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  1. Actually, University Heights is a 5 minute walk from the at 207th. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General response: The fare within the city should be lowered regardless of how close a railroad station is to the subway. The goal is to create a viable alternative. Frankly, if a few trains have to make a couple extra stops, so be it. People will adjust their schedules accordingly. "Why should they have to?" Because humans are a species that adapts to change. Get over any pretensions you have about why these simple solutions cannot occur.
  2. My two cents? Within the municipal boundaries of this city, the railroads should be cheap enough to be a viable alternative. I mean, why even all the pushback? No it won't be something the can use to put off improving subway service, because almost all would still need to use it at some point. On top of that, why VG8 thinks that platform size of all things means "it won't work" is a mystery to me. He's making things up that ain't even a factor. And yes, I've used all those stations. It's perfectly doable. If crowding gets to be too much, increase service to those specific stations. Secondly, it's not something new. Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Japanese Railways, London, and host of other cities already do it. Within their cities borders, the commuter rail lines fares nearly match the subways. And in some cases, the commuter lines are used as express services. The new fare system would make it an easier switch because you can install card readers at stations. People tap in. Tap out when exiting. Really, the need for a conductor to check tickets after the implementation of the new Smart Card can honestly be put into question.
  3. LTA1992

    NYC Subway dreams

    A few years back, I had my third and (so far), final dream about being stabbed in the abdomen. Same spot as the first two. Going with the theme of each time being in a different location and done by a different person, this time, it was in 161st Street-Yankee Stadium on the (B)(D) platforms. Manhattan-bound towards the back stairway. What made me aware it was a dream was the fact that Metro-North trains were travelling through the tunnel. So I'm waiting for my train when I see this black dude with dreads look at me from the stairway. We lock eyes and he goes back upstairs. So I go back to mindlessly waiting for my train. Next thing you know, he and some other dude come down stairs to rob me and that same dreadhead stabs me in the stomach. I feel the pain and I wake up. It takes a minute for the pain to subside, but once I realize where I am, I calm down. My grandmother has said that if you have the same dream three times, it will happen. Others have said that I may have been given signs about betrayal in some form. Thing is, the first time it happened, a foster brother I was living with was the one to do it and the location was the home I was in. The second time was a few years later. I was walking down Neptune and West 5th. I was walking past a Russian dude pushing an older relative in a wheelchair. And as soon as I walked past them, the dude doing the pushing stabbed me in the same spot. All I know is that I've been 10x as vigilant walking the streets.
  4. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    You got to it before I did.
  5. Don't you DARE bash office dogs. They are awesome and cleeeeean.
  6. The thing is, this headline may as well be true. Because that man pretty much explains his reasons that way. No matter how much the Board asks him NOT to do that.
  7. I was referring to your erroneous statement, not the routes. Again, nice try. Ironic considering that this is a good example of efficient space usage. The addition of these new walk able areas and associated foliage not only increases room for pedestrians and bikes, but also makes crossing the boulevard easier and raises the quality of orientation in the immediate area. And in a decade, said foliage will increase the air quality. Naysayers. Funny. I spent all morning talking about them and watching resources from exceptionally successful individuals. But frankly, the arguments here are continuing to lose weight in my eyes. It's almost as if you all oppose things like this for the sake of opposition. The I'll not two arguments I see here are the erroneous traffic complaints due to the Q60 being rerouted to the main road. Last I checked, this thoroughfare didn't need buses on said road to be choked with traffic. Cars have the freedom to go AROUND THE BUS when it stops. The other being parking spaces. Just like any other place where parking is either extremely limited or just does not exist, you chose to drive, now you must figure it out. Don't like it? You have public transit and new bike lanes for utilization. Shit as a guy whose been to Paris, compared to there, the parking will still be very abundant along the service roads. Ooooh, this isn't Paris you say? My response to that is: It may as well be. Compared to everywhere else in this country. That place reminded, no, felt more like here than any other American city I've been to. Home. Wanna know why? Only from the transportation POV, they took they HIGHLY limited space and used it for all. The first bus lane in the world was, and still is, there. A protected lane, no less. To those who throw the useless claim about space, you have no clue how much space we have to use. Even on our smallest streets with parking lanes. And that's my comment for today.
  8. Except this is a city where a majority of the population does NOT own a car. Why should we NOT do the sensible thing and make streets more pedestrian and bike friendly? How can any of you people even think that way? Last I checked, the safety of the people is one of the most important responsibilities of the City. Nassau County has absolutely NOTHING to do with this issue so I have no clue why you even brought it up. The suburbs aren't pedestrian friendly anyway. They were built by the car and for the car. NYC was not and still is not. It was built by public transportation and we are the only city in the United States that is. Compared to the rest of America, we may as well be in Europe.
  9. Queens Boulevard is the Pelham Parkway of Queens. Nice try though. Either way, I'm in support. As a guy who bikes in the city and realizes the danger. The fact that I can follow the rules and come so close to death so many times is ridiculous. Why? Cars seem to be unaware that my rights and their rights on the road are similar. The amount of people who don't properly use their mirrors is appalling. ESPECIALLY TAXIS AND CABS.
  10. LTA1992

