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  1. For those who can, tune into the board meeting tomorrow. Word is a demonstration of the new system will occur.
  2. Y'all just forgot about the SMEEs huh? Even the cars that looked different were still, aside from appearance, nearly identical to what was already around. This is nothing different. Appearance and a few new amenities are different, but the overally car is still mostly the same. Evolutionary, not revolutionary.
  3. Bumped into them last night while leaving Ft. Tryon Park. Always nice to see the irony of trains on trucks lol
  4. I am happy to report that as of today, I am sold on the improvement numbers. Why? I should have been at least 30 minutes late for work today. Left late, missed my train, and my was stop and go from Prospect all the way to Union Square. I got to work at 9 on the dot. 233rd to Bedford (L). Mind you, I told my boss is be late because we just kept stopping so much. Next thing you know, it's 8:57 and I'm approaching the days location. I still can't believe it. I think that if the current rate keeps up, and politics and don't screw us over, we should be in a good place by 2022. And considering NYS still owes over $7B, imagine what could be accomplished if Albany pays what they've owed for two years.
  5. What the F does this have to do with my father's experience? My point was that we are noticing SOMETHING. It is completely illogical and irrational to expect perfect service on all parts of a large system no matter what city you go to. Side note, Good and Perfect are not synonymous. Good service means exactly that. It's running. Delays are inevitable. Especially at effing RUSH HOUR. Also, the being packed is as normal as the sun coming up. No amount of CBTC is gonna change that. Zero signal failures won't change that. Have you forgotten 2/3 or all New Yorkers use the subways? We should be LUCKY it isn't worse. The areas the Broadway-7th Ave line services are hella dense. No one should be surprised at this. And then, for some odd reason, you thought the next (or somehow that they would send one out of the yard right when you needed it even though they have this thing called a schedule they work off of) was gonna be any different? At 137th? Lmaoooo! In what world? Anyone with an iota of critical thinking skills would have questioned that thinking immediately. That "kerfuffle" of a commute would have been way easier if you never got off that train in the first place. YOU made you late. Not the subways. Anywho, this tunnel vision of yours has been tired for 10 years. Little victories matter too.
  6. Another one stating the obvious. Do you also point out the sun in the sky as well? And more than one person can use a card. People are definitely getting their money's worth. When I don't need to worry about the fare, I travel way more. I'm confident it's the same for most who have unlimiteds. To get their money's worth. If people aren't getting their money's worth in their normal travels, I doubt they'd buy one. Especially if you're around my age. We're too broke to waste money on something we KNOW isn't worth the price.
  7. Oh my god, how could I POSSIBLY not have known that? Geez, you never fail to get on my nerves. I have friends in multiple EU countries. When I wanna research shit like this, I talk to them personally. I don't need you. This doesn't discount anything I said since it's very possible to have lower fares. Literally all the sensible and sustainable (and more importantly, elastic) funding sources, outside of CP, have not been mentioned by our Maoh up in Albany.
  8. My dad got from Wakefield to Coney in two hours flat two days ago. The trip usually takes 2hrs45 to 3hrs. Mind you, he himself suspected the changes a week ago and only just now paid attention. Being somewhat a lover of trains himself, let's just say he's been getting flashbacks.
  9. Listen, there is a certain freedom that comes with not having to worry about the fare for a month. I can't blame people for not wanting to give it up. *Stares jealously at the €72 30-Day all zones Navigo pass*
  10. Listen, @Lance, I'm just throwing ideas. Nothing more. If there is any possibility of attracting riders, to any system, then I say why not pose the question? It's already known that fare integration can be a huge benefit. And many people do commute, via bus and/or train, from as far away as Philly. Again, just throwing ideas.
  11. I've been thinking for a while that with OMNY, fare capping should be introduced. Unlimiteds have hit a level where it's not much of a savings anymore. I like the ideas of free rides after the 40th tap or capping the daily fare at like 7 bucks or something. Surpass that limit and you ride free the rest of the day. That could encourage more ridership too.
  12. It truly is amazing what a few miles per hour can do. All of my trips have been faster and it's thrown off my timing. For the first time in three years, I'm allotting too much time and that's a great thing.
  13. It was for comparisons sake since you can't really hear what I'm describing. When I talk bout hard/flat sounds, ONIX and the new MITRAC have that. Siemens and the older Adtranz/MITRAC inverters have rolling sounds.

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