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  1. It's been a while...

  2. Actually, the 205th Street station on the does have an exit on it's namesake street, at the corner of E 205th Street and Perry Avenue.
  3. Does anyone know when the 62A on the heads downtown in the afternoon?
  4. Ah, it feels like I haven't posted here in years! Anyway, my seventeenth birthday is on Wednesday! (y)
  5. I personally, would LOVE to drive at Kingsbridge, mostly because I grew up riding the Bx41, Bx1, Bx2, Bx9, Bx55, and M100, and because they're about to have a great variety of artics and they have O5's! What's not to like! As for MTA Bus, I would choose to go to JFK, because they operate my favorite Queens route, the Q6. I'm also comfortable with the neighborhoods they serve, and I wouldn't be too far away from my family...
  6. Prospect Park Shuttle is the answer... Prospect Park, Park Place, Franklin Av-Botanic Gardens, Franklin Av-Fulton St & both stop at Botanic Gardens The line connects the Brighton, and , and at one time, the and Fulton St lines, crossing the Eastern Parkway line in between...
  7. Send the via Lexington Av between Nevins Street, and 138th Street - Grand Concourse. From there, the runs on the to/from Woodlawn. Extra service in Manhattan. Normal service between Brooklyn and 125th Street. From 125th, the runs on the , between the aforementioned station and Pelham Bay Park, running peak direction express during rush hours. No Dyre Avenue Service. suspended, extra trains split between the and local. To connect riders to the Jerome Avenue and Pelham lines, extra service is provided on Bronx Crosstown bus routes.
  8. I've seen kids that go to my campus do that as well. One of them cut it really close one day, jumping back on to the platform literally THREE seconds before an reached the place where they were standing...idiots.
  9. So, in other words, I need an upgrade? LOL...
  10. Sure, I have an Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family Graphics Card...
  11. So, I've had openBVE on my PC since last summer and everything worked fine, and in January, I stopped playing it. Recently, I started to play again, but I've noticed that the game is lagging frequently, sometimes movin as slow as 1 FPS! Can someone help me to figure out how I can fix this? My computer specs are... Windows XP Professional 32 bit DirectX 9.0 Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40Ghz 1.99GB of RAM Thanks, Jashawn
  12. I understand where you're coming from, but how could you feel threatened by an unarmed person? I mean, how intimidating can a person be, for you to shoot them??
  13. WAKEFIELD, THE BRONX, NY (PIX11)— The family of an unarmed Bronx teen who was shot by cops are calling for the federal government to investigate the death, as new details emerge conflicting with the official police description of what the fatal shooting. Representatives of the family of Ramarley Graham made the request, with Graham's mother and father at their side, at a news conference in front of his home in the Wakefield section, where he was shot by narcotics officers Thursday afternoon. Personally, I think that it's absurd that her was shot under these circumstances, and it hits just a little close to home, because I used to live in the exact apartment where this happened, with family on the floor below me. Thoughts? Here's the link to the rest of the article... New Evidence Shows Cops May Have Had Little Cause To Shoot And Kill Unarmed Teen - WPIX
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