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  1. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    The other fun thing about that is you could build it as a four-track trunk out to Hewlett St (Queens/Nassau border) because the LIE ROW is something like 250 feet wide; you could build it out with 15' track centers and 30' platforms without any problems. In fact, you could probably build it elevated over the LIE, pop a portal over the block bounded by the LIE, 57 Dr, 69 Ln, and Mazeau St, then run it under Flushing Av, Metropolitan Av, Grand St, and South 4th St before connecting to a four-track Second Avenue mainline at Chrystie and Houston, From 2 Av/Houston I'd pick stops below (express stops in bold): Rivington St/Pitt St S 4 St/Kent St S 4 St/Havemeyer St (Williamsburg Terminal, connection to ) Grand St/Union Av Grand St/Bushwick Av (connection to ) Grand St/Morgan Av Flushing Av/Metropolitan Av Flushing Av/Fresh Pond Rd Flushing Av/69 St (Portal just past 69 St) LIE/80 St LIE/Woodhaven Blvd (connection to , QBL Woodhaven converted to express) LIE/97 Pl LIE/108 St LIE/College Point Blvd LIE/Main St LIE/Kissena Blvd LIE/164 St LIE/Utopia Pkwy LIE/188 St LIE/Francis Lewis Blvd LIE/211 St LIE/Springfield Blvd LIE/Alley Rd LIE/Douglaston Pkwy LIE/Marathon Pkwy LIE/Little Neck Pkwy That's eight stops to downtown from eastern Queens on the express, and 24 stops on the local. The stop spacing is mostly around every half mile for the local service and 1.5-2.5 miles for the express service. At that point, if you work in lower Manhattan you're better off taking the LIE express to Williamsburg and grabbing the there than just about anything else; if you're east of Flushing then the express competes with the Port Washington Branch on time if you work below 34 St. If you're near 14th on the west side, just take the express to the , and if you're at any of the hospitals on the far east side (Bellevue, Tisch, VA Harbor, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel) you can just take the express to 2 Av/14 St and then grab the local up to 23rd or 34th. The only annoying infrastructure thing would be the yard; I doubt we'd be able to put a yard in Alley Pond Park. If we couldn't buy out a chunk of the Lake Success Golf Club I'd just build the terminal like 179 St; build Little Neck Parkway as a through station, then build two levels of relay tracks out from the station to Horizon Rd in Lake Success to turn trains. I don't know if we'd need 60tph out that far but better to build the infrastructure for it than find ourselves capacity constrained 30-40 years later, especially if doing so would result in new North Shore Towers-type development on the eastern end. At the very least I'd keep the express service out to at least 188 St; east of that point you could turn the local south along 295, pop a portal near the bottom of Cunningham Park, and then run under Hollis Ct Blvd/Hempstead Av to Belmont Park.
  2. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That's an interesting idea but it would make the really long and somewhat unwieldy; the stop spacing between 31 St and 82 St is also farther than I'm a fan of. I'm going to post a counterproposal later tonight or tomorrow.
  3. engineerboy6561

    New subway system?

    Honestly, if I had a couple of trillion dollars that I didn't want any kind of return on I'd probably build most of the things I've suggested in the various proposal threads with it and figure out who I needed to buy off/bribe/etc. to get it done in 15-20 years, but I wouldn't expect to make any money off of it. Making money off the trains here would be highly unlikely and would be really unlikely.
  4. engineerboy6561

    The Jamaica Line (8-1-18)

