through.
  10. That "black stuff" is actually blank black decal cut from a roll to cover newly erroneous route signs, or to cover bullets of lines that no longer run at a station. Sometimes there will be printed decal "correction" strips that will cover an old sign, or parts. This is different. These are not standard station route signs. Apparently, the MTA decided not continue producing clear cells for these signs, and just painted them. Then hung standard ones at platform edges. I believe these may be unique, although I thought there was at least another station somewhere with them. There may be some kind of solvent that could b used to save this signage, but since they just painted them, I doubt the MTA wants to recover them. Incidentally, the signs look like some of the station signatures some members have here. Bullets on a black square on a white station route sign with black print.
  11. I've specifically seen silver paint flake off rusted roof surfaces. That's paint for sure.
  12. All tracks have it, I think. If you look up from a window seat on without getting off you can even see them. They don't face in from the track, but outward from the celings above the platform. You might have to look athe flat surface for a second to still see the route bullets. Some areas have heavier coats of paint than others too.
  13. I see and hear mention of a Jones Beach beach bus being cut. Which, and for how long? Permanently? I ask, because when Summers roll around, I am on of those poor unfortunates without a car who actually take the JB bus/LIRR package there for concerts at the theatre. What's worrying is that I'm not alone when going that way. JBT attendance would surely drop if it's a permanent cut. I wonder if the theatre execs have said anything about the hikes yet.
  14. If you are looking for riots or protests, it won't be over a $7.50 Express bus fare, or a $3 PPR Metrocard one, it will be the $4+ AAR hike. That's the most heartless aspect of this package. They said they will. Just not in this package. The UNL MC hike proposal will certainly be put foward like this before these changes go into effect.
  15. Church Ave (?) on the Brighton line has all the old signage like and and on the old fluorescent backlit plastic cels above the platforms. Unfortunately they're all covered with a layer of paint. You can stick make out some of them, though. One pass of paintstripper over those and we'll be back in the 80s.
  16. Avenue J had a peel off awhile back to reveal a (Q6), but they reapplied it. Same thing happened a few years back with a at 23rd St. People actually blogged about that instance.
  17. Likely, they weren't alive when the flames reached them. It's not much to take away, but suffocation is a lot less painful.
  18. I've seen it flaking. It's silver paint. Whether it's standard stuff, or weather-resistant, who knows.
  19. http://www.jelsma.com/html/clothing.html Nice looking stuff. I always liked the color and logo for Burlington Northern. I wonder if they made and still stock that as a jacket. The manufacturing pics are interesting too. He's making quite a fashion statement there. These are funny too: http://www.jelsma.com/html/clothing_underwear.html
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