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  1. Naturally when I DON'T check the schedule...
  2. Every time I see this thread, it grinds my gears. I was waiting for when this mess would begin. And honestly? It took longer than I expected.
  3. Speaking of, I saw a bus with those very flashing lights on the Bx12 last month. When I tell you I was taken back, I was taken BACK. I felt highschool all over me lol
  4. They'd have to make sure it's really enforced otherwise all you did was install hurtles to jump over. This IS Staten Island after all and south shore peeps are bad in their own right.
  5. LTA1992

    Where Are We With Automated Announcements on Buses?

    They only just got approved to spread across the system a few months ago if I recall correctly. The pilot was two years on 200 buses and they first appeared in 2016. I will say this, the announcements on the C40s in Queens sound natural compared to the ones on the Novas and XDs on SBS services.
  6. I know right? Though I can forgive it since he's been blessing my Instagram with European railways and metros lol
  7. Did this need an entire thread to itself? Especially one linking to *shudders* Gothamist of all things. Like, yeah, it's a lot. But that may well just become the normal for a decade straight if things are to get where they need to be. Especially since I'm sure a lot of the extra is pure catch-up.
  8. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    No, no they aren't. That is part of Final assembly. There is no reason to have a bare shell riding along with trucks.
  9. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Wrong. The SHELLS are built outside the U.S. The rest are done here.
  10. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Then don't type it like that. People can get confused you know. P.S.: I just ignored the rest as I already know.
  11. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Could have sworn that "Made in NY" was a media related thing that has been the main catalyst for the explosion of films both mainstream and independent (i.e: my livelihood) as it creates jobs and brings in money... It's not semantics either as it's an actual training program too.
  12. LTA1992

    New Site and App to be released.

    Remember people, IT'S A BETA. Incomplete. To Be Changed. At it's current stage, it's better than I expected it to be. And thus, clean.
  13. LTA1992

    New Site and App to be released.

    This site is Transport for London levels of clean. Seriously, go to TfLs website and try to tell me otherwise. I look forward to seeing this site progress through its beta. Because I'm already ready to get rid of the Transit App.
  14. LTA1992

    M-9 Discussion

    Wait. I didn't need to be corrected? Shook.
  15. LTA1992

    M-9 Discussion

    That wouldn't explain the difference from the M7s sounds, so I want to say no. It's likely the design of the propulsion systems itself. While they are all made by the same manufacturer, they do update them as time goes on. I would guess that's why the sounds are different. Because the M9s sound somewhere directly between M7 and M8.


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