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  1. The Q12 is going Artic for the Fall
  2. The D60's are being prematurely scrapped. The buses have so much life left in them. What buses are left out of the 5510-5769 group?
  3. Saw 6091 heading south on the Van Wyck this morning
  4. 682 headed South on the Van Wyck this morning
  5. Already been said the 6400's are being replaced by XD40's
  6. you're wrong about 80% you probably have like 6 months on the jobbu
  7. Gilligs and NABI's wouldn't pass the shaker test 1, 2 most bus manufacturers who deal with the TA long term......go under
  8. Yeah out of all LFSA's from that order I'd bet those have the most miles. A few were already sent to Quill before SBS. Also, the 44 has a lot of reliefs so the buses are on the road for an extended period of time as well.
  9. 4116,4174,4426-4427,4460,4462, 4662-4665,4668-4673 are the QV NG's

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