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  1. Yeah. There isn't enough night service to begin with. Especially with the buses. I'm surprised the bus lines on the west side of Manhattan don't at least run a bus an hour overnight. I only found that out the hard way when I was an eastsider. Yet, the crosstowns run. I always found that odd.
  2. I'm not really embracing nicknaming them, but for the hell of it, R160s have stealth on their side with how quite they are. Something like "Ninja" might be good.
  3. Not at all. Those are as archaic as dinosaurs compared to the current NTT displays.
  4. I've finally got OpenBVE running on Vista and it's great fun. I can't wait for someone to do routes for the to the Rockaways (Lefferts was pretty good), and the Brighton line too.
  5. That's not bad. It's a good example of what they should have ordered for the NTT.
  6. Nah, this was just at the tip of Atlantic Beach. Not that close to the shore, but I was pretty anxious until we got to Broad Channel. If it had a mind to, it could have gotten to us before we did. :eek:
  7. I did, and following that, the Z key should get me going, but it doesn't. I'm probably missing something, though. I haven't bothered installing BVE due to the reports of incompatibility with Vista, and I get the feeling that OpenBVE is geared for old hacks at BVE. EDIT: No problems now. This is great fun.
  8. I'm not pro-shuttle. I like full routes that fulfill crosstown needs. A route that ran along 34th and then extended into Queens or Brooklyn would be far better.
  9. Alright, I took the plunge. However, I need a walkthrough on the controls. So far, I've only gotten a train to crawl backwards, and I'm not sure how I even did that.
  10. I feel more unsafe than I did years ago, at some stations. This will not help. (God help those who live in the Rockaways)
  11. I always wonder if anyone on an EL witnessed that. I witnessed a waterspout (tornado over a body of water) from the in the Rockaways back in the 80s. It freaked out everyone on the car. It's the only tornado I've personally witnessed.
  12. THANK YOU! I might actually print this thread. I'm glad to know it will say that you paid, and how much, but must it be cash? Is it possible to dip a second PPR card to add the difference? (This could easily happen if you have more than one card without knowing the balances, or if you have a passenger or friend offer their card to help) It doesn't seem very fair to lose the transfer by mixing card and cash. I wonder why that is. I guess you can always ask for a paper transfer at least for a connecting local bus, but why lose a subway ride? :confused: Excellent. I wonder if there are college courses for this stuff. It seems overly complicated. Good to know. That also seems unfair, though. Is there a specific reason why this is? Anyway, thanks for answering what you did. I'm going to try and memorize it all.
  13. Argh. I thought this was a bump to say there was a new Vista-compatible version. There are too many reports of issues with running the older ones.
  14. Never knew about the cat. It makes sense for pest control, but I worry about him getting stuck under a car. It would be nice if someone would regularly post those here as a consideration to those who cannot visit the museum regularly. Maybe just occassional snapshots of the board in question?
  15. I always get the urge to weed when I see the tracks.
  16. Nice. Might be sweaty, but nice.
  17. Whitehall is too far downtown. I wouldn't feel comfortable with any SI line that didn't at least terminate in midtown. Remember, SIslanders will be using this to commute to work, of which most will be there. If you want a longer line that goes to Queens, then I have no objection, but I can understand how some balk at the length. Whitehall is too little, though.
  18. Yeah, I think I might have seen pics of 44/46s running on the LIRR somewhere. Those were the kind of cars I would have thought could have run. However, I thought the LIRR ran on 700V with different feet for the third rail.. Btw, where was that other connection closed off? At Chambers, or at the Rockaway branch? Do you have a link to pictures? EDIT: Oh wait....you mean the connection to the ? I've seen that LIRR connection.
  19. Not to stir the pot, but they are not in a position to threaten anything right now either what with Toussaint's affidavit. Then there's the current coverage of the "slacking" track workers. I know I don't want to be Roger right now...
  20. The itself might be too much, but I'd prefer a line that terminates in Manhattan at least.
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