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  1. I like the 551..... The AC rail line's cars aren't too elaborate.
  2. I know some of you in NYC might not have a vehicle cause ya'll got busses and trains at like every intersection. But for anyone who's got a vehicle what is it. I drive a 97 F-250 Heavy Duty, 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. :cool:
  3. Yeah people'd pick on my for everything. well you know what, they don't know nothing except how to look like douche bags. I just graduated high school a landed a job at (NJT) pullin in around 26,000 a year. 98% of my class went on to college. I know that there isn't going to be enough high payin white collar work for all of em. Lesson is some of those people we go(went) to school with ain't worth crap and they are so full of them selfs it'll will take them a while to learn that Mr. Rodgers was wrong, You're not special.
  4. actually a driver side compartment is smashed in. probabally from an accident
  5. We had one of these in for the same thing a few months ago. They are rather nice. What I wanted to do was get a head shot with the garages names on the destination signs but I wasn't able to.
  6. Here's some stuff from TWP. Flex 3037 recently painted Shiney new rims on 2561 7177 visiting for body work 7512(Washgington TWP), 7177(Egg Harbor), and 7544(Newton Ave.)* All under one roof. And now it's time to got back to work. Enjoy! *correct if wrong on any of these
  7. I just bought TC NY today for the only reason to drive that Orion V. The detail on that Orion is remarkable every detail is so cool and the busses all have different numbers.... I prefer the handling of the Orion CNG on GTA4 and the effects are also cooler on GTA4 though but I do prefer the TC bus' model and detail. You are so correct TCLA really sucks I mean really really sucks..... They busses lack so much detail and the handle like a hard poop coming out the butt crack. I couldn't tell you..... But I had a thought that If people were to but GTASanAn for PC and got this Mod as well as the Multiplayer Mod then we could create a Virtual Transit Authority much like enthusists do on Flight Simulator... Anyone Up for the Idea:rolleyes:
  8. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=309438&st=60
  9. The older ones were better. I'm trying to find the screwdriver for my bus so I can get the bottom off.
  10. Yeah I forgot GTA 4, it's amazing I don't have PS3 so I play on my friends when I can. I could buy a PS3 but I'd rather save up an get my F-250 powerstroke diesel.:cool:
  11. What video games are most realistic when it comes to busses? I know that the Grand Theft Auto series has some very good busses(GTA3 has somthing like an MCI E4500, San Andreas has something like an MCI 8 and also a D-serices MCI) however they don't drive so well. Driver 3 has something that resembles an old GM it also handles well. What other games are good for Driving busses.
  12. It's a food counter near the bathrooms in the Greyhound Station.
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