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  1. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    So I've been mulling on what project I should do next since I haven't created anything since I went to Paris back in 2015. So I've finally decided to begin pre-production on a documentary series on the subway. I decided on the number six a long, LONG time ago as the episode count for the first series. What I need from you guys, and maybe from your friends as well, is six topics you think should be talked about. The top six topics will become the six episodes. In no specific order, I was thinking: Operations, Fares, Emergencies, Crime, Maintenance, and Future Developments. PM me if you have ideas. My goal is nothing more than to get information to the public. Which will be an easy task considering my connections. People are more receptive to information when it comes from visual media. And I think this is a good way for people to start getting answers. Independent of an obviously biased MTA. Not only is it a chance for other, unwashed, individuals to learn, but for me as well. It's time I've put everything I've learned film related to maximum use. However, if I get no input, those I've listed will be the topics.
  2. R179 Discussion Thread

    Subarashii. Beautiful design that I hope to see on the R211.
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    I can't get behind that. First of all, last I checked, this is a discussion forum. Second, fleet assignments caused by this order are quite relevant. Third, there's been no news aside from whatever is related to last weeks board meeting. As someone stated before, speculation isn't abnormal anywhere. If you don't want to see it, why not just skip it? Until ENY or someone spills la habichuelas, all we can do is speculate. Why should people be forced to not discuss just because some are tired of seeing it? That's quite anti-discussion if you ask me. Many of these members are new. You're are likely to push them away with what I've observed within these forums the last couple weeks.
  4. OPTO on the (L)

    What kills me in this thread, is the fact that you'd almost think that the is the only automated line in the world. Once PSDs are expanded, there is no reason to keep either motorman or conductor. Safety? Find a better argument.
  5. I can care less about puns in the media.
  6. R211 Discussion Thread

    That's what he said. It's there as a fail-safe. Compared to Canarsie.
  7. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    And you would be able to give The Bronx two lines instead of one. I don't feel like reiterating 10-walls worth if text on why that's a better terminal than 125th and Lex today. People may say that the river tube will drive up costs, but compared to spending around 3 Billion on a single terminal, it's worth it. Plus, the Harlem River isn't that long nor that deep. With the Immersed Tunnel method, that thing should t even cross the 1 billion mark in price.
  8. And the Board agrees with that. ESI isn't going anywhere. The next packages are just on hold.
  9. The Board didn't say F*** You to the ESI initiative. All they want is to be fully briefed on what criteria was used to select these stations and to re-evaluate it. And to see if elevators can be added. And yes, I watched both board meetings. Why the media feels the need to stretch the truth is beyond me.
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    The time of day the service runs does not dictate whether or not a service gets new cars. Because the Eastern Division is another area that generally always got older cars. Until the millennium generation arrived. That was a change of practice. If the primarily gets these cars, which it has been slated to for years, it too would be a change in practice. Besides, I can't see the seeing these too much. It's a showcase service. The R211 is where it will shine.
  11. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    I've thought about the possibility of an RER style system here for years. Though, to supplement the through running (aside from the required reconstruction of Penn), a new tunnel connecting Atlantic Terminal to Secaucus, via WTC and Jersey City. A perfect opportunity to increase mobility around the region. I call it, the Metropolitan Express Railway or MER. It would need to be run by a tri-state authority though.
  12. R179 Discussion Thread

    Things always change. This IS the MTA. Nothing is ever truly decided. Until we hear word from those who matter, none of this means a thing to me.
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    Problem you continue to forget. The MTA got 16 free cars from Bomb. These are going to expand the amount of 10-car trains from 4 to 12. service generally runs 6-tph. That's a train every 10-minutes. 12 trains is just enough for the service. I'm likely wrong on that figure, but a few (3 or 4) 8-car trains can be sprinkled in if need be. At this point, the doesn't really need to share. Besides. Its fleet is a few years away.
  14. It was out today. Generally, it runs in the morning. Breaks for the afternoon. Then is out from around 3:30 to 7:30.
  15. R179 Discussion Thread

    These aren't complaints. Speculation, yes. But not complaints. Frankly, it's all we can do until the summer where I expect some news to drop.


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