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  1. Watch your mouth. This is Kawasaki we're talking about. Bombardier is a peasant.
  2. Wow. It really is hard to believe the first rumors for this order came around 2010. And now the order nearly complete. How we and the world have changed since then...
  3. If we actually listened to that nonsense, we wouldn't even have a subway. New York needs to chill and actually CHANGE. You can't expect better by asking for more of the same. No matter the pretense or history.
  4. Every route in the draft plan had frequencies noted. Being the final plan, it shouldn't be a shock that headways have changed.
  5. I can back this up as I was told the same at the Wakefield meeting.
  6. I think you need to up your game. Stops (and the pulling in and out needed to access them) are one of the seven deadly delays. It might not seem like it, but that extra time adds up. And as someone whose experienced proper stop spacing (400m or around 1400ft) along with protected bus lanes and proper TSP, I can say that we DEFINITELY have too many stops. The Bx31 along 233rd street is, in my opinion, the gold standard for stop spacing in this city. And if they really wanted to make an impact, they'd redo every single stop under a minimum stop spacing of at least 1,000 feet. There is no reason our stops should be spaced any less than that.
  7. It's not challenging because most, if not all, stations already have the necessary infrastructure. 仮面ライダー can definitely see his 7 stations a week once full rollout begins.
  8. We still have a month to go before full rollout begins. I'm glad they took their time. They learned from the mistakes of Ventra. Besides, I believe all or most stations are wired already as I've been getting contactless notifications all over the city. I believe this will be a quick change.
  9. .....Is this seriously the answer you chose?
  10. Honestly can't remember. It was on the F north of Church definitely.
  11. The wiring of the system must be wrapping up on the A Division because I'm starting to get contactless notices from Google Pay along the B Division. OMNY's expansion may be quicker than any of us realize. And it's gonna be fun to see. The moment it gets to 233rd Street (already wired judging by Google), I'm ditching my Metro.
  12. You know, all one has to do to avoid that is to shut off NFC until you need it. A swipe and one button press.
  13. What, pray tell, does that have to do with sex ads on the subway? You don't need them around for any of what you said to happen.
  14. America. Land of the "free", but can't talk about sex in the open. Meanwhile, on TV... PS: I realized I forgot a quip. And that quip is the fact that I was a teenager not that long ago and they didn't disappear once I turned 20. People telling me they work with teens, expecting that to mean anything to me, is hilarious.

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