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  1. Heard from sources today that the Dec. class for C/R will be 20. And that between Jan. and June of next year they plan for 190 new C/R's and 150 promo T/O.
  2. To be honest, so far I have had a fun time. I know this is serious business and it's work but i'm not one to be comfy in large groups but my classmates are fun and just as eager to learn as I am. And I have yet to meet an MTA employee such as TSS or any other title that we meet during induction, that was not happy to be dealing with us.
  3. Nah we just started last Monday. Monday morning will be the first time we meet our teachers and learn specifics about our job. It's been a long induction week...lol.
  4. I'm in the October class and it is a B division.
  5. As a conductor in training, would you have the choice of am/pm or overnight? And if so when would you have the chance to choose?
  6. Was wondering if I should fill out forms in my benefits packet before my first day of orientation or should I wait until I'm there? My interviewer just told me to bring the folder in with me on my first day but didn't say to fill anything out. Thanks
  7. Wow I hope it's Div. B. Guess i'll keep my fingers crossed.
  8. Just out of curiosity, would anyone know what division the Oct. 31st class might be?
  9. Thanks...I'm not to sure about the Jury Duty but from what I've read on this forum, taking time off during probation is a big no no. Hopefully all works out.
  10. Got sworn in today for Oct. 31st. class. What a long day today. Funny thing was medical was fast. Waiting to get called afterwards 4 times was the long part since it was lunch time.
  11. Just got the call to report next Friday the 14th for Medical. #362 on the list.

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