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  1. And let's not forget, it was first proposed in 1983. Which means it took about 14 years for Metrocard to be fully implemented. OMNY started planning in 2016 iirc so this may be the fastest the MTA has ever moved.
  2. Thank you for explaining this way better than I would have lol
  3. Adding to this, calculations are done at the end of the day. So even if there was an error, it would be corrected so long as the transfer happened within the normal window,
  4. IIRC, the CBTC setup on Culver is specifically for testing new suppliers interoperability and that's it. Even after CBTC is installed (remember, only the local tracks are getting it), the test track will be manually driven with CBTC testing off hours only. Mitsubishi just qualified in November so I would imagine the MTA has already begun the search for a fourth supplier to test. This is why I do not think we will see 211 CBTC tests there. Educated guess? QBL express tracks during late nights is where R211 CBTC tests will occur. And once Eighth Avenue goes online, the express tracks there as well overnights.
  5. That track is to test new CBTC suppliers. The two places the 211s will test before revenue service are the Rockaway Test Track and the Sea Beach express track. As those are the two test tracks for B Div. And since the schedule is aggressive, we should see trains on both.
  6. Well, depending on who you are. The Federal Reserve types millions into existence every day.
  7. And that's 40 minutes on a good day plus it depends on where you're coming from.
  8. First off, these are not articulated cars. Just open gangways. They still sit on independent trucks. 1) The dimensions should remain the same. Five cars to a set, two sets making a train as usual. 2) These are not articulated cars. 3) Part of me expects the and/or but my gut says we might get blindsided with the and/or for two reasons: A) Queens Boulevard would already be benefitting from CBTC B) The capacity limitations of the Cranberry Tubes means Eighth Avenue-Fulton services would reap the most benefit from open gangway trains.
  9. Isn't this what training is for? I would imagine you'd get a warning first (though I'm sure most T/O's know the road like the back of their hands). If you've ridden along the Northeast Corridor outside sections operated by the MTA, you've already experienced it.
  10. So what there's a pandemic? It's not the Spanish Flu. It's something we know can be kept at bay with proper distance, basic hygiene, mask wearing, and proper ventilation. Not something Kawasaki and it's suppliers shouldn't be able to easily handle. Remember, it only got so far because of ignorance on a macro scale. Based off that, and other current events, one could infer that the delay wouldn't have been more than six to ten months. Which is why I ask why one would think the delay would be years.
  11. Anything can happen between now and the end of March. It may not be the end of the world, but the effects are only just now starting to show. 2021 is going to be quite the year, I think.
  12. It felt good to tap in at Stillwell. All I need are Brooklyn buses to come online and I can make a permanent transition.
  13. Not if other stations on the line are being equipped. The Rockaway LINE is not last. Nice try doe

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