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  1. NICE Bx55 video. Bx55 schedule still exist http://web.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/bronx/bx055cur.pdf
  2. Maybe because of free Q70 SBS summer run. ALso that taxi driver was idiot. Taxi and car service has no respect for buses.
  3. Idiot Driver of Day after Exchange Place waiting for One Parking Enjoy it!!
  4. Different Dates Different Dates Enjoy it
  5. After Terminal C, Q70 SBS should get onto Grand Central Parkway West exit instead of exiting at airport at 102nd St, 23rd Av, 94th St, etc.
  6. Only buses that have restrooms are Academy SIM23/24 buses.
  7. I heard during summer, some people had to wait additional hours due to overpack. Especially on East River, Rockaways, etc.
  8. Bridgeport Bus Station Bridgeport- Main St/Capitol Av Onboard Bus- trash can on bus (simlar to CT Transit/Norwalk Transit/Suffolk County Transit) Westfield Trumbull Mall ENJOY IT GUYS!!
  9. Bx6 SBS: I think sending SBS to other location might confuse Bx6 local riders. Bx15 should end at 125th St/2nd Av and start from 3rd Av/125th St and regular route. M125 could start from 125th St/2nd Av. Eastbound bus could end at 2nd Av, and following M15 layover to 126th St and 2nd Av. BxM2: After Henry Hudson Parkway, BxM2 should go down 96th St to CPW, stop at CPW, then right at CPW, stopping at 86th St and 81st St, then west on 72nd St back to Riverside Drive while northbound bus should go on Central Park West, stopping at 63rd St, 81st, 86th Sts, then west on 110th St to Riverside Drive. I seen lots of people get on for Riverside at 81st St/CPW, Madison Av/84th St. BxM4: Need to stay on Grand Concourse. Q50: Majority of Queens resident goes into/from Co-Op City.
  10. They made mistake with n20G/H schedule again. n40/41 is missing weekday schedule toward Freeport.
  11. When I took first n24 split route, n24 arrived at RFM 2 minutes before connecting n24 bus leaves.
  12. When I had beach clean up with Vegan Sea Shepherd at Coney Island, I witness 4 students fare beat on B36 SeaGate, right in train shuttle bus drivers and train dispatcher in front of CI-Stillwell Av Subway Station. I think it was in April 2019.
  13. They never created schedule last year either. I checked n20G/H schedule and that schedules must been recalled.
  14. NJT #320- these are most friendly drivers ever everytime I go volunteer for NJ VegFest at Meadowland Expo Center in Harmon Meadow. NJT #166/178/186: Since it goes to my favorite restaurant, Veggie Haven in Teaneck NJT #126 since it goes to my favorite Hoboken food places with vegan option. NJT #119 (Academy) and NJT #123- My favorite friend's house.
  15. PABT Meadlow Expo Center- Harmon Meadow After getting my exhibitor badge for KoreanK9Rescue booth, I walk to check for my vegan volunteers. Some of our volunteers are not vegan or vegetarian. Vetarian option Vegan Beyond Burgers PABT Enjoy it!!
  16. Sorry, only time I go to McDonald's is only for apple juice when I only have few dollars left. In UK branches, they found feces on ordering kiosk. Also McDonald's is only one that not following Animal Welfare Act. These companies committed to meaningful welfare reform, WHY WON'T MCDONALD'S? https://imnotlovinit.com/ https://imnotlovinit.com/studentsagainst
  17. According to NJT Trip Planner, it's 3-zone fare of $4.50.
  18. On one of facebook NICE Bus page, guy made Charlie keep insting NICE Bus isrestoring some routes that he heard from rumor. I tried to tell him NICE wouldn't extend n4X bus to Jones Beach.
  19. Speaking off NJ Commute, does anyone here know bus stop locations for Academy Bus beside Park & Ride? Academy Bus ticket window at PABT is not helpful.
  20. There is no need to create new topic. We have Bus Random Thread for that.
  21. Saturday May 18th Sunday, May 19th Enjoy it!!
  22. After vegan lunch at Cusine by Claudette, I took Q53 SBS to train at Rockaway Blvd. Group of teen that got on train at Broadway Junction and I was in last car since I was heading to vegan event at NYU, and some bad teen somehow unluck the door that going to other subway car and exited at Utica Av. Conductors and train engineer had to stop the train and conductor had to come all the way back to check last car. Those teens didn't notice I was wearing KoreanK9 Rescue.

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