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  1. He's out of luck. That list has way been expired and for promotional, transit can use the civil service rule of 1 in 3 to disqualify individuals based on other factors even though they've passed a test. So his disciplinary record very well might have made transit skip him and move to the next individuals.

  2. No. Only Train Operators. They get 2 of them and have to score a 100 on each or they're out. Don't worry about it. Just concentrate on cutting out doors (depending on what Division you get assigned to), circuit breakers (i.e. - ADC (which feeds the SLR or Signal Light Relay), #24, GL1, D-8 and DC1 and DC2) and trouble shooting. Study that & you'll be fine.

    been there, done that. I'm a T/O now, just surprised that they started giving signal exams to conductors now. I didn't do one when I was a conductor.
  3. I'm 62xx

    Well usually u don't wait around that much cause they always find something for you to do!!!! I've been talking to a lot of conductors. It's sounds brutal

    Dont take the job then bro. You keep complaining about this or that. Don't take up a slot that could have gone to someone else that really wants the job.
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  4. Lol, Eric is right not in a bad way just to prepare yourself for 6-8 weeks of WTF...it will all fall into place. .some people will be wtf did I get myself into

    during my training for conductor with SIRTOA I had a classmate who resigned on the first day. With NYCT I had a classmate resign after a few days. As a train operator I had one do the same, resigned after a week.
  5. ok, I swear when I was in T/O schoolcar and we was in the yards I would see student conductors there for YX , I would have no clue why they would be there and then I thought maybe for flagging or routing trains in a hand thrown switch yard?

    some jobs have conductors reporting to the yards to do the put-in's with their Train Operators.
  6. I just spoke to a T/O at Rockaway Park today. He basically confirmed what another poster had posted earlier: there is HUGE turnover at the conductor position. They call up 2,000 or so a year but then only 450 want the job, and the rest are no longer interested or DQ'd for various reasons. The reason for the turnover, he told me, is that everybody wants to promote up from C/R. Turnovers for T/O are much fewer. It used to be that the Bus Operator and Conductor exam were combined. When you applied, you were applying for both. Today it is separate. If you're disciplined at a higher post, they bust you down to C/R. If you're already a C/R and you're disciplined, there's no lower post to go down to; they just dump you.


    Anyway, I look to be in pretty good shape if the turnover is that swift. Even if my list number is in the 2,000-3,000 range, I can expect to get called up in about two years, and the list is good for four. Looks like 6 wrong ain't so bad after all :)

    this information is wrong. If you're a T/O you can only get demoted to C/R if you were one previously. If you weren't one previously, you're getting demoted to cleaner if you're not fired. C/R can get demoted to cleaners, they just aren't fired flat out. Also, when I was hired originally as a conductor, I had one question wrong. Took the test in 2008 and got hired in 2012. So I don't know about the getting hired in two years with 6 wrong.
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  7. Are they strict on that employment/educational history? Say you have 76 credits, and four years of work-study, but only 1 year of which was paid.That would be about three years, two short of the five. So that would DQ me. But what if I accumulated 120 credits after the exam was given but before I got called up. Could that be acceptable? Or do you need the 120 credits the day you apply for the exam?

    yes they are and they WILL terminate you if you lied on the forms and they find out about it later when they get around to checking your information, even if you've been working in that title for years.
  8. Well for me this job is worth the wait because as a train operator you don't have to deal with the public. I am a former bus operator so from my perspective train operator is one of the best jobs out there. All you have to worry about is operating your train safely. Everything else is the conductors responsibility.

    It's not public free. People still will come up to you to ask questions.
  9. When can you take your first vacation and how long they give you?

    Usually one week during your first year(sometimes less depending on when during the year you start), 3 weeks after 3 years, 4 weeks after 15 years. Vacation time is picked by seniority. It'll take a while for you to get vacation time during the summer since all the senior people pick their vacations during that time. It moves quicker as conductor to get better vacation time since more people promote to different titles so seniority moves quickly.
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  10. its not an easy job, there is so much responsibilities involved that you will look at your pay and say its not worth it..t/o started with over $30 per hour and I can tell you..it wasn't worth it..MTA owns you and your life...I am just telling you guys how it is because I was in schoolcar and spoke to a lot of workers and got a lot of insight so I don't mind sharing..MTAhopeful can tell you as well..its not a job for everyone..

    My vacations to London and Madrid thanks to moving up front to T/O say otherwise. It's one thing to be truthful and another being just a negative nancy. Stop being a negative nancy just because the job wasn't what you expected.
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  11. the most they can work you is 14 hours , especially if your Xtra XTra where you are the crew office slave


    I am not telling you guys not to scare you, I am just giving you a heads up especially if you guys have a decent job..don't just leave it to work for the MTA and later you find out this isn't for me while training like I did..everyone is different..this is why MTA will tell you don't leave your current job

    False. 16 hours in non-emergencies, you must notify control upon working your 12 hours. During emergencies I.E. During snow storm shut downs, they can hold you for as long as they need.

    So you can be an xtra for 4-5 years?

    as a conductor I was road extra for less than a year. Picked a steady job after 6 months on the job.

    How long is the work day as a conductor? 8 hours?

    expect 8 hours at the minimum on a good day.
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  12. On the previous one, got one wrong, finished it in less than hour (possibly even less, it's been over 4 years so I don't remember). All on a lowly high school diploma. Unless you've got any transportation experience, I don't know how you consider yourself overqualified. Being a conductor isn't the same as being a burger flipper.

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  13. Thanks everyone. Glad to hear they extended the list. I emailed Mrs. Vargas and all she said was to request to be reinstated, give my list # and phone number. I didn't know it actually has to be approved. Was I supposed to write my reasoning for turning it down in the first place and try to convince them to reinstate me? My email was very simple so I hope they don't deny it.

    One more question, can I live outside of the City and work for them? I read you HAVE TO live in the city unless you get permission. Are they strict about it? Thanks! GL to everyone waiting!

    Certain civil service titles do have city residency requirements, fortunately, Train Operator isn't one of them. Just be mindful that if you're providing your own transportation to work and you're late, you're on your own. If you live far away in other states like NJ, CT and PA, this might make it tough. Transit only validates lateness if you use the subway system.
  14. Hi I just took the preliminary conductor trainee exam at the end of March for metro north. I guess there were like 30,000 applicants from that hiring rollout they did in January. I feel lucky to have gotten offered the test. Anyone have any idea where, when and how I might find out about my test results?



    wrong thread.

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