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  1. To he fair, accounting for inflation, 40B today across 10 years is nearly exactly what the MTA allocated in 1982 for the state of good repair program which was 14B over 10 years. I also hope that sentence made sense. Kinda been working the last 6 days on an average of 3 hours sleep lol.
  2. LTA1992

    Fair Fares January 2019

    But that still means nothing if people can't afford to use it. Even I have my times of struggle. Though I've been admittedly lucky recently.
  3. I'm seriously about to get a GoPro so I can show the struggle. How selfish people are to think that bikes are the problem when we have to navigate roads not designed for us or our safety. And in a country that disrespects anything that isn't the automobile.
  4. LTA1992

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Our trains are permanently linked in five car sets. There is nonneed for decouopling. Second,urine isnt a problem on OG trains because, you know, there' s nowhere for them to piss. On the topoc of odors. As someone whose ridden OG trains in Paris (where the bums smell way worse, trust me), i can assure you that won't be an issue. Cars with homeless smell as bad as they do simply because the particles that make up the stench have nowhere to go. On an OG train, that's less of an issue because they are now in a more open environment that would naturally have better ventilation, thus spreading out the particles enough so the stench is minimized. Lastly, there are security benefits to not having closed cars. It's a natural evolution since the original NTT generation introduced glass for us to see the next car for those very reasons. Aaaand for a sense of openness. The other points are too intelligible for me to understand. @Around the Horn By the time the Options are awarded, the MTA would have the data they need. Remember, they arent supoosed to start coming in until around 2023. The whole point of having 20 test cars is to speed up that process.
  5. LTA1992

    R211 Discussion Thread

    I see no reason that OGs will fail. So I expect the option orders to be all open gangway.
  6. LTA1992

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    Stainless Steel doesn't need to be painted. If they were carbon steel, like the Redbirds, then I'd agree.
  7. LTA1992

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Fuel felled? I could google it, but that's no fun. Can you explain this to me? Preferably in your own words lol
  8. LTA1992

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Hey @East New York, with the next wave of SI buses possibly being electric, could that decision have been made because SI is a high mileage depot and thus could make the most out of electric operations? Not to mention the environmental factors of course. While I am mostly ignorant to how the Proterra program is going, part of me feels like we may not be utilizing them to their full potential.
  9. Glad my estimates about Fast Forwards cost were on the money. All people had to do was look at what it cost to fix the system between 1982-1992 and then account for inflation. Naturally, you'd use 1982 dollars.
  10. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    All these people talking about sign refits like the R46s ain't about to make their exit. A moot point really when their first replacements are under 20 months away.
  11. LTA1992

    65 new flat cars for MTA

    Remember kids: The dollar gets weaker eeeevery day.
  12. LTA1992

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Caught one Monday night after work for the first time in ages. Forgot how much I like them.
  13. LTA1992

    Longest Serving T/O

    I still need to have a drink in his honor. A good friend of his, whose also been his partner back in the day, is a family friend. Who else would stay a T/O for so long other than for the love of the job and the fine women you see as you come into stations? Him.
  14. LTA1992

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Not if you use the immersed tunnel method. The Harlem River isn't THAT deep. Just seep enough for barges.
  15. LTA1992

    Select Bus Service Planning

    I don't want to hear that when there are cities in the world with WAY less road space and just as much congestion that can take up half a two-lane street for a protected Bus/Bike lane. And I don't want to hear that ridiculous notion of New York exceptionalism that tries to dictate what is and isn't possible here.


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