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  1. Thanks my man for the positive post. Gl to you in the future =)
  2. Thanks for the schoolcar hours that's exactly what I was looking for. I'm ready for the trials
  3. @maxamillion what Div are you in?? How was the schoolcar exp??
  4. Hey guys was looking for some advise from guys on the inside. I'm starting schoolcar on Nov 18th only another week and I've been going back and forth on which div to pick. My situation is i'm staying with a buddy in CT for a few months and am going to take the metro north in from CT so I was considering the A Div since most yards are in the bronx. But now I might be renting a friends apt in Edgewater NJ this summer since hell be away all summer. I just don't want to rent a apt yet while I'm on probation. Basically I'm lookn at the A Div as a simplier system with 7 lines and 2 trains but th
  5. AMs Good - convenient for those with families, relatively normal working hours (often easy to get rest), normal pace of work, jobs not often seriously affected by GOs (except on weekends), AM tour has the most overtime (penalty jobs) Bad - on time performance is important and lateness is questioned, large crowds of people, if you drive to work this is the hardest tour to commute in and out on, early AM jobs are very difficult to commute using the system itself to get to as service is minimal in the wee hours, most non-RTO supervision is out during AMs (IE the people that will take you out of
  6. @subwayguy good info my friend much appreciated Also what back pack are you guys getting for your books and tools??
  7. Has any1 been called for nov 18th class on here?? I would think ppl would have heard something or taking medicals by now.
  8. My moms cousin was a T/O in the 70s and 80s and told me a story he made the CPW 59st to 125th in like 6 and a half he said he was flying and that train was rocking had to start braking almost a whole train length before the station.
  9. wowwwwww a T/O was notorious at halting his train and laying on the bed of tracks to get sweet angles and change his rollsigns thats ridic, but some of those pics are nice I like the 80s graffiti train at Ave H
  10. Urraca they should go bye list# to pick Division but im with you I hope i get to pick and want the A Div well see man GL.. we all will only be 3 weeks apart so im sure well see each other there. Let us know when you actually get on a train and take one for a JOYRIDE =P
  11. @Urraca did you get to pick your Div?? I'm hoping to get the A coming from Connecticut. Also haha I heard the same thing w the transit pass ill be taking the MNR a lot I hope they courtesy me. I know they aren't supposed to do it but heard a lot of them honor it..ill have a ticket in case though I'm not expecting freebies.
  12. @postal1 did u get to pick your Div?? If so what Div are you
  13. @greeneggs this is true I see your point w the grades and curves. But thats a good point about the express runs and timers. Express should always get to a station before the local
  14. Zactlyyy etrain I'm the type of person to make the best out of anything. I looking forward to this new career and learning curve appreciate the help man
  15. Hahaha u guys are scaring me w AMs. I agree I would think midnights are the best for less traffic and supervision and all but I'm worried about the sleep issue.

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