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  1. :D Every now and then I get nostalgic.
  2. *nod*

    I don't go to Queens much...

    though there was that time I got lost in Flushing Meadows, and then there was the mall those couple of times, and Flushing...


    Nothing good ever happens to me in Queens. I lost my phone in that stupid park...lol But a nice family returned it to me.


  3. WForever.gif


    I'm posting it on my own profile...because I know people look at it lol

  4. Aw, thanks!

    I'm actually not Spanish, I'm mixed of Black and Italian.

    I wish I was Spanish sometimes though lol



    Happy belated birthday!

  6. I believe the question is...why are you so pokey?



    I gotta go to WORK...


  7. I can, but it's hard...


    and yep, I'm so sick of ads everywhere.

  8. I did not post a gratuitous happy birthday message.


  9. I'm on ur profile

    stalkin ur internetz

  10. Oh my gosh.

    Life is good...

    Finally! A female railfan!

  11. oh my goshhh

    thank you!


    I do my best to write about the techy things but there's always the question, "Do I really know what I'm saying, or do I just come across as a flaming moron?"


    Hm, well, at least if I'm a flaming moron, people will remember me.


  12. Some of my art is drawn and colored by hand, some is drawn by hand, then outlined and colored via computer.

    Thanks for asking. I'm just too lazy to make a post. =]

  13. Well my boyfriend's on here but he never posts... ^_^


    Why is it that a lot of women join but not for long?

    It makes me feel so...I dunno...



  14. You are freaking awesome.


    Just wanted to say that.

  15. You're here too?


  16. Your profile looks like a damn aquarium.



  17. Can I go to your house? ^_^

  18. doing homework. argh.

  19. ew, that doesn't sound pleasant.

  20. generic stupidity.

  21. happy birthday! <33333

  22. He died on Valentine's Day of 2001. He was put to sleep because my family couldn't afford the surgery or medicine he would need to feel better. At least that's what I was told...

  23. Hello! I saw your post that people called you Crappy McCrappers and it made me feel really bad...they're obviously...well I don't know if I can say it here without getting banned. =D

  24. Here's the art I promised! bx29gift.jpg

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