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  1. I don't think so but I made my own. It was a prototype test.
  2. It's time for the New Flyers to once again rule: Reupload 5895 back from it's engine fire. 5841H BONUS:
  3. Title says it I am back! I made more and better GIF animations from my previous old ones. 4503 NEW COMER 5251 with the accurate font this time. 7101 on the 20 to Frankford transportation center Better looking 806 on the 66 More animations to come......
  4. Don't take it off I did that and the bottom can't go back on. The back screw can not go back in. If it is that necessary take the bottom off.
  5. My greyhound is being a lemon. I can't even put the back screw back in.
  6. Hey anything to fit more people on a transit vehicle. Hmmm, You just gave SEPTA an idea..........
  7. Scrapped: Mercedes Benz o303 3 Rts buses Active: 102 DL3 MCI diecast bus from the greyhound station Gm new look 2006 Nabi 40-lwf CNG 1996 Flexible metro E (in overhaul) Rts bus (in overhaul) 2008 RTS bus (collecting dust under my bed) 3 matchbox buses
  8. The is the name of the sign on Command bus #4961?
  9. I can not imagine NJT logos on a New Flyer bus. No, can not happen.
  10. You do got a point, I don't understand why septa can't buy new Comet cars and ALP-46's for the locos. Septa and NJT have different specs for railcars
  11. All I know is that SEPTA is getting all EMU sets, and push and pulls are NOT operated on the R8.
  12. Here is my fansite I have been working on daily for a year now. This is Bustitution Septa bus and rail pictures. http://bustitution.webs.com/ http://www.youtube.com/bustitution my youtube page. There are plenty of E40LFR and New flyer picture in my photobucket here ----------------> http://s222.photobucket.com/albums/dd5/Bustitution/ Enjoy!! I hope you like it.
  13. (this may sound dumb) Where exactly did you see it? I don't remember seeing a food stand. I want to pick one up on saturday.
  14. I don't want to be mean but SEPTA is not under funded (anymore). Do you know the amount of ads septa is placing on vehicles and property? If I am not mistaken SEPTA recently wrapped the interior of or kawasaki B-IV cars and full wrapped the exterior of a AdTranz M-4 car. Oh and all push an pull sets will be be replaced by EMU sets
  15. Here are picture's from today at Fern Rock. 2461, 2590, 2591, 2592, 2593, 2594, and 2595 are all in one consist. Being up close to these units they have lots of dents and scratches in them and you can notice them from 30 feet away! Sorry no video.
  16. How much did you get that greyhound bus for NJT?
  17. Now you got to get either a plastic NABI CNG 40-LFW or a RTS made from Royal Coach buses. You can get those at the Septa Transit store. I just remembered My NABI cng plastic bus will be a year old in November. Got to full wrap it.
  18. WE WON, WE WON, WE WON, Philadelphia is the 2008 World Champions!!!!
  19. Looks just like the old one versions. Who has been assigned to manufacteur the productuion line?
  20. Yes I am and will use spray paint for metal. I need to do this somewhere else besides my house.
  21. I got word today that the former NJT comets handed down to SEPTA have now entered service. This consist will be running in one train being hauled by 2307 on the Great Valley Flyer tomorrow. During the weekday hours from 8:15am to 4:20ish pm, the Great Valley Flyer lays over at Fern Rock station on track 0. I have a view of Fern Rock Station from my bedroom window, so I can see what ever goes on. Tomorrow after school I will make a stop over to Fern Rock and Video and Pic the new (or old) units in service. Thanks NJT! (NJT)
  22. That's right. Any tips, any suggestions? (SEPTA)
  23. NABI 416 #5251. SEPTA's only NABI with a orange LED sign. My fav bus. and......... A SEPTA push and pull moving at the speed of sound. (SEPTA)
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