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  1. LTA1992

    Select Bus Service Planning

    I don't want to hear that when there are cities in the world with WAY less road space and just as much congestion that can take up half a two-lane street for a protected Bus/Bike lane. And I don't want to hear that ridiculous notion of New York exceptionalism that tries to dictate what is and isn't possible here.
  2. LTA1992

    Select Bus Service Planning

    I would love to see Protected Bus Lanes.
  3. LTA1992

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    So I guess you just forgot about the congestion along Fulton Street at rush hour? Routing the SBS along Rogers alleviates that issue somewhat.
  4. LTA1992

    staten island local bus study?

    How much can you really do for the SI local buses in terms of restructuring? Almost all of them go to the ferry.
  5. LTA1992

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Well I was talking in the realm of electrics only. Since, at least in the Proterra world, they tout the lack of a need to have buses in the depot more than necessary. The whole point of on-route charging being to reduce the need for buses to ever see a depot outside of scheduled and/or urgent maintenance as well as required service levels. We KNOW that the more you run something, the more likely it is to breakdown. So upon having that knowledge, and with ever increasing vehicle intelligence, why can't that be planned once all the needed data is gathered? And if the MTA truly is looking to commit to an all electric operation (since we all know things can change), it just seems like the day that happens, the current practices would seem excessive. I also think the coming network redesigns could address the B/O situation as well. But, this is why I ask questions. Otherwise, I'd never know.
  6. LTA1992

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Please explain to me what that has to do with anything. Because in my eyes, the less time buses spend going to/from and in depots equates to more reliable service without the need to actually have more buses than already exist. Bus operators don't exactly NEED to drive back to the depot every time their time is over, you know.
  7. LTA1992

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    And people called me crazy and said it isn't possible. Also, I've read that Proterra was leading the charge (lol) towards universal charging stations.
  8. LTA1992

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'm not sure if I should create a new thread for this, but I'm in pre-production for a short documentary as part of a journalism class. My partner has suggested station renovations as the topic since he lives along the Astoria Line. I personally think it's a great start. Manageable and relevant for a first go at a doc since 2013 (I've mostly been in the narrative world since lol). The goal is to educate as well as to truly understand what actually goes into station renovations. The info on that is surprisingly hard to find. What's the point of this post? Two-fold. The first is the need to source some documents regarding renovations. I've already sent a FOIL request on how stations are chosen, what is the history of renovations, and design philosophy. Among a few other things. If anyone can help with that, that'd be amazing. Second: Interview subjects. My partner is sourcing people who may have lost business as a result of ESI style closures or other things relating to it. Opinions on that route of renovation, the elevator issue, and whether or not the MTAs priorities are in the right place. And if not, what you think needs to be done. Personally, I want a mix of passengers, transit/accessibility advocates, and employees to possibly be on camera. The questions themselves are being drafted, but they won't be truly complete until I have the missing info. If any of you would like to be in this doc as a subject, or just have any questions, please feel free to email me at dexter@reelworks.org.
  9. I don't think that's changed. The Bx6 Local is also heavily used. I used to live along it. It will be especially useful when the and are running express in one direction as that's when even more people ride it for alternatives at both Yankee Stadium and Hunts Point Ave.
  10. Did you really just compare a system of 472 stations to those extremely tiny systems?
  11. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It's still surreal to see these things coming in. 10 years we've waited since the first rumors lol
  12. Naturally when I DON'T check the schedule...
  13. Every time I see this thread, it grinds my gears. I was waiting for when this mess would begin. And honestly? It took longer than I expected.
  14. Speaking of, I saw a bus with those very flashing lights on the Bx12 last month. When I tell you I was taken back, I was taken BACK. I felt highschool all over me lol
  15. They'd have to make sure it's really enforced otherwise all you did was install hurtles to jump over. This IS Staten Island after all and south shore peeps are bad in their own right.


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