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  1. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    That was the best thing about working in Bed-Stuy a few months back, leaving at 2am.
  2. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Good ride today. Train was so smooth, I barely felt anything as we ran at 50. Despite the issues, they are good trains. Fast and so warm I had to take off my coat. Why weren't the R160s this toasty when they were new? I used to freeze lol
  3. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    ありがとございます。You've helped me greatly lol
  4. LTA1992

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    So even though there are clear mechanisms in place to approve such things (and said mechanism has asked to be more informed because let's not kid ourselves, this plan is shit), even though that in this short of a timeframe while the plan itself is still largely incomplete and thus not possible to give actual answers too (thus morally and ethically unsound) upper management has been treating it like it's a-go, and all under the directive of one man whose subordinates have clearly been attempting to get over on the first point in this run-on sentence, we are going to soften that reality simply on the grounds that we aren't even sure if it's legal? Don't you think that should have been figured out FIRST? Critical thinking be damned. Don't get me wrong, I see your point. Perfectly clear as there are sometimes truths we cannot see so easily. Logic itself, however, doesn't agree.
  5. For the record, there was a plan where the SI-Manhattan route would pass through NJ. But NYC were not trying to deal with the related legalities of jurisdiction.
  6. I adore this creation and I've watched it once a day since it dropped lmao
  7. LTA1992

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Accused if ramming this through? It's almost like they haven't been paying attention. Then again, what does evidence mean in today's America?
  8. No shit. But there ARE gaps. Large gaps in the sequence now that never used to exist. These lists do exist you know.
  9. Hmm. I had an idea way back when the R211 came about that the MTA may be using the first digit of the contract number to denote generations. R142/143/160/179/188 R211/262/268(?) R3xx for the R142 replacements and so on. Just a thought. Opinions?
  10. LTA1992

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    I made the same decision the moment the news broke. I do sometimes work in Williamsburg and frankly, I will definitely avoid that section for the foreseeable future. Too many things are wrong and all the right questions have been ignored. I can only hope the worst doesn't happen. Then again, with all I heard from the horses mouth, it may actually be inevitable. Too much evidence to swing to the more positive side. 困ったおまえたち。。。 (We're in trouble...)
  11. LTA1992

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    What I can't believe is that people are actually defending this because of "cost savings". COMPLETELY disregarding the facts and questions at hand. These aren't professionals, but they ain't laymen. I work in the film industry. I see far too often how cutting corners can hurt projects and can definitely imagine it being magnified when it comes to large construction projects. This isn't a cost savings. This is cutting corners. Cutting corners always leads to more money spent. And that's far more likely here than any other project I've had the ability to watch form. Keywords, "Had the ability to watch form". One must make that clear lest any of the know-it-alls wanna add in things like East Side Access.
  12. Bingo. That's exactly what it was.
  13. LTA1992

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Ferrer seems to think so. Transcript from SAS: TROTTENBERG: As the MTA has gone off and put up signs that said L train shutdown averted, the board has had no vote on changing the contract or any of the terms here. Is the decision made? Do we have any actual role here? I’m not hearing that we do? FERRER: I can address that commissioner. See there isn’t a change in a contract before us because there is no actual change to a contract at this point. Once there is, I am happy to have that brought before the board if I am still acting chairman. That’s my job, that’s my responsibility to consider it. If we have to consider an amendment to a contract or any other action, at the appropriate moment that will be brought before us and we’ll vote yes or no and abstain. TROTTENBERG: So you’re saying we could vote no. What would that mean? The L train shutdown isn’t averted. FERRER: You vote whichever way you like. I’ve never suggested how you should vote. TROTTENBERG: You think in the end it will be the board’s decision? FERRER: That’s what I’m saying. TROTTENBERG: Maybe it’s premature to announce it before the board has made a decision, isn’t it? FERRER: Decision on what? You’re asking about a contract. Stop, stop. Let’s not conflate these things. You’re asking about board action relating to a change in a contract. If there is any other service change than we will deal with that at the appropriate moment. TROTTENBERG: But will those service changes be subject to the review of the board? FERRER: [Frustrated sigh] VERONIQUE HAKIM: Contracts come to the board based on our procurement guidelines. Change orders at certain levels come to the board. Service changes I think the term in the board approved service guidelines is “major service changes” also comes to the board. TROTTENBERG: This seems like this is a major service changes. If we’re making major changes to the contact in terms of scope, in terms of price tag, in terms of liability, those are things that come to the board. I’m not saying we wouldn’t be in favor of all of this, I’m just confused: Does this plan need approval by the board or not? I am confused about it. FERRER: The purpose for this meeting was to share information. Once there is a change, a plan, it becomes before the board again. We’re not going away. TROTTEBERG: So if the signs says shutdown averted, it should have a footnote that says “subject to board approval”? Then Ferrer shuts his mic off to respond. Fitting from one of our illustrious governor's chronies. This is literally what the Board has complained about for a long time, laid out bare on the floor. Why are they there if they can be stepped over and ignored?
  14. LTA1992

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Beebe Avenue was the original name of 39th. The only reason those names are still around, and this includes the Flushing Line, was because people in the neighborhoods wanted the names preserved. The MTA has tried to get rid of them. But it's 2018 and many of those people are surely cadaverriffic by now. So I'm sure it matters much less at this date.
  15. LTA1992

    Full 14th St Shutdown Cancelled

    Though that was literally the pattern for every question. From the jump, all I'm saying was answer the questions. No one could do that except maybe Byford and that's because his team was getting uneccesarry flak. And when it comes to the racking, the continuously forgot to mention that the systems it was implemented are all new builds. And, two of the three most presented examples aren't even open yet regardless. Even my dad, who used to do asbestos removal, was shocked at how they danced around every question regarding the silica. That whole set of "answers" gave me even less faith.


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