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  1. Is that due to the braking system? or more due to them being smaller thus lighter, thus requiring less braking power to stop?

  2. Don't like it as much a B div equipment?

  3. Hey Dave, just dropping by to say Hi and see how's everything.

  4. While I know you were excited about it, don't want to get that T/O that hooked you up in trouble ;).

  5. Hey man, what's up?

  6. Haha, love the new signature. So have you played the game yet?

  7. Yeah, if I were you I would keep stuff like that picture you have uploaded, private.

  8. Well just saw the remake of your namesake, good movie. So you're back in school car now eh? Smooth sailing and easy money I imagine.

  9. Yeah but that's what we men get in this society. We get taught that we have to provide for our women, pay for them and all that stuff. At least you get to work overtime, I can't. Anything past my normal hours and I get comp time.

  10. lol man, we might have to take this to PMs lol If you happy with her, go for it and dump the other one. Never good to settle with someone as a last resort, especially with the rates of divorce and how much guys lose afterwards. Her current situation might not be optimal but with time thing's could be better.

  11. Then it will be time to start popping out those "R142"s ;)

  12. ooops I meant to say don't lose interest lol not lose interest. The other one still is hooked on after you I assume? Some women don't know when to stop. My friend had one like that, she kept going after him and even though he went through different girls, she was still on him. She finally stopped after he got married and showed her his marriage certificate.

  13. Better hope that after all this trying to get her ;) you loose interest in her. You should have told her to stay at your place ;) put the kid to sleep and go at it.

  14. Re: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showpost.php?p=125367&postcount=140

    oh man, there is this place by Passaic or is it Patterson, I forgot, but man, there is this go-go bar there that I love, that no-touching rule stays at the entrance ;)

  15. Cleared my PM box. Feel free to PM ;)

  16. Thanks! You say the time and date, and I'll be there ;)

  17. Thanks! Seems like you've been working for transit for longer than I've been born :( lol

  18. I hear you man, my wallet looks like it's on a diet lol How I wish I was a kid again when I didn't have to worry about paying bills or anything.

  19. Damn bro, you seem to attract the chicks with the kids. You should go clubbing or bar diving, doubt any single mothers have time to be doing that kind of stuff. Should weed out the herd a bit. So yo, when we go chill again?

  20. Just read up on that thread and WOW!

  21. Imagine how she would be with you if you ended up marrying her. dear god, that would have been a nightmare, would be calling you all the time asking where you are.

  22. Hey, at least she doesn't have a kid. So that's good. Anything is better than dealing with that baby daddy stuff you would have to deal with that other girl.

  23. Which thread? the one over at subchat?

  24. That's why I can't visit that site too often, too much stupidity and bile foaming from the mouths of some of their users.

  25. Can't believe someone at Subchat called you a "company" man. You're far from it man.

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