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  1. I mean, it's an interesting idea but the two airports are way too far apart for that to work. The modified QM15 could probably do midtown to JFK in 85-100 mins; it's not time-competitive with the to the or the to the railroad, but it would be comfortable and less of a pain in the ass than trying to take the or the with luggage, especially if your hotel is on the east side of Manhattan. Since JFK and LGA are so far apart, you wind up adding 40-80 minutes to the 75-95 minute runtime that I brought up above because of traffic on the Van Wyck, which now means that you're looking at 120-180 minutes end-to-end (putting JFK two and a half hours from midtown and three from downtown); that's so much worse than existing options that nobody would use it. Alternately you could combine the BM5 with the Manhattan/JFK bus, and have it run along the BM2 route between 57 St/3 Av and Av H/Glenwood Rd, then run it via Flatlands Av/Vandalia Av/Van Siclen Av/Cozine Av/Linden Bl to JFK.
  2. An express from downtown to LGA could actually work reasonably well; Midtown and Downtown are areas with enough businessperson and tourist traffic for things to work. The run from LGA to JFK on the other hand is gonna carry air and eat up an asston of runtime; it's a 35-45 minute drive when there's no traffic, and with traffic it can hit up to 70 minutes each way. Your base route would likely be about 45-50 minutes to get from Pearl St to the QBB, then another 20 to 61 St and 20 more to the airport; that gives you about 75-95 minutes runtime. If you want to keep a 10-12 minute headway during the day that would take 20-21 buses (which is a fair number, but likely doable). If you want to serve JFK from Downtown and Midtown you'd be better off restoring the QM15 to 7-day-a-week service and then rearranging the Queens section. Turn the QM15 off Woodhaven at 155 Av, loop through 101/102 St, return to Woodhaven at 157 Av, then run back up the three blocks to the Belt Parkway and take that to the airport. Alternately you could send the QM15 straight onto the Belt Parkway at Woodhaven Blvd, and have the BM5 serve Ozone Park along the loop I just outlined through eastern Ozone Park, and then take 157 Av to 84 St to 149 Av and then continue on its existing route.
  3. Fair; it's not the best term; for the lines we're talking about you'd see a direct connection between the and Gun Hill, Pelham Gardens, Allerton and southern Baychester, with Allerton, Pelham Gardens and Bedford Park getting a one-seat ride to Target and Kennedy, and Gun Hill, southern Baychester and northern Pelham Gardens getting a one-seat ride to 242 St.
  4. I figured that the 242 St connection would let you make a direct connection between the mid-Bronx and lower Yonkers (though the W4 already does that) and is a faster connection to the from Montefiore than the Bx10 would be, and 231 St/Riverdale Avenue would be about providing access to Target and Kennedy HS for people in the mid-Bronx.
  5. @Via Garibaldi 8 That's about what I figured; I grew up right off Van Cortlandt Park and used to get haircuts and bagels off Johnson Av. There's no good place to lay over, and as near as I can tell most of upstairs Riverdale tends to go into Midtown or downtown for everything you can't get in the neighborhood on 231 St (except Bronx Science and Montefiore). @Jova42R That means that you're better cutting both the Gun Hill and Allerton Av buses short below the hill, because the connection at 242 St/Broadway improves connection options for people going up to Yonkers from the mid-Bronx, and that keeps runtime down (and hopefully reliability up). For the Allerton Av line I brought up I'd just turn it at 231 St to connect the mid-Bronx with Target and the Kennedy school complex.
