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  1. They're basically still the same as you mentioned. New York and Boston crews work the Acelas through. The regionals are all split up. New York crews work to New Haven, Boston crews work to New Haven, New Haven crews have jobs that work in either direction. There are some Boston brakemen jobs that do work the regionals through from Boston to New York and back a few days a week.
  2. Careful, you may be at a safe distance but your videos and first few pics show you're on the property...
  3. They started down track 1 from CP216 to Harold, then returned to CP216 to come down track 2. A helpful quote to figure out which track is which - "1 if by land, 2 if by sea."
  4. FYI - This tie replacement project has been going on since May, both tracks had to have have all ties replaced from CP216 to Harold. They're almost back to Harold on track 2 so this should be wrapping up by November. Also this isn't the "northbound" track, track 1 & 2 are signaled for either direction.
  5. I believe the open slots in Penn will be given to trains that now run to Atlantic Terminal
  6. I believe the open slots in Penn will be given to trains that now run to Atlantic Terminal
  7. As of now, LIRR does not plan to give up any of it's slots once ESA opens up
  8. As of now, LIRR does not plan to give up any of it's slots once ESA opens up
  9. The M8 hardware can't make the voltage switchover (as far as I know) and Metro North's third rail system is different from Long Island's. For it to even be worthwhile for Metro North to run down to Penn Station they want to build 3 stations along the Hell Gate branch. I don't think you'll Metro North making it down to Penn in my opinion. Amtrak used to have a tow job years and they would take Long Island equipment up to New Rochelle for Metro North to take from there and vice versa, that equipment was never under its own power.
  10. Yes NYP-BOS started back up this morning with 2190 being the first Acela out and 190 the first regional to Boston since Saturday.
  11. NYP-BOS didn't operate yesterday though, only WAS-PHL as I'm sure you know
  12. Most regional trains operated today between NYP & BOS but they were far from sold out. They also operated under slightly different designations as stops were added or removed btw NYP & BOS (i.e. 95 = 1195, 93 = 1193, 172 = 1172). Lots of HHP problems, Acela problems, signal issues on the Shore Line and another car finding it's way onto the tracks by Mill River made for a long day.
  13. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amtrak/id405074003?ls=1&mt=8 AMTRAK LAUNCHES FREE iPHONE APPLICATION Provides quick and convenient travel planning WASHINGTON – Amtrak passengers can now plan trips, purchase tickets, modify existing reservations, check train schedules and status, and view station information from the convenience of an iPhone® with the free Amtrak application (app) now available through iTunes. The new app provides quick, convenient and on-the-go Amtrak travel planning and organization. Customers can purchase one-way and roundtrip tickets that can be printed at a Quik-Trak machine, picked up from an agent or mailed. Passengers will be able to access the latest train arrival and departure information for their itinerary. Customers can use the app to show the nearest station to their current location and obtain addresses, directions, amenities and hours. Users will be able to use their Amtrak.com account to see all trips booked and modify existing reservations including changing dates or trains and upgrading seats. Amtrak customers can also utilize the entertaining Passport feature to share their travels on Facebook or Twitter. Customers using other web-enabled mobile devices can access the Amtrak mobile website at m.amtrak.com. This site provides features available on Amtrak.com in a mobile-friendly format.
  14. Just to clarify, a pantograph is never to be dropped during operation unless a drop pantograph order is issued by the dispatcher and that is most likely in a case of wire damage. Also not all of the catenary wires on Metro North have been replaced by constant tension. Older floating beam system still exists in vicinity of East Bridgeport Yard.
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