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  1. Shuttle- My revised based on NICE Bus's propsal https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1C09F12eqri2_Q_OXDYEsn1K246pE5QvG"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"106523161310491323262"}&usp=sharing
  2. MDE: Hicksville-Great Neck: Weekdays only Manhattan-bound: Pickup at Hicksville Station at n20H Bus Stop, stop at North Broadway/Columbia Drive, onto Long Island Expressway and stop at Roslyn Clock Tower, then Great Neck on n20G Flushing stop, then non-stop to Grand Central at 40th St/Lexington Av and via FDR to Broadway/Wall St. Nassau County-bound: Pickup at Broadway/Water St, Grand Central at 40th St/Park Av, then non-stop to Great Neck n20H/21 bus stop, then straight to Rosyln Clock Tower n20H/n23/Pt. Washington Shuttle stop, and onto LIE too North Broadway/Columbia Drive on n20H, and Hicksville Station. MDX- Levitown-Midtown: No Comments yet MDX- Mineola-Manhattan: Start at Mineola Bus Terminal, then same stops in Manhattan. Return trip same also. MDX- Belmont-Midtown- I'll revise to Special Event Belmont, Nassau Collesium, Jones Beach NIKON Theater, etc. This should only run during special event.
  3. More Frequent Serivce: n1, n22, n24, n32, n43, n48/49 and n71/n72. buses I agree. n72 Need to be restore to Babylon Station. More express service n4X: More trips during rush hour, I agree. n20X: Follow originate n20L, stopping at n22X: More trips during rush hour, I agree. n24X: I agree. Evening/Late Night: n1- Agree but when Green Acres Mall is closed, operate between Elmont and Gibson Station skipping Green Acres Mall. n4 n22- 24 hours, during midnight, every 60 minutes. n24- Late evening trips end/originate at Mineola. Continue service east of Mineola, take n22. n40/41: Agree. n43: Agree. n70/71/72: Agree late evening service on n71/72. Weekend Service: n1, n22, n24, n40/41, n43, n71/72 I agree. n27- Extend to Roosevelt Field. I'll comment on HUBX and Midtown Direct Express soon.
  4. I think this video is off-topic from these prosal.
  5. I never do that. That was in past when LIBRU existed. PinepowerLI doesn't support LIBRU either.
  6. Long Island Bus Riders Union doesn't exist anymore. I NEVER DO WINDSHIELD ON PEOPLE"S CAR!! STOP ACCUSING ME OF PUTTING FLIERS ON PEOPLE'S WINDSHIELD. That's why I made my own facebook group.
  7. Roosevelt Island Tramway are only one that included.
  8. Let's hope Governor Cumo postpone MTA Farehike for MTA, NICE, Bee-Line Buses and Academy SIM23/SIM24 buses.
  9. I wonder why is not asking for help from sightseeing tour buses like double-decker or Experience the Ride.
  10. I just ask NICE Bus on facebook It will run starting tomorrow for. 8:30 am-8:30 pm as long as Jones Beach stays open. Artics will be used along with 40 ft buses. Social distancing and masks will be enforced. Service is to West bathhouse only Expect delays due to reduced capacity for social distancing and NYS Parks will close the beach once the parking lots are full and we will not have access. All Nassau County Beaches are closed to NYC residents. Jones Beach is a New York State Beach...open to all. But the State is going to severally restrict access to this beach. We are expecting early closure if crowds are heavy
  11. He didn't say during Essential
  12. THANK YOU ALL MOVING FRONTLINE HEROES!!!!! FLushing Inside this Q48 #4689 Corona-East Elmhurst
  13. Note: Hampton Jitney routing Inbound to NYC: Via Queens Midtown Tunnel, 3rd Av, 96th St. South Fork-bound: Lex Av, 40th St, 2nd Av, QMT. North Fork-bound: Lex Av, 44th St, 2nd Av, QMT. On Weekdays, In Queens Midtown Tunnel, in Manhattan-bound tube, uber driver on cell phone cut in front of Manhattan-bound Hampton Jitney, forcing Hampton Jitney bus to crash onto several MTA Express Buses, forcing Queens Midtown Tunnel all lanes to closed. In Addition, on eastbound tube, in addition, Hampton Jitney Bus gets disable, forcing Queens Midtown Tunnel to closed. In Addition, Metropolitan Av-bound on Williamburg Bridge derail due to some trespasser put rock on train track, forcing train to crushed onto B39 Bus, closing eastbound lane. Buses affected: B39, BM5, all QM Express buses, Hampton Jitney buses. Bonus: Reroute /
  14. : Trains run via line bween 59th & West 4th Sts, making local stop on 6th Av : Trains via via line between 59th & West 4th St, making local stops. : Trains run with delay on 6th Av. : Trains run with delay on 6th Av/63rd St. : Delays on 6th Av/63rd St Tunnel. : Trains run in 2 sections. train will provide service between Queensboro Plaza and Times Sq. Q32 and Q101 will cross honor at Queens Plaza, Queensboro Plaza, 60th St/2nd Av, 59th St/2nd Av, and 59th-60th St/Lex Av, 59th St/Madison Av. 1. Between Astoria-Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza 2. Between Times Sq-42nd St and 86th St-Gravesend : Trains will have delay at 63rd St tunnel. : Trains run via (D)(F) line between 36th St, Queens and DeKalb Av.