  6. That's marginally better, but you should add a stop at 239 St for transfers to the Bx7. Doing that gets you a runtime of 15mins from 246 to 230 St, another 5 mins to Target, 8 mins to Lehman College, 7 mins to Montefiore, and then 35 mins to Bartow and Edson and 10-12 minutes to Pelham Bay Park via Section 5. That brings your total rush hour runtime to about 80-90 minutes peak rush-hour runtime (maybe less if I'm wrong and things move faster than I expect). To make that work at a ten-minute headway would take about twenty buses (180 mins round trip + 20 mins layover/10 mins between buses). Also, during rush would you just run buses from Lehman College via Sedgwick Av/Van Cortlandt Pk W/Broadway to 242 St (because if you do that you'll drop like 20 minutes of runtime, but also give up access to Kennedy HS and Target). That would actually be a pretty nice route on its own, and an Allerton Av LTD could serve Target and Kennedy HS, and terminate at 246 St (and just ditch like 8-10 mins of runtime by running along Riverdale Av instead of Henry Hudson/Kappock). That combo might be more efficient; see my map below for what I'm thinking of: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z0Vg1HdMFL9bFU2HC_-cz8Xc05MNL00U&usp=sharing Basically the Gun Hill LTD needs about 16 buses to run on a ten-minute headway; the Allerton Av one would need 14 (40 minute runtime from Paul Av to Pelham Bay Park plus 8 min to Target plus 5 min to Kennedy HS/231 St plus 7 more min to 246 St via Riverdale Av gives a total runtime of 60 mins each way, so 120 min round trip+20 mins layover/10 minute headway gives 14 buses required peak. @Via Garibaldi 8 Do you think it would make more sense for upstairs Riverdale to have a one-seat ride to the East Bronx via Allerton or Gun Hill, and if you think both are necessary (or that Gun Hill is necessary), would bringing the Gun Hill limited up to 246 St via Manhattan College Parkway with stops at the college gate and 239 St (SB) be reasonable? (mostly because there isn't anywhere good to lay over in southwest Riverdale unless you either run a one-way loop via Independence, Palisade and Kappock and then lay over at Edsall and Johnson (which might work but might also piss a lot of people off), or make a loop via 236 St, Independence Av, 232 St and Henry Hudson Pkwy, take away about a third of the parking along Independence there, and lay over in front of Seton Park (which will likely piss off a lot of the people living in the Whitehall Club building).
  7. If you're going to Gun Hill you don't want to drop down and cross over the park on Allerton; you're better off doing Gun Hill Rd all the way through to Montefiore Hospital and Norwood, then drop down to Target or Riverdale from there (mostly because a whole chunk of ridership is going to be coming and going around the hospital, and if you serve Bedford Park instead you're gonna miss it. You really ought to keep Gun Hill/Montefiore/Norwood on a corridor and Allerton/NYBG/Bedford Park on a corridor for efficiency and ridership reasons. If you wanted to run your limited bus via Gun Hill Rd/Bainbridge Av/Mosholu Pkwy/205 St/Paul Av/Sedgwick Av and then over to upstairs Riverdale or down to 231 St that would make a lot of sense (as would Allerton/Bedford Park Blvd/Paul Av/Sedgwick Av then to Riverdale or Target), but crossing the streams the way you did is going to cost you ridership and make your line less efficient.
  8. Gotcha; 227 St is still a bit small, but it should produce less noise from the neighbors. Gun Hill Rd is also where the ridership is; you'd be better off putting bus lanes on Gun Hill than trying to run the limited-stop service on Burke. Your eastern end is better, but I'd leave Orchard Beach service as a summer-only thing. I'm still not entirely sure how much ridership on the Riverdale section you're going to get (except maybe from people going to Bronx Science in the mornings), since 231 St is a more developed commercial area than 242 St and they have the Bx10 on 231 St. That said, people who commute up to central Westchester from the Bedford Park area might really like it because of the morning connection to the 3 and 1X down there. I'd honestly see the line mostly being split into an intra-Riverdale group (which might work but I don't see having much ridership except for kids going to and from BxSci) and then the rest of the line, which would probably carry pretty well.
  9. It's better, but I could see Fieldston and Spuyten Duyvil throwing a bloody fit at having buses roll through their neighborhoods. Also the streets you're looking to serve there are really narrow and winding; I'm unsure if a full 40' bus would fit on that little loop down Palisade Av. @Via Garibaldi 8 would probably know better than me how that one would go, but I suspect not well. Also, I'm not sure why you split the limited-stop service between Gun Hill Av and Burke Av the way you did; you'd be better off having a Gun Hill LTD serving Montefiore Hospital and Norwood, an Allerton Av LTD serving Bronx Science/Clinton/Lehman and Broadway, and then if Burke Av is in need of bus service maybe a local line from Dreiser Loop to Fordham Plaza via Co-op City Bl, Hammersley Av, Gun Hill Rd station, Burke Av, White Plains Rd, Kazmiroff Blvd and Webster Av running every 20 mins as a trial.
