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  1. It's all good, Charleston is the forgotten depot in the forgotten borough!!! lol Thats why I named Charleston the Island of Misfit Toys... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. As of Right now no. The MTA is in the process of acquiring the proper amount of buses to do so. Right now Academy is not under contract. They are working month to month in hopes of procuring a new deal. but if they refuse the new routes , the city has the power to pull the routes from them.
  3. Someone on the forum can't remember the name. There was a post on signatures or just ask in a thread like I did.

  4. how do you make your signature sign?

  5. Im goin to correct my post about the mci swap. Spring creek is out. Up is sending their 2007 mci's to Meredith. Yukon sent 2215,16,17,18,25 to ccastle today as they just got in 2406,07,08,09,10 today.
  6. Not now. This all came from a high up in Yukon. Hes been pretty accurate.
  7. Alright is what I've been told. Yukon is sending all 2200 series mci's to castleton along with 20 of their 2700. Spring creek will send their 2200 series mci 2 meredith. Up Will send buses to spring creek to replace to 2200 my guest at 2100. Yukon and ulmer park will receive the new prevost. All of the moves will replace the 18 hundred's the 19 hundred's and early 2000 spread out between castleton Yukon.and meredith.
  8. Breaking news about. Bus swaps. Im verifying all info before i post so stay tuned. Possible major swap between yukon-cast, spring creek-meredith-ulmerpark. If Im right wow!!!!
  9. 1891 sent to scrap.1872 next. Cast now has 2713,17(@CP),18,23,42,48. 1939,25,10 sent to Yukon
  10. Correct. My bus 2717, call it mine cause ive been using it daily is up at CP for the shuttle work. Please take care of it. I had maint do a shizxle load of work ti it since it came over from yukon.
  11. Cas getting Yukon 2700's. Yukon getting the 1800-1900 and when the provost come in the 18-1900's will see their demise.
  12. Did they get permission to donate any organs before they bury it? lol I'm sure they'll strip the hell out of it for parts.
  13. I was just called by an operator and I confirmed it by asking the AGM that Caston is getting 2 Orion 3g's real soon to test the susupensions out on certain lines! Before they take delivery of the order. Dont know why but thats what was relayed to me! They're looking to see if the new suspension is going to take the abuse of SI Roads.(not gonna happen) I'll let ya know when they come and what lines they're gonna be on.
  14. Dont forget boys and gals, The Orion 7's had a few fires in the beginnig as well. Flatbush I beleive had one and Cast lost 3984 totally to electrical fire. the bus the FP has now actually has a shop number of 3984x in the computers as Orion replaced the bus under warranty. I was at the scene of Yukons 6331 generator fire about 3 months ago burned up pretty good too!

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