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  1. Great photos especially in my neck of the woods
  2. what kind of cheap rashiness is this. Maybe they are trying to make it look like the modern cars...
  3. Personally, Ive only have rode the slants a few times between 145 and Bedford Park Plvd on the (. They gave a great RFW!!!
  4. When ever the opens, will it be BMT or IND?
  5. Why did this happen as follows... Bx2- Went down the Grand Concource after 165 St, to 149 St, went down 149 to Courtlant Av. Went back to regular route at 146 st Bx41- Turned on 152nd St, Then on to 3rd Ave, then terminated at 3 Av-149th Street. Why did they do this?
  6. Great stuff. I never knew about this stuff...
  7. Has any one tried to design their own subway car for the future? I tried to design the R179. Has any one tried to do this
  8. I like the old format too!!!,although they could have labled the stations so riders wouldnt be confused...
  9. When have you ever seen a R62 on the 2 line?
  10. I liked the R68-A and the R160B- but I choosed the R68
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