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  1. aww man ur dead now! :(:cry: i didn't know you were burned that badly, sorry :(

  2. Sorry dude, it's you're own fault you got burned, you're lucky I'm nice enough to help you :P

  3. okay, i need to to hold up with that burn for a while... when i come to philly eventually, I'll buy you ice if you're still suffering from that burn

  4. aww man sorry about that, I thought it could last 12 minutes without melting :confused:

  5. check you're doorstep, I sent you an ice pack with fast 12 minute shipping from UPS

  6. want an ice pack?

  7. no it was real, real like santa claus :P jk

  8. is neo sporin (idk how they spell it) better? lol :P

  9. hey, nice profile pic ^^ Those R68/A's are looking good!

  10. aww I'll get you a band aid lol

  11. Hey I'm a nice guy... punching people is my way of saying thank you! :P :cool:

  12. oh yea I'll definitely hit you up if i do :)

  13. nice! I went on everything in 6 flags too! I heard they tore down Medusa tho :eek:, I love that ride

  14. ahh nice


    jw, do Septa's subway cars have RFW's? i think i might take a trip to philly one day

  15. haha it's fine, people can't be doing this all the tume

  16. sup DJ? :P How's philly?

  17. Hey, long time no talk. I was recently thinking about this, how bad would it be if a R44 were on the the (B) or (Q)? What would your reaction be if you saw it? I know for sure I'd be nauseated and disgusted. I can't wait till they GTFO of our transit system.

  18. Yeah, some of my ancestors are from Syria also


    btw sorry for the late reply.. i saw ur post earlier but forgot to reply back

  19. well my great grandparents are from Spain so I thought I might do a little representation of my heritage

  20. cool, maybe I'll sign on more often... what's ur aim btw

  21. yeah

    my aim: davmish77, but expect me to sign on much in the summer, I almost never do

    my facebook: I'll pm you

  22. TBH, I wouldn't want to be a mod either. But you seem like a good candidate for one because you always bring common sense into the arena

  23. Congrats on the Contributing member status! You deserve it! Maybe one day you might become a moderator ;)

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