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  1. You mean "prochain arrêt" since the noun is masculine.
  2. Mind you the Extra List is not a bad thing. You can make some serious money on it without having to work overtime on your days off, you can get some senior lines/runs, and you won't lock yourself into a workhorse junior run/line. I was on the List and Vacation Relief (different job every week) for 18 years before moving to supervision.
  3. I think there will be some good things with the TA taking control. One thing is that tests will probably happen more often than they do now, so if you don't do well on an exam, the amount of time you'll need to wait for the next one won't be as lengthy. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if many of the tests would take place at PS248.
  4. Zman


    Car Cleaners work for the Division of Car Equipment and clean trains in stations and yards. Station Cleaners work for the Stations Department and clean stations and facilities. Each job has a different routine and the two jobs never intertwine. That is to say a Station Cleaner will never clean a subway car and a Car Cleaner will never clean a platform, etc.
  5. 91939 is correct, you must be directly hired by NYCT in order to be eligible for their promotional exams. You must have at least one day in an eligible title in order to take a promotional exam for an hourly (non-supervisory) position, one year for a supervisory position (some titles require two years).
  6. The Brakeman is the same thing as a Conductor. The only exception is that the Brakeman remains with the train when the train enters a yard/siding to apply handbrakes whereas all the regular CR's bail out at the terminal. The Brakeman has nothing to do with the movement of the train.
  7. Don't even think about going into the LIRR nor Metro North as an Engineer unless you have locomotive experience; you have no shot. What you need to do is go into the respective agency as an Assistant Conductor, Ticket Agent, Coach Cleaner, etc., then make your way into Engineer.
  8. Because, to put it bluntly, Breezy Point doesn't want any riffraff.
  9. They actually take an indefinite leave of absence from their supervisory position in order to accept the superintendent job.
  10. Hire people to drive a bus or train at $10 an hour and you risk having a workforce filled with people like those who work for the Chinatown buses and that guy who crashed the bus on I-95.
  11. Do not lie and put EVERY JOB that you've held in the last ten years on that form. They catch you in just one lie and you'll be disqualified on the spot.
  12. Here's the Futures website: http://mlb.mlb.com/bos/ticketing/futures_at_fenway.jsp
  13. That would be unnecessary with a $40 AirTrain unlimited card, plus it would cost me quite a bit of extra time.
  14. I went to the Legends game last year and it was awesome. $10 for two games and the Fenway ambience, you can't go wrong. Heck, if you go wayyyy up to the Upper Bleachers you'll only pay $5!
  15. Saratoga Springs during the racing season in July and August is also a good day trip. If you want to bet at the races, you can bet as little as $1 (10 cents on certain bets) and it only costs $3 to get in. If you're cost consious, then you'll never see a Red Sox game; however, you can still see a game at Fenway Park. The "Futures at Fenway" is a classic, single admission doubleheader consisting of an A league game and an AAA game (both home teams are Red Sox affiliates). 50% of the seats are $10 or less and last year's Futures had over 30,000 in attendance. This year's event is on Saturday, August 20th and the games are scheduled for 1:05 and 4:30.
  16. Fortunately I won't have to worry about the "spot checks" since I'll be in full TA uniform when I commute. And I have absolutely no problem paying the $40 for the month for a few reasons: • It might be a faster option • The Q8/Q112 really gets dragged down for the return commute home by traffic and the Q53 during the summer is crowded beyond belief with rowdy beachgoers. When it gets colder and the crowds go away, the Q53 home would be the way to go. • Some of the morning bus times just miss. For example, the Q112 arrives at Rockaway Blvd station arrives at 6:24 am. What time does the leave? Why 6:23 of course. My ideal commute would be the to the Q53, but that only works if my job starts later than 6:30 am. Obviously the car to Broad Channel then the to Rockaway Park is the fastest option at only 30 minutes, but that would cost me roughly $115 per month for premium gas plus wear and tear. I don't mind doubling it to an hour and only paying $40 if the AirTrain would work (another bonus with the AirTrain: no beach crowds nor school kids). BTW, thanks for the link. Too bad they don't have a schedule online.
  17. I'm considering using AirTrain to commute from Jamaica to Rockaway Park, would probably start my commute around 5-5:30 am and would definitely purchase the $40 unlimited AirTrain card. Is there a way to find out the schedule so that I could time the trains right? What's the running time from Jamaica to Federal Circle and from Federal Circle to Howard Beach? If this doesn't work, then I would stick to the Q8/Q112 buses (but the ride home sux bigtime)...or do what I do now and that's drive to Broad Channel and take the .
  18. Daclassics, best of luck on your new career. As far as classes go, you'll have to wait until you're out of training to get an idea what tour and rdo's you'll get. Ask for PM's when you're released on your own and schedule your classes during the morning (you'll probably get Tues/Wed off).
  19. 2 Train Master's lack of knowledge is quite stunning to say the least. 10-12 minute delay is actually the norm for a failed door operator. I guess I shouldn't mention that it's standard procedure to close down the bad half of a train when inspecting a bad door.
  20. I have Time Warner Earthlink cable internet, pay $45.28 per month for 10 Mb service (as part of the DTValue package plan), and here are my results via speedtest.net taken at 8:45 am: Download: 9.72 Mb/s Upload: 0.48 Mb/s Ping: 5 ms Grade: C Give TWC a call and see if you can get a better deal.
  21. I can't tell you the hourly wages since I don't have access to them, but I can tell you that it will take you an additional 37 months to reach top pay as a Surface Dispatcher once you obtain that position.
  22. Thinking that way will get you killed. T/O's are always on the tracks and have to cross the third rail on a daily basis. When you're on the tracks, a train won't always be there, but the third rail is there 24 hours a day. Anything can cause you to fall on it, whether it be loose ballast, black ice on the ties, taking a bad step, stepping on the protection board (a no-no) and the board collapses, inattention, etc. You respect that rail at all times or it will seriously bite you.
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