  15. Can you specific where train derail?
  16. Have you taken Transport of Rockland before?
  17. I know these photos are old photos of professional bus drivers I took picture, where these bus operators are AMAZING providing essential service for essential workers, essential shoppers!! To dedicate and say thank you to frontline operates of MTA Bus/NYCT/MaBSTOA, NICE Bus, Bee-Line Bus, NJT Bus Drivers, here are memories of great professional bus drivers I met MTA Long Island Bus date & NICE Bus date She was best Bus driver during MTA Long Island Bus and Transdev NICE Bus. MTA Drivers This driver was best Manhattanville Bus Depot bus operator I ever met. He was best former MaBSTOA Bus Operator This was happy MTA Bus driver from Queens Village Depot who was during Queensboro Plaza-Vernon Blvd Shuttle few years ago) NJT/Academy Bus Driver: As bus was aprroaching last 2nd stop before Woodridge Center at Red Robin, this bus driver got off the seat and help elderly man with shopping cart. ENJOY IT1!
  18. In Fresh Meadow, Hampton Jitney was heading eastound on Horace Harding Express pick up passenger at 188th St. As Flushing-bound Q17 bus was entering intersection to cross HHE Eastbound to Westbound, crazy Uber Driver on southbound 188th St cut in front of Q17 bus, forcing Q17 bus driver to crush into oncoming Hampton Jtiney. Horace Harding Expressway eastbound shut down between 185th St & Peck Av, affecting Q17, Q88 and Hampton Jitney pickup bus stop at HHE/188th St Also in addition, new driver on Topview Double Decker bus accidentaly enters 79th St Transverse Rd, closing 79th St Transvere Rd between 5th Av & Central Park West, affecting M79 SBS bus.
  19. Subway: : No trains between 14th St & South Ferry. Trains kip 18 23rd and 28th Sts in both direction : Trains run local south of Times Sq-42nd St : No trains between Brooklyn Bridge & Borough Hall. Trains run in 2 sections. 1. Between Woodlawn and Brooklyn Bridge via local. 2. Between Borough Hall and Utica/New Lots Avs Layover: Trains in Brooklyn layover at Joraselem St Tunnel Free Shuttle bus between Brooklyn Bridge and Borough Hall. : No trains between Grand Central and Bowling Green/Flatbush Av. Use Shuttle bus between Brooklyn Bridge and Borough Hall. : No trains between Queensboro Plaza and 34th St-Hudson Yard. Shuttle bus provided between Queensboro Plaza and 34th St-Hudson Yard. : Some trains run local on 8th Av between 59th & Canal Sts. : Service suspended. : Train sun via 63rd St between Roosevelt Av and West 4th St. train will only stop at 36th St. : Train will stop at 36th St both direction. : Train will run via 63rd St between 36th St, Queens and 47th-50th Sts. : No trains between Prospect Park and Coney Island Free shuttle bus provided. LIRR: All service to from Hunters Point and Long Island City rush hour trips cancelled. Trains operate slow speed. LIRR Ticket will be cross honor at train shuttle bus, Times Sq, 34th St-Penn Station, Woodside, Forest Hill, kew Garden, Jamaica. NJT: Some trains from Sunnyside Yard will operate slow speed at Sunnyside Yard. Amtrak: Some trains from Sunnyside Yard or thru service operate slow speed. NYC Ferry: Astoria and Soundview Ferries will operate closer to Queens side to avoid whirlpool. https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1bDB8rM2oBr4BFMb-7npxHqHtsvluzrMd"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"106523161310491323262"}&usp=sharing
  20. Whirlpool is not realistic. Whirlpool is only near Hell Gate Bridge.
  21. NJT and Amtrak LIRR doesn't use tracks near Flushing Line, so it's not realisitcs.
  22. Garbage train derail might be realistic, but amtrak and NJT, LIRR hitting Flushing Line struction is not realistic. Also (B)(Q) is not Bay Ridge Branch which he made mistake. and late night doesn't get affected since it's not in Bowling Green. I think he really need to go to NYCSUbway.org and track maps before he do scenarios.
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