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Status Updates posted by Y2Julio

  1. Negative. Just remember. We're always watching ;)

  2. Big brother knows and sees all. ;)

  3. I spotted you riding the rails on SIR :P

  4. Stay off my railroad buddy :P

  5. I wasn't civil service. I had no exam number.

  6. Did the medical a week after I did the drug testing.

  7. SIR is not a prefix :P

  8. Thanks all! lol @ Dan.

  9. hahaha. sadly yeah.

  10. Damn..Guess she nuts then.

  11. Time to party on bro!

  12. I wouldn't mind heading out and doing some more photography.

  13. Not sure what I have planned for Friday/Saturday. Got nothing on my schedule and of course BERA for sunday.

  14. Which usually means they arent on a friendly term with their baby daddy.:P

  15. I'm certain you would lol

  16. No T/A rule against it? Go for it! :P

  17. WOO Dallas BBQ!! So still with this guys baby momma?

  18. We need to hang out again man.

  19. Happy Birthday man!

  20. @Amelia: Free on saturdays? Lies!!!!

  21. Hey Nicole, how's it going? Hope all is well.

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