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  1. I just went down there today. All the sections from track are sittin by the Portal, stacked, with the blocks still on them. Looks like a Diesel went down there not too long ago because the rails had a light coat of rust on them by Costco. The way things look now, looks like there wont be any moves for anything unless they send a low-boy truck to 2nd avenue, and load/unload from the street. I need to ask around why the project is taking so long.

  2. Damn. Alright I will grab a few photos for Peter D. The track curves out to 1st avenue, then stops at the sidewalk. I never get a chance to see the project being worked on. Well, thanks anyway.

  3. Hey. Do you happen to know any info on the track project in South Brooklyn recently? Last I been there, they were starting to build the new yard lead. Im thinkin of taking a trip down there to grab a few photos of the construction. It's been a while anyway. If you can, Just let me know. Thanks.

  4. I will talk to Joe today to see if I can make it.

  5. ALright I see, I think you look familiar, I used to hang out there in the AM's around 7:30ish with my friend motorman by the stairwell in front of the dispatchers office.

  6. Ah, alright, because I knew quite a few motorman and switchman on the Quincy who worked AM's, so I thought I may have knew you.

  7. Now THATS a nice tow truck! Where you guys located?

  8. Eric, do you work the Quincy?

  9. OMG Hi Zach i'm such* (lol) a big fan of you we should meet up!!!!!


    LOL j/k just going along with ur visitor messages!

  10. Alright just tell me when, I can probably go for the VZN Bridge this time.

  11. Yea, I still need to talk to Joe during the course of the week to see whats up for Sunday (transportation wise).

  12. omg we should so chill this weekend! lol, did that yesterday. Hit me up with whats goin on next weekend.

  13. Mike, what line do you work? I'm asking because I am friends with LOTS of employees.

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