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  1. Considering the health crisis, what was the passenger load on the super express? I'm surprised that a trip with such a narrow passenger demographic is running during this phase.
  2. So this is clearly the same person....touting the same no child left behind "reading classes" phrase.
  3. Incase this update was missing: https://nypost.com/2020/06/16/lirr-traintime-app-can-now-tell-you-how-crowded-each-train-car-is/ IMO this is most intelligent response the MTA has put forward so far.
  4. What the hell is a "different fact?"
  5. Incremental service returning to MNRR & LIRR starting tomorrow, May 27th:
  6. I may have overlooked but does anyone know the sick leave %'s the MTA is currently experiencing? Also--its time for the MTA to get really creative, really quickly...this video proves the service cuts are having a negative impact and continuing this will only further deplete their workforce. Maybe force new travel patterns in Manhattan instead of trying to adhere to the current ones.
  7. Is it me or does this modified schedule appear more problematic than before it was implemented? The reduction of services seems to be putting folks into a catch-22, more and more packed trains are appearing. For the sake of my argument, let's assume that all these travelers are conducting 'essential' travel. The reduced service seems to contributing to loaded trains.
  8. Definitely in the right direction. Id describe it as a Subway service that happens to have scattered Rail services. National Rail (a consortium of operators) handle most commuter rail services.
  9. The Essential Service Plan will reduce subway service ~35% daily. Halving LIRR/MNR Service.
  10. 3 doors and 3 stairwells? These things probably have equal or less seats than the present single-floor M7's.
  11. Putting money into a police force instead of towards system reliability is the point I'm getting at. Moreover, I'm sure the crew did everything to the letter, however, it's strange to me a single faulty light can cause hours-long delays. I get the light could have went out at any other time, but I'm kind of over the 'things happen' response while they earmark money for additional police and while folks struggle with delays like this on daily basis. Different stroke for different folks I guess. "Feinberg consistently claimed that the hiring spree would not amount to a fare beating crackdown, despite the agency's own internal statements indicating otherwise. She frequently sparred with opponents of the plan, saying anyone doubting the need to spend $249 million on new subway cops needed a "reality check." Here is where I made the connection.
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