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  1. Just a quick hello. I see my pick lady moved up to WP. Called her this afternoon to pick, after she called my partner to tell us she moved from Main St. I was on vacation last week in NC so I never saw the call sheets or work program. I was in MAC 3 this morning and got out(thanks to Dr. Levin the redhead hippie) and ran up to VC to look at the board before I called WP. Would have loved to come up there and see her and check out how you keep things in order up there. She's kept my C/R and me together for as long as she's been in the pick department. She was our yard dispatcher before that so the 3 of us have been together going on 15 years or so. BTW the cowboy at right to know even cut me some slack this am. WTF happened in the last week? Nice supervision???

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