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Status Updates posted by RokuSix

  1. I've been better. D=

  2. Hey =) Thanks for the request.

  3. Hey, I saw you checked out my profile. Just dropping by. =)

  4. happy birthday! <33333

  5. thanks for the add! =]

  6. I've actually been better. I try to be an active member but this board is getting a bit much for me to keep up with! How are you?

  7. ew, that doesn't sound pleasant.

  8. I can, but it's hard...


    and yep, I'm so sick of ads everywhere.

  9. Well my family's home for two weeks, which means no alone time! And also, I hate the rampant materialism...

  10. It was okay...I'm entering a holiday depression. I dunno, people usually like the holidays, but I don't.

  11. Oh I am far from interesting xD

  12. Select Bus Service is my stuff...lol I'm almost always on it.

  13. oh shoot you should move up here! well no it actually kind of sucks....

  14. The Bronx. Co-Op City, to be precise.

  15. You mean my nationality, or where I live currently?

  16. *nod*

    I don't go to Queens much...

    though there was that time I got lost in Flushing Meadows, and then there was the mall those couple of times, and Flushing...


    Nothing good ever happens to me in Queens. I lost my phone in that stupid park...lol But a nice family returned it to me.


  17. QM4! I've never been on that bus but I want to. I just want to tell people that I've been to Electchester.

  18. ugh it's going horribly...I have finals. =[

  19. WForever.gif


    I'm posting it on my own profile...because I know people look at it lol

  20. Hello! I saw your post that people called you Crappy McCrappers and it made me feel really bad...they're obviously...well I don't know if I can say it here without getting banned. =D

  21. I believe the question is...why are you so pokey?



    I gotta go to WORK...


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