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    So I've decided that the series will revolve around questions. Each episode being about 5-7 minutes long (topic/content/time willing lol). Each addressing a specific question, each question belonging to a category. The former episode topics listed in the quote are some of the topics. Obviously, there are more. So, aside from an introductory video explaining my intentions for this series, I've decided that the first episode should revolve around a question I'm not sure many regular folk get. Simply put: What is the MTA? That is where I'll begin. Funnily enough, while putting this all down on paper, I've come to realize that there are things I need to brush up on. People, politics, and the like. Yay! Learning for all and that is how it should be. I'm not shooting a thing until Spring hits though. No smart person shoots in the cold, trust me. The fire of inspiration is lit. Also, because I have no shame, I made a small doc via a non-profit in Brooklyn called Reel Works that talked about my interest in subways as well as my time in foster care. It's 8 minutes long and called "This Is: Connections". It can be found on reelworks.org. That was for those who've been wondering who I am or those I've met who may just want to learn a little more about me. Looking forward to the results of this project.
  11. LTA1992

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Seems they are testing the new Kawasaki trucks on an R160. Can't see the number as the photo focuses on the trucks. Hope they work well and pass their tests. But I'm not in doubt that they will.
  12. LTA1992

    The (7); BMT or IRT?

    While that may he true, BMT trains were not always 10 feet wide. They were originally 9 feet wide and around 50 feet long. It wasn't until Centre Street subway as well as the Dual System that facilitated the change to 10 feet. An example of such were the C-Types. Originally gate cars that were 9 feet wide, when they were modified (originally planned to be articulated) into three car units with MUDC, they extended the edges of the car to cover the new gap created when the system was modified for wider 10-foot cars.
  13. LTA1992

    The (7); BMT or IRT?

    Actually, all Dual System portions of the subway are of BMT spec. The platforms had to be shaven back for the Astoria Line. If not for the original subway portions, the IRT could run B Division stock if the platform edges were shaved back. BMT elevated cars were of similar dimension to the IRT cars, so that's how Joint service was run. Passengers had to change at Queensboro Plaza.
  14. LTA1992

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    So I've been mulling on what project I should do next since I haven't created anything since I went to Paris back in 2015. So I've finally decided to begin pre-production on a documentary series on the subway. I decided on the number six a long, LONG time ago as the episode count for the first series. What I need from you guys, and maybe from your friends as well, is six topics you think should be talked about. The top six topics will become the six episodes. In no specific order, I was thinking: Operations, Fares, Emergencies, Crime, Maintenance, and Future Developments. PM me if you have ideas. My goal is nothing more than to get information to the public. Which will be an easy task considering my connections. People are more receptive to information when it comes from visual media. And I think this is a good way for people to start getting answers. Independent of an obviously biased MTA. Not only is it a chance for other, unwashed, individuals to learn, but for me as well. It's time I've put everything I've learned film related to maximum use. However, if I get no input, those I've listed will be the topics.
  15. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Subarashii. Beautiful design that I hope to see on the R211.


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