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  1. I think there's still some station signage that uses the old (Q6), too.
  2. Radioguy

    I Made It

    Indeed. Welcome to the board!
  3. I think the reasoning behind that might that the R110 had it in gray. (IIRC)
  4. I'm not familiar with that service. Is there a thread about it? (It's hard to imagine any express not being slowed down or stopped dead in the low 60s like the rest of the 15s)
  5. For the record...if this is part of a grand ploy to intimidate the state into more funding, as some have speculated, then this is too far. One of the KEY reasons people take AAR, is that they not only qualify under disability, but that they cannot afford the bus and subway rides they need. Many of these people need to take connecting buses from home to subways or other buses for distances that most could walk. That puts them into two-fare zone status, with round trips costing up to $8 if they can physically handle standard bus and subway travel to begin with. Most also cannot afford unlimited ride cards, even if half price. There a lot of these people, and that's why AAR exists. TO SCARE THESE PEOPLE IS DISGUSTING. Most especially so, if this is a tactic, rather than a statement of fact.
  6. Like you said in another thread, they should drop the bonus PPR rides, and they should do wrapping on ALL subway cars and buses....even paratransit if they can give a cut to the operators. They should also run ads on the R160 LCDs. Everybody needs to remember that the MTA provides a service, not a feeling of nostalgia or ambiance. They aren't a scenic railway, and that needs to be accepted by us and them. Speed, safety and comfort is all they should be focusing on. They need to put function over form.
  7. True. Now with a $7.50 fare possibly coming, even more so. Honestly, if that happens, I don't see anyone but tourists using them.
  8. Does anyone know which east side stops have the deactivated screens? I had been asking about this for years, even before they appartently deployed them and haven't seen one yet.
  9. Here are my versions based on the OCR avatar set: Aesthetically, I like the route designation being the same color as the ring, but I think I still agree with you that the white "travels better" to a further station.
  10. I think most know about those, but more rarely do I see mention of the or which are also contemporary to that time.
  11. I wasn't complaining. I should get the hang enough of it to know by heart when I should slow down. The derailments don't seem too messy, either. That may be the only disappointment so far. Not that I'm looking for blood, gore and rolling heads, but it's a very smooth roll over to one side. Almost like going to sleep. I was expecting some noise at least.
  12. Thanks. I missed the ATS when I ran the G, and had to mute the speakers. I'm using an xbox360 usb controller for some of the keys, but the fact that some cars have one or two controls has been an issue. I have to remap the keys and memorize which is which. I also notice that on some routes it's easier to derail than others. Is that something written in by the devs?
  13. I miss Hevesi. He put the fear of God into the board. There's been no one like that since. Also, iin the other thread, I think this would raise crime statistics. You need consistent night service on every route. This could be like the 70s again, with people not wanting to take the train once the sun goes down.
  14. Very, very dangerous. This will be like the 70s again. People won't go out at night for fear of being mugged in stations waiting for trains. (Which still happens)
  15. This happens to everyone. No need to feel bad at all.
  16. Does this model have the Kodak made lens, or the German one?
  17. I hope you're kidding. I think most know by now that the MTA is liquidating virtually all signage from old cars and stations at inflated prices for collectors willing to pay. Personally, I think it's a good way to increase revenue, and if people are willing to pay such exorbitant prices, who's the MTA to stop them? That said, some of the prices are crazy. Unless the individuals in question thought these plaques were going down with the car to the briny bottom, that may be the reason behind this. No excuse, of course.
  18. Maybe the admin is screening? I tried to register there as well, and also did not get an email.
  19. Looks like we both chose the same day to switch sides for awhile.
  20. Same here. It's actually not a selling point to anyone I know. Those who buy PPR Metrocards are very accepting of the fare, and just consider the extra rides as icing on the cake. Those who want a better deal always seem to shift to Unlimited cards. At least in my experience.
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