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  1. Yea,they are sorta different.The difference is that the R142A has the AdTranz propulsion, and the R142 has the Onix propulsion, which means that they sound different from one another. The R142 has a loud HVAC which is really annoying, but the R142A is much quieter. But other than that they look almost the same;)
  2. nice shots dude. love the shots of the redbird.:cool:
  3. true, there should be some cops on the busses, the busses should be much safer or if something goes on, it will be under control:). but the search thing is just too heptic especially if a bus is packed, and the bus is running late lol
  4. i like the 1st one too. the 3rd is not bad either, but i like the 1st one more
  5. How bout this is for very very very long line is for (B)righton beach's train is for ©ats on the platform is for (D)o not liter on the tracks is for (E)xit the damn train already, youre at the last stop is for (F)rogs in the train is for (J)ack in the box is for (M)y time is for (N)itro is for (Q)uack is for ®ace car is for (S)uperman is for (V)ery empty train is for (W)ait a minute is (Z)ebra crossing B) :cool: :eek:
  6. welcome to the forums robb. Enjoy your stay.
  7. When i was younger, i was going to take the to 14st, and when the train was coming, it was an R142A. I was soo excited that i couldent stay still. I was like this because i have not rode an R142A before and i always wanted to ride them cuz i always rode on an R62A.
  8. Even though i dont like the the R40S, the only thing i liked was the RFW, everytime i went to brooklyn on the in the R40S, i would stand in the RFW till i got to brooklyn. I will really miss my R32's, i always loved riding them
  9. so roku hows it goin?

  10. What were your memories of riding the subway you were younger, and post here
  11. What i will miss about the is when it ran to brooklyn. It was like i was riding the .
  12. yep,lets keep the forums civil and under control.
  13. listen Kexpress,we respect what you think, this is why we have forums, so we can share ideas and discuss others opinions. Now i bet that you wanted to be here for that kind of reason, so you and all of us here at NYCTF can get together and do this kind of thing. This is why i came here. Now i dont think that its the best thing for you to leave here just cuz some people dont agree you, just act like the bigger person and say okay, dont keep arguing, be polite and let things flow smoothly here cuz thats what we all want. Just say what you believe and let others say what they believe. Were like a community here, and were near the holidays, lets not bring any problems.
  14. 1.Again, why do you want this thread locked???what you call "Flame war" is over and now when things have cooled down, and now you want to end it. 2.You kept arguing and arguing that the R32's should be gone first, when you're here, you have to respect others opinions, so actually, you started this "Flame war".
  15. 1.The R32's aint disgusting 2.It wouldent be as that old as it is now Um,not all R32's are in bad shape
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