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  1. The point obviously passed you at Mach 2. So I'm just gonna end this here. Also, I can care less what officials say. What MATTERS is how the overall citizenry goes about it. And with summer approaching, I have no faith this trend is gonna continue to zero cases over 14 days. I also do not think we are going to use this summer to properly prepare. THAT falls on governments and their track record has been abysmal. Because of these two things, I am 70% sure we will be in quarantine again by September-October. Silver lining? I'll get back to you mid-June.
  2. You know, whether you realize it or not, the solution is already there. And I'm not exactly sure how to explain it in proper sentences without being all over the place. I'll get back to this in a couple hours when I figure out how to properly translate my thoughts into English.
  3. Two things: The first is that was my standard response to someone who obviously failed English. Secondly, what does Florida have to do with anything? Don't deflect. It's not cute.
  4. And one we will have no sustantial protection from for at least two years. That will definitely take a toll.
  5. Afterward smartass. I specifically said LONGER TERM EFFECTS. Riders will come back. But it won't be what we saw before February. A 30% reduction is still nearly 2 million riders gone. That's nearly a third. The 32s being gone won't affect social distancing. That's 222 cars out of a fleet of what was around 6700. Well, the current count without them is 6513 iirc. An approx. 3% reduction of the total fleet is of no concern when ridership is projected to be 30% lower once things are restarted. Let's think critically here.
  6. It's amazing to me how many in this thread haven't considered the longer-term psychological and sociological effects of this virus. There WILL be a decrease in transit ridership (some estimate a 30% reduction) for the first few years. And mind you, that's provided we don't eff up and not prepare over the summer for BOTH the flu and SARS-2 in the fall and winter. No matter which, there will be a significant chunk of riders who stick to other means for the foreseeable future. For once, the MTA might be absolutely correct in their assumptions.
  7. Paris taught me people will always find a way. Through all types of faregate designs.
  8. What is stopping us from getting plug style doors again? And would it be possible to get doors that slide on the outside of the car?
  9. Man I really loved riding these. I hate how small our windows have gotten.
  10. Just because you didn't see it @Nick mean it wasn't always the plan. Some of us have been following before it even had a name. Hell, before there were actual details.
  11. I would imagine we need to see the Brooklyn redesign to know if there or stops and if there are, where they are.
  12. Express buses are a waste anyway. Aside from the SIM routes, the rest don't save that much time and aren't worth the price of admission.
  13. Makes sense considering the head start they got last week. ____________ I'd imagine at least two of the four lines going to Stillwell Avenue should have it by April as Easter is the first big day for the amusement area. At the very least, Stillwell itself. This expansion has been well planned and pretty well executed so far.
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