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  1. That can't be an El Dorado on the 14. It has to be on the 127, 150 or a deadhead back to the yard.
  2. At the start of the storm: After the storm (the next day):
  3. I would love to see these in colors. Unfortunately did not release word on weather they will purchase these.
  4. A work car and a train collided, nothing but the sound of helicopters woke me up.
  5. That is not a fantasy map it is the map with the future planned extensions on the rail lines. The orange line extension to the naval yard and bustleton are in this years 2009 fiscal report. R6 is being extended to Reading.
  6. I am expecting a box with a 2007 MAN Lion's City NG313 made by SIKU on my door step.
  7. How do I uninstall the the driver for the PSP? I formatted the Memory stick Dou. How do I recover and format the the flash 1?
  8. I just got a PSP for Christmas. I know how to do everything on it. Put songs, and images on it. I use a USB cord to transfer all of the media from my PC to PSP. Now I can not do that anymore. Everytime I connect the PSP to my PC using a USB cable, the PC just freezes completely and I have to restart the computer. A message comes up while the PSP is in USB mode and it says that I have to change the USB charge to off. I do that and the PC and PSP will never pick up a USB device. What do I do to solve this problem? Do I need a new USB cable? Can I take it back to the retailer to troubleshoot this problem?
  9. Have a safe Christmas, here is a bad pic of the holiday trolley
  10. Any exterior pictures or renderings of these new rail cars?
  11. What on earth are you guys talking about? The 129 is a low ridership route that uses 30ft buses. Now way in hell that would a artic be on that route. As far as I know, no one has NOT been debating on artics on suburban routes. Only routes that would use a MCI is the 123, 124, 125. Septa tested a MCI D4500 back in 2001 or 2 for the 123, 124 and 125 but never purchased any.
  12. Huh? The 130 does not use artics.
  13. Depends on where you are starting, from Center city? Get on the EL at 8th going eastbound to frankford. Get off at the last stop at frankford Transportion Center then take the 20 to Franklin Mills. Long trip but you pass less.
  14. I never heard of this station before. I know there was an extension plan to built it along the Roosevelt Blvd but that extension was canceled due to the depression. There is a ramp that leads to the supposed to be Roosevelt blvd extension but it is currently used for Maintenance Of Way storage. I will check with others on this.
  15. A source just told me that Bus #8046 a 2005 New Flyer D40LF has been the victim of this fire. The only thing left to selvage is the silver rims on the wheels thats to tell you how bad the fire was.
  16. What's weird is that no one can find the number of this bus. And philly transit forum members are getting in heated conversation about weather this bus is headed for scrap or worth repairing or maybe rebuilding.
  17. Welcome to the board. Good luck in the future.
  18. Looks like this will be our first New Flyer to be scrapped. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=6542636
  19. No it is a subway car I made from scratch.
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