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  1. I thought in the bronx the BX18 was the shortest
  2. I heard it @ work I am a bus operator out of Gullhill depot
  3. well I think it is being considered but nothing has come of it as of yet yes both the Bx 40 and Bx 42 both run from river park towers or better know as richman plaza down treamont ave they split at treamont and randalls ave the 40 continues straight and the 42 makes a right turn thru the projects but they both meet back up on treamont where they both split up yet again LOL at harding ave. as someone who actually drives the as We call the 402 line lol I can tell you we need a LTD route over there
  4. hey orion BX402 here sorry I just log in today and seen your message to me sorry it's been crazy at work LOL hey if your ever out on the line I am on run #4 on the 40&42 line now take care.


  5. hello orion sorry it has taken Me so long to get back a reply to you work has been crazy with a capital C lol oh and hey if ya see Me as I'm operating on the line jump on and take a ride your more than welcome.. take care.


  6. Yes the Bx 42 Bus route has been extended all the way down Harding ave. to Emerson Ave. it used to end at Charlie's Inn now that is closed guess they felt the need to be able to service the passanger's that live at the end of Harding Ave, and No they have not corrected the Dest. Signs on the buses. BTW I drive the Bx 40&42 Line. (LOL) I work run 10 if anyone is every out there stop and say hello sometime
  7. OMG I seen you operating the Bx40/42, I took a shot but deleted it since it came out blurry... :(

  8. We in GunHill Have a saying and that is "If it starts be HAPPY" (LOL) but true GH has the Crappiest Fleet I think and I have Drove out of the Old 100 Street and the New 100 street Depots, GunHill, Hudson Pier, WestSide, now know as Quill, Mother Hale,... It's like in GH they just dont care ....saad to see what this Job has come to
  9. Hey mark, yes the kid was from what i was told 7-8 years old as far as that Dispacther "carlos" when Bernie was given WestFarms Depot he took alot of the Dispacther's that worked inside Gunhill with Him lol so I mostly will know Carlos by his last name and not his first sorry. take care, Ceaser A.K.A Bx402
  10. well all of Us Employee's are supposed to Dip Or swipe Our I.D.Metro cards in Order to use the service I and from My understanding is it is a 100$$ fine if you try and fare-evade
  11. Bx402

    Greetings All

    Hello Everyone, My Name Is Ceaser and I am a Bus Operator working out of Gunhill Depot, I just happend to find this neat lil corner of the world, I have 12 years on the job for the last 7 years I have been working the BX40&42 Line or as We call it the BX402. thank you for Letting Me join this group. Ceaser
  12. I saw the pic of the W/B Bus Stop at Westfarms and I can tell you the Reason for the Broken Glass it Happend this past saturday a young boy was running and fell into the Glass Shatering it and Getting a very deep and bad cut on his left arm, Spoke to the Dispacther working the post when I pulled into westfarms heading W/B to unload Passangers. I guess she was working that Post when it happend she had been calling it in for the past few days and finally they had it taped and roped off Today !!! BTW I work to BX40&42 or as We call The-402's (LOL). any questions about that line just ask Me and I'll try to answer them or find out for you .... take care all, Ceaser, A.K.A. Bx402
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