    It would only remove one conflict; it would still wind up crossing WB / trains, which would wind up delaying everything anyway. If you want to do something about the mess at Myrtle, the easiest way would probably be to build a pair of ramps up between Ellery St and Lewis Av between the local and express tracks, then turn them onto the old Myrtle Av El structure over the Social Security building there and recommission the upper level of Myrtle Av to serve the . You could probably fit it if you got rid of the walkways on the tracks and squashed everything together. It would be expensive but could possibly be done without eminent domain.
  5. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    That would actually be really interesting to do, not really because of the Brighton Line connection, but it would be the perfect starting spot for service to Staten Island and to tie in with the LIE proposal mentioned in the 2 Av thread. Mostly, you could run service via a two- or three-track line up Richmond Av from the SI Mall, turn right onto Victory Blvd before cutting south on Clove Rd to 278 and running under 278 all the way to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn I'd send it up Fort Hamilton Parkway, turn north under Parkside Av to connect with the Brighton local tracks, then follow the path you described to join the . North of Broadway I'd split it off, run it under Grand Av, then under (or over) 495 out to Springfield Blvd, with a connection to the at a converted Woodhaven Blvd.
  6. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    to Bayside would be great, but I don't know if there's enough room on the to support that. Peak direction service is already running 40 tph and those trains are packed. While a decent chunk of the Flushing passengers are probably coming from points east on the buses, if you get much densification on the line or many new passengers who switch from cars the is going to be just as bad as the Lex going forward, which means we'll really need a relief for it. I strongly agree about Hillside express service to Springfield Blvd and suggest extending the and to at least 179th, and reconfiguring the Briarwood junction to the same style as the CPW junction just below 59 St so the can stay express and not foul local trains at 75 Av or Union Turnpike. Sending the to Valley Stream on the old Rockaway line would be great as well, assuming infill stops on 109 Av, Linden Blvd/Brewer Blvd, and Baisley Blvd, with trains taking over the stops at Locust Manor, Laurelton, Rosedale, and Valley Stream; we'd just need to reconfigure the Valley Stream interlocking so that the LIRR Far Rockaway tracks connect to the northern two tracks, and then all LIRR service can come down through St. Albans.
  7. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    The thing that would be interesting to see is which of those corridors would make the most sense for a buildout, and how they'd be served. The LIE east of Woodhaven would be the cheapest because you could build it out as an el, but then the question becomes what you connect it to so that you can maintain decent service and a high throughput out that far. If you run it all the way out to Little Neck that's 8.5 miles (compared to 5.6 out to 179 St), which means you'd need local and express service for it to be viable. You could just split the QBL trunk in two, but that still leaves everyone packed onto QBL. I'm personally more of a fan of Astoria/Northern, with a swing north for the airport. You could basically build 2 Av express tracks that turn east above 86 St, then run them along the GCP to the intersection with Northern Blvd, then along Northern to Douglaston Pkwy or Little Neck Pkwy. I'd prefer to build it with four tracks so that people from Bell Blvd and east get a fast ride into the city, but that's probably not strictly necessary. Built well (1800' curve radii) you could probably push operating speeds to 60-65mph, making express trains dramatically better than the PW branch (similar time to Midtown, much higher frequency). Done that way you could use the as the local services and have 2 Av express trains making the runs out from Douglaston/Little Neck.
  8. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That's great; the question then becomes what you do west of Harold. If you keep the two PW tracks separate from the railroad up to that point (and break any mainline connections accordingly to avoid the FRA rules) then you could pop a portal between 57 and 54 Sts, then run the new tracks under Newtown Rd to 30 Av, then 30 Av to Vernon Blvd and swing under 2 Av at 86 St to become express tracks. I agree with RR503 that running respectable subway service out that far would entail dramatically expanding Great Neck Station. The big question would be whether you could relocate the senior center or take away their basement. If you could, you could probably widen the station to four tracks, with each side platform becoming an island platform and the outer track pairs running under North and South Station Plaza, respectively. Add a crossover just west of the station and use the northern island platform to platform trains to Great Neck, with the southern one handling service to Port Washington, then continue the two outer tracks as far as the Colonial Rd overpass. Demolish the senior center and plop a 5-10 track yard where it used to be and you'd probably be OK. That assumes we can't take land from Port Washington to Great Neck, and would result in maybe 3-5tph running through during rush with all other service being provided by a new along the single track chunk of the line. If we could take the land to run double track out to Port Washington we could basically take over the existing yard infrastructure and probably turn ~25-30TPH there fairly easily. The only other thing I'd suggest at that point would be to see about four-tracking the line west of Great Neck; local trains would make all existing stops plus infills at 108 St, Junction Blvd, Broadway ( transfer at Elmhurst Av) and Queens Blvd and new stops at 48 St ( transfer at 46 St), Steinway St, 31 St ( connection) and 21 St, while express trains would serve PW, Plandome, Manhasset, Great Neck, Little Neck, Bayside, Broadway, Flushing, Mets, Woodside, 48 St, and 31 St.
  9. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    You can also probably use Brand New Subway; he left that up even though he took Enmodal down.
  10. engineerboy6561

