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  1. engineerboy6561

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    It looks like it would be about the same, with only a slight advantage to the . If you assume the tail tracks are under Brewer Blvd, then you have to bring them under the South Jamaica Houses and you could probably get them to connect to the LIRR tracks around 109 Av. From there you're looking at additional stops at 109 Av-ish, Linden Bl, Foch Bl, Baisley Blvd, between 140 Av and 141 Av, and at N Conduit Av to get reasonable stop spacing. You're also going to need to expand the interlocking near Green Acres Mall to allow for all four branches (Babylon, West Hempstead, Far Rockaway, and Long Beach) to fit on those two tracks between St. Albans and Valley Stream. The would require less new track and fewer sharp curves, as you could extend it along Roosevelt and then S-curve it onto the railroad alignment near Parsons. The big things you'd wind up doing that would be expensive are ripping out the mezzanine at the end of the Main St station, and probably lowering the railroad track about 10 additional feet between Main St and Parsons Bl so that you could do a clean merge with the tracks without wrecking anyone's basement. That said, routing the onto those tracks past Flushing seems a bit like a waste of trackage. What I'd personally be interested in doing would be adding infill stops on the PW line at Junction Blvd and Queens Blvd, splitting those two tracks off at the Sunnyside interlocking and running them under Newtown Av to 30 Av, then under the East River to connect with the 2 Av subway at 86 St. At that point you could conceivably run both the and via 2 Av in Manhattan. At that point, the would serve PW and NE Queens, the would serve the Bronx and Harlem, the would serve Forest Hills/71 Av, and the would serve Astoria, with an transfer point at 30 Av/31 St and an transfer at Main St, Flushing (build a proper station house at Roosevelt Av on the railroad and then add a passage under Main St to the ).
  2. engineerboy6561

    Bus Bus NYC

    Great shots! Just out of curiosity, do you know what the deal with the OG hybrid on the QM4 is? Is BP that hard up for MCIs these days?
  3. Would it be possible for you to scan and upload them to the site (or elsewhere) as PDFs?
  4. Agreed. Looking at it it seems like they'd be replacing everything from Palisade Av east, which means closing 495 east of Kennedy Blvd, dumping all that traffic onto 30th and 31 Sts, and then leaving only the Park Av/Marginal Hwy access points. At that point it might make sense to make the tunnel HOV/bus only and run bus bridges to park-and-rides in the area.
  5. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I'd go even further and argue that the whole damn thing should have been a four-track trunk line from 125 St to at least 2 Av/Houston St, with twin four-track trunks branching out to serve 3 Av in the Bronx and Astoria Bl in Queens on the north end and some combination of Jamaica (replacement for Jamaica El), Williamsburg/LIE (as I outlined in the post below) and Utica Av down to Kings Plaza on the south end. I still really feel like the city is shooting itself in the foot really badly by building this as an extremely deep two-track line instead of a shallower four-track trunk.
  6. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Physically, I think so. I'd assume that you could do it. If you put the 2 Av/Houston St station between Houston and 2nd Sts, then you could do a 1000' radius curve that would end you between Rivington and Delancey; follow it around a little longer and you could slide the line onto Rivington and then drop it down below the Hudson. If you use the existing provisions at 2 Av to build the over the you should be fine because the F drops down further to serve the Delancey St lower level. Just start the descent into the tube a little after Pitt St and you should be fine. According to the NOAA chart for that part of the East River a line from Rivington St to South Fourth St would max out around 60' deep. If you assume the line is about 10' deep when it goes over the near Rivington and Essex, then you can have a station at Pitt St serving the LES/Alphabet City area, and then an 0.4% grade gets you 80' deep on the Manhattan side. On the Brooklyn side, a 1% grade would get you up to probably around 20' below the surface in time to have a Wythe Av stop that could then be followed up with further stops in Brooklyn. If you're below the at 2 Av then this may get more complicated and a stop at Pitt St might be much more difficult and expensive because of how deep you'd need to go.
  7. engineerboy6561

    85 60-Foot Clean Diesel Articulated Buses

    Mostly during rush the runs on the 1 to Journal Square need it badly even if those runs wind up being pullouts and pull-ins. Looking on street view the issue seems to be layover space more than anything else, and there's definitely space to lay over at least one or two artics at 20 St. If that winds up not being enough you could always just take away on-street parking on S 21 St between 16th and 17th Avs and turn artics in a loop around the block bounded by 16 Av, S 20 St, 17 Av, and S 21 St. Fixing the Ivy Hill loop requires removal of one tree and maybe one parking space; just connect the loop to Manor Dr next to the street, and get rid of on-street parking on Mt Vernon Pl between Tuxedo Pkwy and Manor Dr entirely, and you could lay over 3-4 artics there comfortably.
  8. engineerboy6561

