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  1. i ride the all the time. i usually take it between W 4 St and 34 St-Penn Station when im going to/from school, but the reason why i say the has other alternatives is because if one day the MTA has to make a crazy decision to suspend the and let it get replaced with something else (like they did in the 90's), then they would have to do it. the is not by itself. even though its a very busy line, it has other alternatives that runs with it. (Ex: the via 8 Av, via Queens Blvd, the between 71 Av and Briarwood.) also, the has the in Brooklyn that can be extended between Utica Av and New Lots Av, and in Brooklyn/Manhattan between Franklin Av and 135 St. 145 and 148 Sts can be used by the M7/M102 buses like before. if they really had to suspend the , they'd do it. they've done it before. back in the 90's, the was suspended for a few weekends and the train was extended to Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer to replace that . Franklin Av is needed, especially now that the B48 was cut back to bed stuy. as for the Rockaway Shuttle, it has a few trains that can be sent to Rockaway Park. As for the 42 St Shuttle, it has the . as for the , like u said, its another .
  2. : suspended between 34 St-Penn Station and Flatbush Av. (Shuttle trains run between Flatbush Av and Franklin Av.) runs between 148 St and Chambers St via 7 Av Local, then on the line between Chambers St and South Ferry. (Shuttle trains run between New Lots Av and Franklin Av.) suspended between Bowling Green and Utica Av. (Shuttle trains run between New Lots Av and Franklin Av.) suspended between E 180 St and Flatbush Av. (2/3/4/5 travelers can utilize the B41/B44 buses and Franklin Av Shuttle for stations between Borough Hall and Franklin Av.)
  3. (: runs between Bedford Park Blvd/145 St and Broadway-Lafayette St, then on the line between Broadway-Lafayette St and Church Av/Kings Hwy. runs between 205 St and 34 St-Herald Sq. (Shuttle trains run between 36 St and Coney Island.) runs between Ditmars Blvd and Canal St, then on the line between Canal St and Jay St-Metro Tech. (Shuttle trains run between 59 St and Coney Island.) suspended between Prospect Park and Astoria/57 St-7 Av. suspended between 36 St and Forest Hills. ( trains runs via Queens Blvd Local.) (D/N/R travelers can utilize the B63 via 5 Av bus for stations between 36 St and Atlantic Av-Pacific St, with a connection at 4 Av-9 St to the B/F/G.) (B/Q travelers can also utilize the B41 via Flatbush Av bus for stations between Prospect Park and Atlantic Av-Pacific St Stations.)
  4. i just wish they made 75 foot long cars. like the R44-R68A's.
  5. id say the are the most important. the (© has other alternatives. the im not too sure about.
  6. 125 St on the ? i'm really not surprised. i just love how these girls hate it when people call them "ghetto bitches", but yet look at how they act? "Mah nigguh" is one phrase that proves that you are a straight up ghetto person, and being loud in the subway or in any public place is another reason why people who act "mature" don't consider them angels. People like that basically don't give two craps about what anybody else says to them. They think they're tough now, let them swear that they're tough. But when they end up in jail, they'll be like "oh, I promise I'll never do it again", or "I should've never hit that cop", or "get me outta here, I didnt know what I was doing, I was acting childish", like really? If they knew they were going to get arrested for doing something so damn foolish, then why the hell would you do something so damn rediculous? These chicks do not think, and now they got what they deserve.
  7. these sound nice, but is this really going to happen or these are just ideas?
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