    Intermodel bus terminal for Main St/Roosevelt Av.

    Even doing an underground thing in the heart of Flushing is pretty heavily complicated by the presence of the terminal there and the New World Mall basement. The only way I could think of doing it would be to make Sanford Av bidirectional and bus-only between College Point Blvd and Kissena, then knock down the synagogue to build a portal. You'd wind up running it under Barclay Av about halfway, then turning it parallel to Union St. The main body of the terminal would wind up being the 900-ish feet between 41 Av and where 38 Av would be were it not for the parking structure, and then the line would surface and connect to 37 and 38 Avs, which would also be bidirectional and bus-only between Union and Main Sts. If you do it that way you can probably avoid demolishing anything other than the parking structure and the Flushing Synagogue. You could then convert Flushing parking yard #2 by the church and the old Flushing LIRR parking lot into layover yards for buses, and you could add an easy connection to the along Roosevelt Av. It would still be really disruptive, but if done right it could really help congestion. Done that way, the church yard could serve the Q12, Q15/15A, Q17, Q26, Q27, N20G, and Jamaica-Flushing short turns of the Q20/25/34/44/65, while the LIRR yard could serve the Q12, Q13, Q16, Q19, Q28, Q50, Q66, and Bronx-Flushing short turns of the Q44.
  11. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Not really; Astoria and Flushing would be hard to do. I'd be in favor of doing that for Jamaica and widening it to four tracks all the way out to Parsons/Archer. I'm not sure how you'd do Flushing or Astoria, though, and honestly for Flushing and Jamaica I'd want them both widened to four tracks if you're going to do that. Flushing would also be rough because I don't know how deep you'd need to go to dodge the BQE and Jackson Av.
  12. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    The reason the lower level came up is that I don't know whether tail tracks out of the current station would cross the Bay Ridge branch at a good height to avoid collision; a lower level would fix that, and that lower level could easily have 2000'-3000' tail tracks.
  13. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Probably; Nostrand's about 2600 feet from Newkirk, so you could probably build a pair of bellmouths at Foster Av, drop a pair of tracks down 15-20 feet, and swing below. I'm pretty sure the Bay Ridge branch open cut is maybe 20-30 feet deep, so if the lower level is 20' below the upper level you'd be able to cut under the Bay Ridge Branch fairly easily, which would be great for eventually extending the line out to Manhattan Beach or Kings Plaza
  14. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    What about just rebuilding Rogers to the topology of the IND junctions just below 59 St/Columbus Circle? That way both local and express tracks have easy access to Nostrand and you have maximum operational flexibility? As far as Flatbush, that station needs (at a minimum) tail tracks and should really be 3-4 tracks so that you could turn and trains more efficiently.
  15. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    There's a pair of freight tracks running alongside the BQE right near Roosevelt. If you run the line along Roosevelt and rip up the lot bounded by 72nd, Broadway, Roosevelt, and the freight tracks you might be able to put a portal there and build a new elevated structure over the freight tracks that follows both the freight tracks and the New Haven Line. You'd wind up double-decking the Hell Gate Bridge. If you pull the new structure a few feet to the west of the New Haven Line while over Randall's Island you could buy out the FedEx shipping center, pop a portal where the paper building is now just south of 132 St, then run it either over to 149 St/3Av to terminate it. If you want to continue it up to Co-Op, then swing it out a few feet west, plop a Randall's Island station there, then send it back over the New Haven Line the rest of the way out.


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