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  1. Well I hope u do yo...I realized that we can't 1000% forget about someone but after time goes by we just naturally get them out of our system and then we have occasional relapses triggered by a sent, a song, a picture...or even a phrase that they used to say. Its okay to miss someone and to have feelings. imo its a beatiful thing. but dam... I would think someone regardless of gender should recognize a good person. hmm they SHOULD but now a days thats becoming a rare thing. I think theres a problem with people today
  2. I think everyone plays games now a days...so ur right when u say its hard to trust people. everyone is on some ironic bs more the females now I think cause mad of my friends who are guys are sprung out over some chick that dont wanna be inna a relationship...at the same time I know girls that like those same dudes and would be " better " for them but they blinded by love they cant see it. thats ironic in itself " when your blinded by love, u cannot see love ". its true. everyone if not mostly everyone got " hurt " and " hurt " others.
  3. yes very true. instead of true feelings that orignate from unexpected encounters or friendly crushes or even the case of " i like their personality" will be so absent instead substituted with infatuation for..looks...money...or something they can get from you. same with guys instead for most guys its for sex and most women its for money. Trust is hard now a days because everyone fronts like they have feelings but in reality in their minds its all for something material, shallow, or for something other then their heart!
  4. from experience and even more from listening to countless stories ( i grew up living with my three sisters ) from my sisters and hearing things repeat like " all guys are ( it rhymes with flagpole )"ive come to realize that as ironic as it seems, more for females then males, that attention is almost like a repel...almost like this for example : If you and ur boy are gonna hangout with 2 girls and u happen 2 like one of them, chances are upon hanging out with them both, the girls FRIEND will prob start liking you...rather then the girl u like. vice verse ur friend would prob like the girl u like as well...anyone here had their bestfriend do this? never happend 2 me but the point is there is a problem with people and feelings...it seems as though, like Julio said nice guys finish last...which is an irony because many " nice " guys are the " right " guys...however a female seems to to want the (flagpole ) more then she SHOULD be getting the " right guy ". Bet u if u start giving more attention to something else rather then a girl u like...she'll be like " whoa, hes not sweating me "..." i want that attention ". give her too much and she'll notice that dude that she knows but whom doesnt really notice her. everyone is facing the same direction > > > > > > >....its never like this: >< >< >< >< >
  5. yeah they are really not...the roofs are never painted...marker and graffiti on the train...interior is I wud say...I think the worse one of the subway...like if ride an R40 and then walk into an R42 you def notice the difference. the other day I saw an R42 on the E that had silver paint on the roof...it looked good i must say..I dunno...time is running out...the R42 turns 40 this may. the R32 looked good at 40...like 5 years ago
  6. I mean I ride the every day and I do admit the'160s are rather clean but occasionally I see some marker here scratchiti there at least the seats are fresh and the windows are stain free and the walls are clean also..the floors are eh cause its like they got like some smudge on them im no neat freak but they are fine...my R42's on the other hand...yikes...spray paint the roof and under neath it ASAP...and the walls too...oh man, geez
  7. nice picture...man my r42s were so new back then!!!
  8. R42's Forever



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