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  1. what are you talking about. the station that i would close down is: the Pelham Line . all Pelham Line could use some station rehabiltation. first think about that need station rehabiltation. all other subway have already got station rehabilitation. not the . line station are not rehabiltated as of yet.
  2. why did #9334 have to get repainted. looking at the pics of #9334 look ugly. it was better not to repaint #9334.
  3. looking at the pic 1995 orion5 #407 it kind of got screwed. again why ( i cant explain) when ever MTA NYCT bus giver their bus to BUS. and some of the depot i mean some bus depot leave it like this; ________ Bus 407
  4. nic pics of Broadway / 225 street Bridge.
  5. and that would mean #4210 - #4278 would have go to Flatbush depot. #3900 series would have to go to Manhattan. ( 1 or two depot i mean Flatbush depot and Micheal j. Quill depot have to give up their Nova RTS and send them to West Farms depot. West Farms depot have RTS bus from Flatbush depot , and Micheal J. Quill depot.
  6. looking at pics it Look like Casey Stengal depot going to recieve next Orion7NG #4150 - #4202?
  7. number than can be used for designbus line is that is left that can be used is #2400 , #2500 , #2600 series. while #7000 , #6000 , #5000 , #8000 , #9000 , #4000 , #3000 series have been taking being used.
  8. 1. Look how much money that (NYCT) make. they must be making over $500.00 ( when they recieve check how much they make) why cant cut half of the salary that may make. that half of the salary will be used for station rehabilitation. they must be making of $50,000 when they recieve check. so why they saying they have money or budget problem. again use half of the money that make or how many they work and it will be use for station rehabilitation. who said dont have money. false statement. look how much money they get
  9. you mostly may see all ( 50 R32 car ) will be sent to Pitkin yard/ 207 street overhaul shop. why , if jamaica yard is going to recieve option 1 or option 2 order. jamaica yard will sent all 50 cars R32 to Pitkin yard / 207 street overhaul shop. Jamaica yard will only carry R46 / R160. and all R40M will be scrapped be end july. ride R40M when all car get reefed by end of july. there are 57 R40M running into service in jamaica yard.
  10. (NYCT) have 315 R62 and 824 R62A. if #2079 were to be scrapped due to it mid carbon body and have been damaged and it was use in the movie. so. still there enough R62A single to run on . why would they use #2079 in taking pelham movie. and the mid carbon body have been damage. so this consideration i think scrapping the #2079 need to be done. i would never take a film or make a movie that maybe (NYCT) new york city subway car will be use in the movie.
  11. Now Jamaica yard have R160B #9123 - #9162 (40 cars of R160B from Coney Island yard .) and Coney Isalnd yard have 470 R160A/R160B. still Coney Isalnd dersve to get R160B ( #9803 - #9942), now they are shortage of R160A/R160B.
  12. I spotted #8557 running bx31. were #8557 were on West Farms depot for a while?
  13. why R68 was supposed to run and was: when , , were getting R160. , , were supposed to give up R68. so if Coney isalnd yard recieve R160B #9803 - #9942. so will they give up R68 to and send them to , . 207 street overhaul shop and Pitkin yard will start to scrapped R32.
  14. R68 were supposed to go to , , ( run on the ) so why the plan had been cancelled. that R68 will not run on , ( because they are reciving half of R46) line will run only R46. so why R160 wont run .
  15. How more many years 1996 RTS nova bus to run into service? 1996 RTS nova bus are about 13 years old.
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