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  1. What, pray tell, does that have to do with sex ads on the subway? You don't need them around for any of what you said to happen.
  2. America. Land of the "free", but can't talk about sex in the open. Meanwhile, on TV... PS: I realized I forgot a quip. And that quip is the fact that I was a teenager not that long ago and they didn't disappear once I turned 20. People telling me they work with teens, expecting that to mean anything to me, is hilarious.
  3. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-omny-path-new-jersey-mta-payment-system-20190620-42cv47vmfrb4nifzvj3sosb4hm-story.html PATH will replace SmartLink with OMNY by 2022. The first step towards an integrated fare system. Imagine being able to transfer from NYCT to PATH and vice-versa for a 25 or 50 cent fee? A man can dream.
  4. Automated Passenger Counting combined with OMNY tap counts and GPS information will allow the MTA to pinpoint exactly where fare evasion hotspots are and send Eagle teams to them. So we might just get that
  5. I live here actually and more people come from east of WPR than west. I am one of the people who will benefit from this as I won't have to walk a quarter mile and would instead walk three blocks. The BxM5 should be well received.
  6. Nah. It's basic transport planning that's been widely used across the world. New York is just the next in line. Also, I think the MTA spied on an argument I had with a friend regarding bus service in Co-Op. I seem to be the only person who thinks the proposed routes make sense. And I read the document. Three legged transfers may come with the redesign as it's something residents wanted.
  7. Public transit isn't supposed to profit. It's supposed to provide a service. Systems like MTR make profits because they have other revenue streams (i.e.: Owning real estate around stations). It costs so much to run transit that running such a system with the goal of profit could cause more harm than good, ultimately rendering such a system useless to most. I will always be a fan of a one or two cent sales tax increase for the entire MTA service area. We could easily pay for what we need while keeping the fare mostly stable for a few decades. Also, how much you pay depends on your own spending habits. But this is just the rambling of a poor individual early in the morning.
  8. Outside of this, Schwartz was one of the FEW peopke making sense today and one of the FEW who actually stood up to Foye on the BS pulled in regards to last months requests to have the heads of Siemens and Bombardier to come in and answer some questions publicly in regards to all the issues with PTC. Because after all, the Board makes the decisions and they have to use public money to execute them. And speaking of Foye, does everyone who gets in his seat act like a tool after some time passes?
  9. Its not that they were in the 200s. That was expected. He got the EXACT number out of 199 possible. There's also no way anyone could have predicted your reasonings either. Its an amazing coincidence. Let him have this lol
  10. Well. The mystery of who you are is no longer a mystery lmao. Also, can we talk about how Roadcruiser literally called R262? His 1,200 number wasn't bad either. Bravo my guy, bravo.
  11. I cannot be the only one who realizes the genius in the design? What is the one thing we see all over the system, white-on-black, that people use for wayfinding? The signage. Ningen. THIS is exaxtly how you start building a brand and identity. Small details like that.
  12. The beauty of foster care is I was entitled to a full-fare card (had to fight a school or two to remind them) and I made THE most use out of it. Ended up in night school for my last two years of high school and let me say, that extra day on the night school card (worked Monday to Saturday with an 11pm cutoff) made life easy. Honestly, having a school metro allowed me to do things I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. So I can see the benefit.
  13. For those who can, tune into the board meeting tomorrow. Word is a demonstration of the new system will occur.
  14. Y'all just forgot about the SMEEs huh? Even the cars that looked different were still, aside from appearance, nearly identical to what was already around. This is nothing different. Appearance and a few new amenities are different, but the overally car is still mostly the same. Evolutionary, not revolutionary.

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