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  1. This comes via the horses mouth. I just read the board materials an hour ago. The 949 is both base and option 1.
  2. When you find it, let me know. I know you're referring to the unlimited ride cards, but no, this is not the same. In fact, I'd go as far to say that unlimited transfers over a 2-3 hour period would be more beneficial than the current UR cards. Mostly due to the fact that you only save a few dollars (if you travel twice a day for at least five days) these days. Pair that with fare capping and we might have a winner.
  3. 241st has OMNY. 238 I haven't checked. 233rd (finally) has bases.
  4. Fun fact: LA is actually doing what I think should be done here. Under their NextGen study, the intent is to get rid of all but three Rapid routes (as well as a few outlying local routes) in order to provide consistent 15 minute or less headways across 80% of the system. To recoup some of the lost time, all stops would be spaced closer to every 400m/1400ft. For those wondering why, the answer is this: In order to reap the time savings benefit of Rapid buses, one would need to ride at least 7 miles. Similarly to our Limited routes. I don't compare SBS as LAs Rapid routes are stated to be spaced similarly to our Limiteds. SBS has wider stop spacing in many cases. From the day I learned that frequency is more important than speed, that idea came into fruition. And I'm glad there is a city in America that will run the experiment for me. The MTA has already committed to changing the transfer policy with the redesigns (as they would require it anyway) and OMNY (my hopes anyway) may well introduce an unlimited number or transfers over a 2-hour period. Vision Zero is the correct idea btw. It's the way we go about it, as well as actual enforcement, that is the issue. It's been proven that faster city speed limits lead to more congestion while lower speed limits not only lead to less congestion, but a more even flow of traffic. Mortality rate need not be mentioned. Influencing both are street width and distance between intersections.
  5. David Gunn, then Andy Byford. If this is the cycle, we might see a savior arrive in the 2040s at the earliest.
  6. The original plan was that. But with that tunnel project cancelled, they decided to extend the existing subway to 95th Street. This was in preparation to extend it again to a station at 101st Street providing connection to a ferry that would have run until a further extension to SI was built. I haven't walked that far down 4th Avenue in ages, so I don't remember if there is ventilation for a tunnel. Even the 1970s sections of SAS had evidence (grates sealed with concrete, something I found because I had to tie my shoe) so if there's really a tunnel built, it would be seen.
  7. Honestly, it makes perfect sense to leave the 160s at Jamaica and send most of the 211s to CIY, 207, and Pitkin. Simply put, the and (currently my educated guesses on where the 211s will primarily run outside of the few we all seem to agree will go to QBL) are services that tend to be very congested at rush hour. Unlike the QBL (which will have CBTC online by the time the first 211s go into passenger service), these lines will still be mostly manual and can't run anywhere near as much service. To compensate, the might be operating on the thinking that since they can't expand service yet, mitigate congestion with the wider doors and open gangways. This is why I think there won't be any 160s leaving Jamaica.
  8. Y'all know that high pitched whrrrrr that the A/C units make? My heart sank when I realized I'd likely never hear that again. My father found that funny as he'd seen many cars die and knows the feeling.
  9. So long as two man crews are mandatory, yes.
  10. Two things. Iirc, the whole reason the never got 142As had to do with clearances in the Steinway tubes. That has since been fixed. What we see now is, in a way, what was supposed to happen in the first place. Second: From what I heard and saw at the last board meeting, UWB will serve as a compliment to CBTC, not outright replace it.
  11. It's times like this I love being an IC. Not missing Retirement Take 2.
  12. This comment screams "I have NO clue what I'm talking about".
  13. Parisian farebeaters must be a whole different breed because they definitely DON'T get stuck lol. Hell, it was them that taught me that faregates won't stop people from skipping out on paying.
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