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  1. 40MntVrn

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Instead of starting a new thread, I was hoping someone here could explain the "Brake Test" procedures trains endure before their schedule departure. Some specific questions: 1. How many people are needed to conduct a brake test? From what I've heard over the PA, I've assumed there needs to be second person to proceed with a test 2. What outcomes are desired for a successful test and conversely, what would constitue a failed test? 3. I know Metro-North does this test before each departure from GCT. Does this happen at outlying originating stations as well? Does LIRR also conduct these tests, and if so, are there any differences?
  2. 40MntVrn

    Metal pole cuts through NJT train near NYP

    I was onboard this train, in the car ahead of the one that had the pole pierce through. A simply chaotic night. I think the Arrow was in service to meet the demand of travelers coming from Met Life. I'm still waiting for the "complimentary" tickets NJTransit sent me as an apology for the blunder.
  3. Good stuff! I can only imagine they will get a pretty penny for the MAN’s they will age out. For the most part, they were pretty well maintained. But I fear they will go low-floor much like the MTA. Get your rides while you can!
  4. Any murmurs on any new equipment or advancement on the Central Ave Corridor? This tread has been pretty quiet...
  5. 40MntVrn

    When a 24/7 service on Metro North?

    There is a definite need for at least 1 or 2 trains between 1:50 and 5:30. If you've ever experienced waiting at the GC/Subway entrance, you'll know waiting for that first train of the day is a modern-day hellscape. THIS. The first outbound trips don't leave damn-near till when the first inbound trains arrive. I can't remember when, but I remember a sort-of press release that touted Metro-North experiencing "exploding" reverse commuting trends. Northern suburbs don't count huh? The last major shift MNR has done recently is adding 1/2 hour service on Sundays.
  6. 40MntVrn

    Why Are Jersey Jitneys Hated?

    If the 171 ran more often, the GWB - Paterson jitney route wouldn't be as popular. 40-minute headways on the 171 makes the jitneys the obvious choice. I took the 171 for nearly 4 years and only rode the jitneys when I had to deviate from my normal schedule. One ride on a jitney always stuck with me. I had to leave work early and was forced to take the jitney because I needed to make a dentist appointment (first root-canal). While riding, I got so worked up thinking about the procedure, that I neglected to put my wallet back in my pocket after I paid the driver. I noticed that my wallet wasn't in my pocket and went back to check the seat. The jerk, I mean driver, wouldn't give me 30 seconds to check the seat to figure out where it was. No wallet meant no metro, which meant no subway. No wallet also meant no Metro North, which in turn also meant I couldn't get home or to the dentist appointment. Luckily, I purchased my NJT ticket on my phone and Google Wallet had my card info saved, but the only TVM's that accepted NFC were in GCT. So I had to ride back into Jersey, take another bus into the Port and purchase my Metro North ticket via Google Wallet at GCT. All due to the driver not willing to let me look. I'm all but certain that the wallet hit the ground en-route and slid to the back of the bus. Never again.
  7. 40MntVrn

    July 2, 2017 Bus Service and Schedule Changes

    Reduce the fare, sure. I can see that. Reduce the fare and get rid of the coaches? That would really leave express routes dead in the water. Even if you were to bring the fare down to a dollar more than the local fare, the allure of an "Express" route would be gone if an Artic pulled up. Hell, even DART in Delaware uses Motor Coaches.
  8. 40MntVrn

    M-8 Discussion

    Question I've had for months: Does anyone know why the new 'single' M8 cars are situated between two married paired instead of inbetween one pair? I heard murmurs that it's done this way to ensure the car is always powered. Can someone shed some light?
  9. 40MntVrn

    NICE vs. Bee Line service levels

    Here's my take. The only route that could possibly sustain overnight ridership would be the 20 and it would take a ton of careful planning just to make it effective. Example: Take the 25, 26, 42, 45, 55, 60. These routes have direct subway connections. Post 6PM, the time rush hour trains are pulling into their final destinations, their bee-line bus may or may not be their. I cannot count the number of times I've been at E 180th trying to figure out whether I should take the 2 to the 42 or the 5 to the 55. To coordinate rapid transit lines with suburban transit is difficult. The point alone makes overnight service alone untenable. I know I wouldn't wait for train, ride local to the last stop, and then wait X amount of time for a 42.
  10. 40MntVrn

    NICE vs. Bee Line service levels

    24-Hour service is the horse that is still being beaten to death. When Metro-North goes 24/7, or even gears towards a LIRR version of overnight service, is when Bee-Line will follow-suit (presumably years later). I've mentioned on these forums that the only route that could possibly warrant overnight service is the 20. All the other routes, in my opinion, would need to be altered. A 40/42/7 combo. A 45/7 combo. 60/55/7 combo. Other metro cities that have overnight service variants have a demand warranting it, be it a workforce or tourism push/budget.
  11. Having to two full time routes serve the is a moot point. They would both end up carrying even less passengers. Not sure, but I know that the google assistant tells me how long it takes to get home factoring in Bee-Line routes. If there is any routes needing serious Subway adjustments are the 45 and the 55. Both routes seem to be absent or have very large gaps during the rush hour. The 55 is a farce post 6PM.
  12. It's a double-egded sword anyway you slice it. Move the 40's terminus to 241, and the 42 will need to end at 5th Avenue. Service doesn't warrant two routes to service White Plains Road. Also, a full time 241 St bound 40 would probably run along Stevens Avenue, which would create duplication with the 7 and 55.
  13. Didn't feel like this needed it own topic but: Bee-Line Routes are finally live on Google Maps. Someone finally did the geocaching and added schedules for routes. It feels like Westchester became less of an unknown land in the far distance.
  14. 40MntVrn

    Major express skips/runs

    The Fordham skips are flat out unacceptable. Especially during the evening rush when there are only hourly trains. When I first started the commute I'm on now, I'd board my train at Fordham. After a few months, I lost count of how many times I hear the "5:55 train to Stamford has been cancelled" announcement meanwhile we'd all watch the train simply bypass the station. Took me a while to learn my lesson and began to board at GC/Harlem.
  15. 40MntVrn

    Bee-Line and CT Transit Stamford

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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