  10. The core of the route (Allerton Av LTD/SBS) is fine but the ends are unwise. You'll carry along Allerton Av, but that whole detour up to the golf courses and Pelham is gonna add 25-30 minutes to your runtime and will carry air the entire time. If you want to not end it at Earhart and Erskine then sending it to Pelham Bay Park should be fine (and would also leave open the option to serve Orchard Beach in the summer should you want it). The run up through the golf courses won't carry anyone, and Pelham is the sort of town that has a country club and most people drive, which means unless there's some sort of odd niche of Pelham commuters who need the above 125 St you're not going to get any ridership from the RR station up there. I'd honestly suggest turning it at Pelham Bay Park on the east end if you're not satisfied with Earhart and Erskine. On the western end, I wouldn't send that line down Heath Street or up the Kappock St turn, nor would I pull it off Bedford Park Blvd. I'd honestly send it either via Bedford Park Bl/Paul Av/Mosholu Pkwy/Van Cortlandt Pk W/Bailey Av to Target, or via Bedford Park Bl/Goulden Av/Reservoir Av/Sedgwick Av/Ft Independence St down to 238 St; of those two I'd prefer the routing to Target because of the one-seat ride that opens up between Target and Van Cortlandt Village/Tracy Towers. I also think that if you're going to add a crosstown LTD/SBS line above the Bx12, you're best off starting with the Bx28 because of the additional connections to Montefiore Hospital and the train (Allerton Av only connects with the at WPR, whereas Gun Hill Road connects with the at Seymour Av and the at Williamsbridge. Making the Bx28 a full-time limited making local stops west of Norwood/205 St wouldn't be a bad idea. If you really want to link to Westchester County then you'd be better off extending the Bx31 to the casino via Kimball Av/Yonkers Av, but I'm not sure if that would really carry either (extending the 34 doesn't make much sense because you'd be heavily duplicating the 20). Honestly, I really wish that Remix was free for hobbyists and came with municipal and ridership (plus anonymized Uber and Lyft) data preloaded for major cities and surrounding suburbs; that way you could actually get a sense for what parts of a route are going to be heavily loaded and which ones aren't; that way you could probably get real-time feedback on the quality of your new routes (even though the feedback wouldn't be perfect because the criterion used would likely be somewhat arbitrary, it would be enough for at least a start).
  11. The QBx3 is gonna carry air, and the QBx5 is gonna carry air, sit in horrendous traffic, and isn't actually allowed on Mosholu/Henry Hudson Parkways through Van Cortlandt Park. The QBx4 might work, but I don't think your routing will work super well. Bay Plaza is already covered by the Q50, 222 St is entirely residential, White Plains Rd is a two-lane street under an el and prone to heavy traffic backups. You'd likely do a lot better running this as a Bx8 or Bx31 Limited along Willamsbridge Rd or Eastchester Rd, Westchester Av, and Zerega Av down to the bridge, and then Q50 stops into Main St before getting on the highway to LGA. Your overall runtime to Flushing would wind up somewhere around 65-75 minutes, and your overall runtime would likely hit 80-90 minutes, which is a bit high but workable. The question is whether you'd get the ridership running through the mid-Bronx to make the route worth it. I think you might, but I'm unsure. Just number it the Bx48 or Bx51 (depending on whether you do Willamsbridge or Eastchester Rd for the north Bronx segment) and maybe it'll work. The QBx6 might work, but with rush hour traffic it will likely take about as long to do the nonstop stretch on the highway as it would to run as a 3 Av limited, which means you're giving up all sorts of ridership opportunities for not a ton of time gain. @B35 via Church You'll probably find this interesting, and I'd like to get your thoughts on Bronx-LGA service.
  12. You're still gonna have some runtime issues with that, but you're getting better. Figure on 33 mins from 241 St to Edson and Bartow, then another 15-20 to get to Buhre and Bruckner, 15-20 more with no stops to Whitestone and Linden, and then 10-15 more to the terminals; you'd be looking at a 65-80 minute run, and I'm not sure how much demand you're gonna get from the folks farther up in the northwest Bronx going to the airport. You also don't want D4500s running on that because I suspect a fair amount of your ridership is gonna be intra-Bronx ridership and so the single door will mess up your on- and offloading times. I'm still not sure how much ridership you're gonna get, but that's at least somewhat better runtime-wise. The reason I don't think expresses from the NW Bronx to LGA work is that I really don't think there's gonna be the demand to support that without a fair amount of intra-Bronx ridership and a long stretch of running through the Bronx to accumulate people going to the airport. You're getting better. One tip (and this is why my Bx55 variant goes to the hospital instead of up WPR): White Plains road is two lanes under an el, and there's basically no room to maneuver in traffic there. That's why when the Bx41 went SBS they turned it at Williamsbridge instead of sending it up to 241 St.
  13. See my post above for a Bronx-western Queens line that could probably work (as would a similar setup using a modified Bx41 line, or maybe even something via Southern Blvd or the Grand Concourse). You might also be able to run something from Co-Op City through Throgs Neck down Bell and Springfield Blvds, but that's sufficiently residential once you get past QCC that I don't know how well it will carry.
