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  1. A decent read on the 'trial-and-error' testing for the new screens. Hoping they eventually introduce dynamics maps-but they are dealing with complaints regarding the freaking font so I'm not holding my breath. https://medium.com/@jgee/relearning-the-value-of-testing-at-the-mta-7bdaa4dfb4ce
  2. I would not be surprised if there are two individual teams supporting this (physical) rollout. Typically, IT/Facilities do not cross crafts, as evident with the mounts installed without the screens. My guess is one team comes into a station and installs the mounts and proper conduits, then another team installs the screens and attaches the devices to the network.
  3. Not everything has to be justified--but this certainly is. But hey, let's double down on this narrative: No good came from him posting this. Similarly, no good came of this paid employe, in uniform, on MTA property flipping off a railfanner. Coolio.
  4. To echo, a random person is not the same as a full-time employee. That's. Why. It. Matters.
  5. Woah, way to promote bad behavior. So what if he's a jackass? Bruh, he works for a publicly-funded agency. That's why it matters. Something tells me if this conductor had the confidence to behave this way on a brand-new train, that has high visibility, he's probably done it more than once. If he was reprimanded for an act that tarnishes the already clouded finish of this transit agency, good. Like the rest of the world, if you screw up at work, and do so blatantly, you will be reprimanded. @FamousNYLover I'm glad you posted this and in turn disrupting this 'hush-hush' sentiment. I do hope the conductor kept his job; however this behavior is unacceptable, with or without a camera present.
  6. It's far beyond just "nice"...whatever that means. But sure, close a line short-term, ignore that tourism doesn't impact the South Bronx, tell 15-30K gameday attenders to drive or seek other options and I guess we'll see what happens with the displacement.
  7. I totally get yours and everyone else's point of placing infrastructure work before sporting events, but it's not that clean cut. Take away direct connections to the stadium, people WILL NOT attend games and that will have direct implications to the economic stability of the area. Also, the present transit offering is meager at best. I attend most NYCFC home games and the 4/Metro-North is a complete sh*tshow following a match...and attendance at those games average 15K.
  8. Nearly certain they were removed in late 2017 as an effort to introduce a single strip map that could be used on both the & lines. Equipment between those two lines were frequently exchanged and static strip-maps for each line often caused confusion for passengers, especially during rush-hours and service changes. There was an amber light used for each stop. The lights remained a steady until the train was in close proximity of that stations specific light. It would then begin a blinking interval as the train enters the station. The light would then completely turn off once the doors are opened at the stop.
  9. I wish the BL would drop the "Welp, it's Sunday" attitude regarding service. I get that ridership drops hard on Sundays, but it's not non-existent. Perhaps headways designed around ridership loads and a re-tooling of acceptable loads for Sundays. For Christ's sake, the 55 runs every hour on Sunday, which suggests "Only ride this freaking route if your travel plans are absolutely necessary." /endrant
  10. These devices will most likely not be in place until it is completely rolled out through the MTA network. OMNY will need to be fully interoperable at all stations for connecting customers before NICE/BL will be willing to put the payment system in place.
  11. Totally agree..this is completely unacceptable.
  12. Woah...wait...they're finally addressing the 55? The line that is usually crushloaded in the AM is finally getting an extra run? Wow. I've been on packed 55 runs between 8-9am and on 41 runs during the same time that carry air to White Plains.
  13. Any idea why there are hourly short-turns to/from Crestwood on weekends? Is there really a need for 20-minute service south of White Plains?

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