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  1. Computerized billboards on New York City’s subway might bring the system to more resemble scenes from the movie “Blade Runner” by the end of 2023, MTA officials announced Tuesday. We don’t have the flying cars or humanoid robots depicted in the 1982 movie, which presented a dystopian view of the world in 2019. But the subways have 5,000 Blade Runner-type video advertising screens, and the MTA plans to install 9,000 more by September 2021. The agency is scheduled to spend $100 million on the 9,000 new digital screens. Most will carry ads 80% of the time, and subway service information the other 20%, say officials. Those 9,000 new screens are just a start. The MTA plans to add even more so that they’ll appear in all 472 subway stations by the end of 2023. The displays would expand an existing deal between the MTA and the advertising company Outfront Media. Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said they were excited about technology, which lets them quickly update messages and displays on any of the screens to give riders fresh information about their commutes. The shift ought to make it easier for riders to know when their commute is scheduled to be interrupted by construction, said MTA chief development officer Janno Lieber. “One of the classic gripes New Yorkers have about the system is those paper signs [that communicate construction-related service changes],” said Lieber “You’re going to get real-time information about outages and planned work.” Though the video screens are being rolled out quickly, the MTA lags on its push to install CCTV security cameras in every subway station. Officials said roughly 75% of the city’s stations currently have camera coverage. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-subway-screens-advertisements-20200707-6bnf5xnjdfdnhmcqt7v5p3pfye-story.html More Info: http://web.mta.info/nyct/OntheGoAds/index.html Location of existing Screens (pdf): http://web.mta.info/nyct/OntheGoAds/MTA_Kiosk_Ridership_OTG.pdf
  2. My route refers to something @BrooklynBus briefly touched on awhile back about a lack of service through central ENY. The route connects Cypress Hills in the north with Spring Creek to the south. No clue how to makeshift a bus map but Google Maps was a good guide. B85 Cypress Hills Terminal: Arlington & Jamaica Avenues. To Spring Creek: East on Jamaica Ave South on Miller Ave East on Fulton St: [ at Van Siclen Ave] South on Hendrix St[ ( C ) at Pitkin Ave & Van Siclen] West on New Lots Ave South on Van Siclen East on Cozine Ave South on Schenck Ave Right on Gateway Drive From Seaview Ave, north on Fountain Ave West on Cozine. Spring Creek Terminal NW c/o Cozine & Fountain. B85 To Cypress Hills: West on Cozine South on Atkins Ave East on Flatlands Ave South on Fountain West on Seaview From Gateway, left on Vandalia Ave From Schenck, west on Cozine North on Van Siclen East on Hegeman Ave North on Schenck [(C) at Pitkin Ave & Van Siclen] West on Atlantic Ave North on Van Siclen [ ( J ) at Fulton] West on Arlington to terminal The north and south running streets are narrow through the area. Alternate side parking hours might need adjusting. According to Google Maps both Schenck and Hendrix cross Atlantic Ave. Van Sic doesn't. Considered putting the north terminal at Broadway Junction but with the bus traffic already over there it's overkill. Van Sic & Fulton Xfer is adequate.
  3. Totally agree. I love taking folks to JFK. Going back to the city is another story. Ahhh, you're probably an Uber guy anyway.
  4. Damn. Grand St is so smooth now Low Rider don't need to worry about his guts being ripped out.
  5. Man, this gotta be a bust ass idea. It's so right it doesn't even need discussion. Either that or it's so out there it's bouncing off satellites. Someone stick a pin in my swelled head!
  6. Translation: "Right after I down this next piece of pie ala-mode"
  7. Liberty Ave was a dead zone. Salvage yards, garages, minor chemical factories and auto parts stores with some residential plots scattered in between. Back then Pitkin Ave was a wide one way running from east to west. Now that it's two-way, throwing a line on Pitkin would almost certainly get more ridership than the B12 did on Liberty. The connections to Q7/Q8 allows travel further east and south into Queens along Rockaway Blvd & 101st Ave respectively, the B13 going north/south and gives & some relief in case of delays and/or service outages. It might siphon off a few riders from B14 but not enough to increase headways along Sutter Ave. Instead of running it to Grant Ave, turn it south and connect it with B15 on Fountain. I believe there are possibilities and benefits to this east/west run.
  8. B103 is an MTA Bus Division route out of Spring Creek. The visionary Canarsie Depot would move some NYCT routes from the ENY (and possibly a couple from FP & GA) depot to Canarsie.
  9. Testing on the completely installed elevators & escalators and safety systems?
  10. It's not a pressing need to have an additional east/west route, which is probably one of the reasons the B12 was pulled back from Liberty/Sheriden to ENY Depot. It's a public convenience MTA doesn't see the need to pay for, but it would be nice to have. The thing about a north/south route btn the Penn Ave/Crescent St void...there aren't even a handful of streets that can cross the Atlantic Ave divider. Logan St is one, Miller Ave is another (and maaaybeee Van Siclen) but usually in order to "cross" Atlantic Ave cars (and bold truck drivers) make use of a couple of U-turns along Atlantic. I'm not sure if there're any others crossing over than those. About your idea of the B84's northern terminal, would you eliminate the route to New Lots for a straight shot to the Crescent St station via Fountain/Flatlands/Crescent, or keep the New Lots connection then continuing on to Crescent via New Lots/Logan/Fulton? Or perhaps you have another station in your cross hairs. Finally, how would you route a line btn Grant/Liberty and Flatbush/Nostrand? Would it serve Gateway Mall or bypass it altogether?
  11. Exactly. I was just about to say the same. You beat me to it.
  12. B10 btn BWJ & Grant Ave Sta. via Pitkin Ave. To Grant Ave: From Van Sinderen Ave, left on Fulton to ENY Ave, right on ENY to Junius, left on Junius to Pitkin, left on Pitkin to Grant Ave, left on Grant to . To BWJ: Grant Ave to Glenmore Ave, right on Glenmore to Forbell St, right on Forbell to Pitkin, right on Pitkin to Powell St, right on ENY Ave to Broadway, left on Bway to Van Sinderen, left to . I chose the backdoor in and out of BWJ to avoid the Rocky Horror Picture Show ENY/Jamaica/Pennsylvania/JRP free flow jam session. I tried to figure an angle using Fulton St to avoid the bus pit on Van Sinderen but the ENY/Atlantic Ave/Eastern Pkwy triangle makes efficiency virtually impossible.
  13. I don't necessarily disagree with your conclusions, Mr. Detective You were stating them basically from generalization and, possibly, personal bias? "One of the things that I've noticed is more and more workers (in general) are using their cell phones, and I think that this obsession spills into their work schedules too." Your statement here is based on personal observation, not fact, which then lead you to conclude that if the few you observed are doing this then many others must be too. The one 'fact' you have (until you posted links in your followup) again originated from a personal nature: "I mean if they are constantly on their cell phones on breaks, etc., there is no way that they won't want to use it while they are working. My uncle certainly uses his while at work, but he at least he has some discretion." Again, you draw from this that many workers certainly must be doing the same. I don't know if MTA tests its operators for sleep deprivation. If they do, there might be a case study publicly available. Or maybe one (or several) has been done but the public doesn't have access. Still, your concerns have merit. I'll agree to that. I share your concerns.
  14. Hey fam, yo peeps an my peeps don't run in the same circles but we ain't got beef, no grief...feel me? Back in the day we roll 30 deep, now peep dis on the low, so you know...one monkey don't stop no show. Ayre.
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