    85 60-Foot Clean Diesel Articulated Buses

    Agreed; honestly there are a few routes out of Newark (the 1 and 25 being the ones I think most about) that could really use artics; most of the Journal Square trips on the 1 are slammed during rush, and the 25 is no better.
  9. engineerboy6561

    Look what I caught to work this morning :)

    I don't think it's going to stick to that run; I take that run every day (or did through Friday; I'm back in Boston for school) and the day after I caught this the regular '05 MCI was back on the run. The guy who was handing out customer surveys on the bus said that since they only had it for two weeks or so they'd be sending it all over the place. If you have a day to fan, chill up in Riverdale in the morning (covers the BxM1/2/18) and down on 29th and Madison in the afternoon (covers everything but the 1 and 2).
  10. engineerboy6561

    Look what I caught to work this morning :)

    This was on the 6:45 VCP local; I live on Sedgwick and Van Cortlandt, and so the morning super express runs bypass me.
  11. engineerboy6561

    Look what I caught to work this morning :)

    I'm not sure what you're referring to. If you mean the angle at which I took the shot it's because I snapped this on my phone while walking over to NJ Transit at Penn and didn't have time to frame the shot properly.
  12. engineerboy6561

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Brief update: 0023 is now out of Yonkers Depot and will stay there for two weeks or so; I caught it this morning
  13. Sorry for the shoddy photo quality, but I snapped this while I was getting off the bus this morning. It's amazing inside; the lighting is really soft, and it doesn't have the lights right next to the window that make it hard to nap. The seats are super comfortable (leg room a little less than I'd like, though) and overall it's awesome
  14. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    The other fun thing about that is you could build it as a four-track trunk out to Hewlett St (Queens/Nassau border) because the LIE ROW is something like 250 feet wide; you could build it out with 15' track centers and 30' platforms without any problems. In fact, you could probably build it elevated over the LIE, pop a portal over the block bounded by the LIE, 57 Dr, 69 Ln, and Mazeau St, then run it under Flushing Av, Metropolitan Av, Grand St, and South 4th St before connecting to a four-track Second Avenue mainline at Chrystie and Houston, From 2 Av/Houston I'd pick stops below (express stops in bold): Rivington St/Pitt St S 4 St/Kent St S 4 St/Havemeyer St (Williamsburg Terminal, connection to ) Grand St/Union Av Grand St/Bushwick Av (connection to ) Grand St/Morgan Av Flushing Av/Metropolitan Av Flushing Av/Fresh Pond Rd Flushing Av/69 St (Portal just past 69 St) LIE/80 St LIE/Woodhaven Blvd (connection to , QBL Woodhaven converted to express) LIE/97 Pl LIE/108 St LIE/College Point Blvd LIE/Main St LIE/Kissena Blvd LIE/164 St LIE/Utopia Pkwy LIE/188 St LIE/Francis Lewis Blvd LIE/211 St LIE/Springfield Blvd LIE/Alley Rd LIE/Douglaston Pkwy LIE/Marathon Pkwy LIE/Little Neck Pkwy That's eight stops to downtown from eastern Queens on the express, and 24 stops on the local. The stop spacing is mostly around every half mile for the local service and 1.5-2.5 miles for the express service. At that point, if you work in lower Manhattan you're better off taking the LIE express to Williamsburg and grabbing the there than just about anything else; if you're east of Flushing then the express competes with the Port Washington Branch on time if you work below 34 St. If you're near 14th on the west side, just take the express to the , and if you're at any of the hospitals on the far east side (Bellevue, Tisch, VA Harbor, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel) you can just take the express to 2 Av/14 St and then grab the local up to 23rd or 34th. The only annoying infrastructure thing would be the yard; I doubt we'd be able to put a yard in Alley Pond Park. If we couldn't buy out a chunk of the Lake Success Golf Club I'd just build the terminal like 179 St; build Little Neck Parkway as a through station, then build two levels of relay tracks out from the station to Horizon Rd in Lake Success to turn trains. I don't know if we'd need 60tph out that far but better to build the infrastructure for it than find ourselves capacity constrained 30-40 years later, especially if doing so would result in new North Shore Towers-type development on the eastern end. At the very least I'd keep the express service out to at least 188 St; east of that point you could turn the local south along 295, pop a portal near the bottom of Cunningham Park, and then run under Hollis Ct Blvd/Hempstead Av to Belmont Park.
  15. engineerboy6561

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That's an interesting idea but it would make the really long and somewhat unwieldy; the stop spacing between 31 St and 82 St is also farther than I'm a fan of. I'm going to post a counterproposal later tonight or tomorrow.


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