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  1. It's still in beta. I'm sure suggestions would be welcome. Here's the original story from ABC: https://abc7ny.com/traffic/mta-launches-live-real-time-digital-subway-map/7192314/
  2. Probably looks 10 times better than on my cracked screen Android 🙂
  3. NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- The MTA on Tuesday launched its first-ever "Live Subway Map," a first of its kind digital guide to navigating the subway system in real time. The new map, which allows riders to plan trips more easily by taking into account service changes and seeing train movements as they happen, is the byproduct of an 18 month-long public-private partnership between the MTA, the Transit Innovation Partnership, and Brooklyn-based global design and technology firm Work & Co. "It is absolutely unique," interim President of New York City Transit Sarah Feinberg said. "It's the first of its kind in North American, and we believe first of its kind globally." https://map.mta.info/#@40.70949,-73.97853,14z
  4. In my last post it should've read "I've been wrong more than right so I'm probably wrong here too" The demos are shifting westward, meaning that more people are coming from the east and from the north. Without concrete numbers it's all conjecture so we don't know either way. Schedules and routes are going to change after the redesign. Your idea could happen.
  5. A. The demos are subtly shifting. It's not substantial but it is noticeable along Ave J. As an example, look at Mill Basin around Ave M east into the 70s. There's a big change from 10 years ago. B. Bunching is a traffic phenomena and can be very unpredictable. There will always be bunching. C. I agree, but the numbers don't dictate a wholesale change, particularly when the route already has a short turn included. D. Splitting the route at the Junction isn't easy for one bus. The 6 would present two involving Glenwood Rd. Wow. My opinions are the exception rather than the rule. On this board I've been more than right so I'm probably wrong here too 😄. I've learned a lot from some very smart people. Don't take it the wrong way. I just don't think the split is warranted.
  6. Wait...something's off here. So in order to continue their trip passengers get off the lcl at the Junction and xfer to another 6 (lcl or ltd) at the Junction? Perhaps you can elaborate further on what happens at the Junction and explain why the split is necessary in the first place.
  7. The viewpoint from a B/O's perspective would be a heluva experience. It gives you better insight. From a rider's eyes your 3 slice cut of the B6 Salami isn't totally tasteless; it might look better on a roll than from between a couple slices of Wonder. Maybe instead of a 3-way cut, an adjustment of the current setup could work...possibly turning more buses at CIA. Restoring the old 5/50 split on the B82 split looks like a journey to nostalgia but it's more doable than the B6 cutup. You'd keep the SBS and run it top to bottom?
  8. Splitting the at the Junction would tag the 11 as the local to CIA. Run times for the 11 and 6 lcl are about the same weekdays, increasing on the weekends. During the semester 6 & 11 will be swamped by the students from both schools to and from Ave J Brighton with less service (no 6 lcl). Cutting the 6 over a mile back to Flatush might save a few bucks...is it worth it? The B8 on 18th Ave is busy. Your plan would turn half the buses back to serve the lighter portion of the route. Is it assumed that the short turn is running down Nostrand Ave (and the full run keeping its current route) from Ave D to the Junction? If so, it's like squeezing an elephant into a full stable of stallions: Short 6, short 8, 44 lcl, 44 SBS, dollar cabs, double parked deliveries...David Copperfield might be able to pull it off. And no layovers at the VA Hosp; straight through to 9 & 4th. This is too much to take in with a sleepy brain! Laying up the 6 & 8 on the n/e side of Flatbush by the subway exit might look good on paper...could be a nightmare in actuality. IMO I think your idea for the 6, 8 & 82 is a lot of juggling with no real benefit and costing more.
  9. From what I heard on NBC News about 15 minutes ago MTA can fuhgeddabout that $12 billion. I didn't catch all the details cause my attention was divided. Hope I misheard. Nothing on the internet about it yet.
  10. True that: NY Ave is single lane n/o Empire but so is Rogers until 4PM weekdays. It's also true that Rogers would absorb the majority of n/b movement from Bedford initially. Since we don't have facts and figures to go by we're using observation to judge. Plenty of commuters are heading to the bridges from the east and south bypassing NY Ave (Ave H and above) for Flatbush and Rogers. Rogers tends to constipate around Tilden. With the n/b flow from Bedford shifted one block east some coming from the east and south of Rogers might give a one-way NY Ave a try continuing your domino effect as traffic tries to find a median level. No worries. You're much too savvy to be condescending towards. Kinda reminds me when our family moved from Willoughby & St. James in Clinton Hill to Throop & Jefferson ln Bed-Stuy back in the 60s. Throop was 2-way then along with Tompkins and Sumner (Marcus Garvey). One day our teacher told us about the new bus stop that would be in front of our school (Madison & Throop, B47). The whole grid in that area was getting a makeover; B10 Sumner/Lewis, B38 DeKalb/Lafayette, B47 Throop/Tompkins, 48 Franklin/Classon, B52 Gates/Quincy.
  11. I'll let you have this one only because it would be off topic to continue
  12. But that's the beauty of it. By adding another S/B lane on Bedford it would take some of the burden from Nostrand. Savvy drivers would pick up on that in a couple heartbeats. With the N/B lane removed from Bedford it wouldn't take too long before that "freelow" on New York would be used, especially when the initial bump would naturally flow to already troubled Rogers.
  13. Apologies for continuing this but I just gotta weigh in. Why move the B49 over to Nostrand? Keep Nostrand it as is, keep the 49 N/B on Ocean and run it up to Prospect Pk or get even bolder and pull that bad boy over to Utica along Empire Blvd. S/B is in reverse. Take it off that heartburn/indigestion named Bedford Ave. Yeah that's some bold tihs but it might pick up a couple handfuls of passengers. Damn thing is a ghost ship on Ocean. I can see that happening. If Transit decided to make that move perhaps the DOT might consider making both New York and Bedford one way streets respectively, allowing a smoother traffic flow...2 N/B lanes on New York and 2 S/B on Bedford. Double parking KILLS traffic movement on Bedford especially around Church. Bedford would resume 2-way S/O Flatbush. Traffic would flow smoother after folks get over the initial strangeness, IMO.
  14. Got another one for the ENY Transit desert. B86 using Logan St & Fountain Ave for the north/south run with a road/rail xfer at Norwood Ave by using Liberty Ave as an east/west run and crossing Atlantic on Logan to Sheperd/Berriman which also sets up a road/rail xfer at Sheperd & Pitkin then using New Lots/Dumont for movement btn Shep/Berr and Fountain. Since time would be added the best thing might be to keep the run on Logan/Fountain, cutting out the Shep/Pit rail connection. Maybe cut the eastern portion of the run back to Eldert & Loring. ENY reaching out to Howard Beach...too soon? Too late?
  15. AFAIK if a hundred tokens were bought, $15 was forked out. I was 11 years old when I bought my first token. The fare was 15 cents so I never had a need for such "high finance".

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