  14. Express routes of that nature are naturally difficult to run and fill on a regular basis; the only reason express bus routes work into Manhattan is because so many people work in Midtown and Downtown that you can safely assume that a few thousand people from any given set of neighborhoods is going to want transportation to some subset of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. Even then, most of the express routes in the city take 5th and 6th (or 5th and Madison) because those streets are reasonably centrally located, and so the buses can have a wide catchment area in Manhattan and serve as much of Midtown and Downtown as possible. Singular destinations like LGA aren't likely to have the sort of draw where you can assume that a few thousand people a day in any given neighborhood in the city are going to go to and from there on a daily basis. Travel to and from the airport on a daily basis from the Bronx is most likely going to come from airport workers, many of whom likely live in the Bronx but who likely live spread out all over the Bronx, which means that an express line to a particular neighborhood is going to capture very little of that ridership because now everyone who wants to use your service has to go to that specific neighborhood to get where they're going. If your express bus is in Riverdale and airport workers live in Morrisania or West Farms they're looking at 45-60 minutes to backtrack to your route and then 65-90 minutes on your route to get where they're going (at which point they just say f**k it and keep taking the Bx15 or the to the M60). In a situation like that your best bet for a Bronx-LGA route would likely be this expanded Bx55 revival. It runs from Norwood-205 St on the north end to LGA on the south end via Bainbridge Av, Gun Hill Rd, Webster Av, 3 Av, and Astoria Blvd. Buses would stop at: 205 St/Bainbridge Av (first stop), Van Cortlandt Pk E/Bainbridge Av, Gunhill Rd/Bainbridge Av, Gunhill Rd/Webster Av, Bedford Park Bl/Webster Av, Fordham Plaza, 183 St/3 Av, 180 St/3 Av, Tremont Av/3 Av, Claremont Pkwy/3 Av, 168 St/3 Av, 163 St/3 Av, 156 St/3 Av, 149 St/3 Av, 138 St/Lincoln Av, 31 St/Astoria Bl, Steinway St/Astoria Bl, 77 St/Astoria Bl, 82 St/Astoria Bl, 87 St (SB only), 94 St (SB only), Terminal D, Terminal C, Terminal B and Terminal A. Overall runtime would be a bit long; based off existing schedules I'd guess 15 mins from 205 St to Williamsbridge, 15 from Williamsbridge to Fordham Plaza, 40 from Fordham Plaza to Mott Haven, and then 35 from Mott Haven to the airport, bringing total runtime to about 100-120 minutes; that would put it in the same general ballpark as the Q44 and the old M5 as far as length goes. Providing service every 10 mins as a replacement for the Bx15 LTD requires about 30-35 buses, which is quite a lot. My first thought would be to split it between KB and CS and have rush hour put-ins and short-turns at Fordham Plaza as needed. Basically at that point the 3 Av corridor would have all-day limited-stop service to Queens, all-day limited-stop service to Manhattan as well, and then local service between Fordham Plaza and The Hub. I'd set headways on the Bx15LTD service and the Bx55LTD service to 10mins peak, 15 minutes off-peak, and then have the Bx15 local run every 5-8 minutes. That then gives you local and limited-stop service each coming every 5-8 minutes, and means you're now serving multiple markets. Airport workers living within walking distance of Webster Av and 3 Av now have a one-seat ride to LGA, the west Bronx has a time-competitive two-seat ride to LGA, and the 3 Av corridor has enough intra-Bronx ridership that a 3 Av limited service would be sustainable regardless of connections to other boroughs. That combo should provide more than enough ridership to justify the use of resources.
  15. The question when it comes to things like uptown residents wanting to go all the way down to SI is what's going to draw them and how many is it going to draw. I don't know enough about SI to critique the SI routing of it, though I'm not sure that those areas need another bus considering how much of the route duplicates the SIM4 on the northern half of the SI stretch. In Manhattan I could see it filling a gap along the West Side if you ran it along 10th and 11th Aves (making it a better option for everyone from 8 Av west if you live near the route. The routing up to 81 St and beyond isn't bad per se, but I'm not sure you'd carry any ridership past Lenox Hill Hospital on Lexington, as beyond that most of the buildings are residential, and since SI is basically all residential you're not really going to see many people commuting to 79th and 3 Av or 79th and York. I'd say it's maybe OK, but I don't know if it has a strong enough catchment area in Manhattan to be successful. I'm also not really sure how much sense it makes to take 1&9 to 78 instead of just taking 95 to the Goethals; Google Maps quotes I95 as being 40-60 min during rush, while 1&9/78/440 gets quoted as 45-100 min during rush because of heavy traffic on both 1&9 and 440. You're better off just putting up with I95.
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