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  1. I'm Lovin" IT! NICE shot of my homerun train!
  2. Which depot this RTS buses will go to? Amsterdam, East New York depot?
  3. Yes. https://www.nicebus.com/Tools/Maps-and-Schedules/Line?test=&route=n88 Clik on PDF schedule.
  4. I didn't ask for set schedule of airport shuttle bus. I was asking which transit company PANY&NJ purchased the Bus #769.
  5. Me, too. I think one RTS should be reserved from NYCT Museum.
  6. Does anyone know where this bus schedules represent? Back to topic Enjoy it!!
  7. NYC Ferries are different, but it would be nice if OMNY introduce on ferry with free transfer to bus/subway/SIR. Currently NYC Ferries only give transfer to ferry routes within 90 minutes.
  8. Speaking off OMNY, most of NICE Bus riders don't use Mobile Ticketing even thought they have Iphone, etc. Will OMNY will be available by cash payment at stations/Hempstead Transit Center if OMNY replaces MetroCard?
  9. My favorite fast food (I not vegan but I'm vegan food addicted. 1. Burger Village 2. BareBurger 3. MTHR Vegan 4. Marty's VBurger 5. Cusine by Claudette 6. Skinny Buddha (Scarsdale) 7. Screamers Pizza 8. Vincent's Pizza (vegan slice) 9. My Pie Romania (Lex Av/57th St)
  10. It's mainly buses, so I posted here. B62 doesn't stop near (J(M)(Z) and they have to walk few blocks. B32 could easily be mistaken for B92. I think I agree should increase additional service on B32, and Q24 since they connect to and train.
  11. Marcy Av (J)(M) B60 Williamsburg at Bushwick Willaimsburg Bonus ENJOY IT!!
  12. n20G/H bus Saturday schedule toward Great Neck/Hicksville is missing timestable after 1:25pm. https://www.nicebus.com/NICE/media/assets/NICE-n20_April2019_web.pdf
  13. School Cafeteria I bought SoDelicious for school. School's Grilled Veggie with no meat (from NYCBOE's new Meatless Monday Innoviation My gift to school 2nd Floor Tour New Media Center partnership with CBS Classes I don't recognize from 2005 My Speech Councilor My English/History Class Teacher's Hang out School library- RIP Memorial for my former librarian who pass away.
  14. ' Farebeating right in front of dispatcher East Midtown Enjoy it!!

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