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  1. wow, that's a lot of work. Guess it's gonna be a while before it's running on RT weekend.

  2. Can't wait till the R9 is in working condition. So what needs fixing on it? Just the motor?

  3. Yo DOB, how's it go? So whats up with your new conquest?

  4. Painting sounds like something I could help out with. Let me know when you do that, might join you up there for it.

  5. So how does the volunteering in the shop work? Can you say you want to do this or that to a car and they'll let you? or is it the person that runs the shop that gets to decide? Because I was looking at how that R-17 was painted and I think it needs to be done cleaner. The paint on the side doors was all over the windows and on the black parts of the door.

  6. Man, I can't wait to go back to BERA next month, I wanna go the day after the T/O exam, that would be so ironic and sweet lol

  7. Yeah man, go for it. Never hurts to see how far you can go.

  8. and if they don't just use you as a piggy bank. This chick tried it on me, I cut that shit in it's tracks. Wanted me to pay her CC bills, I was like what the hell?

  9. *on the (A) and (L)

  10. mmmm ghetto-licious, I see that all the time on the and , all dressed up in their business suits and shit.

  11. mmmm ghetto-licious, I see that all the time on the (A) and (L), all dressed up in their business suits and shit.

  12. Well anything is better than that other baby daddy drama stuff. I've dealt with girls being baby mamas and I'm not gonna do that shit again. Learned my lesson the first time.

  13. Most "lesbians" I've known have "gone" gay after a bad relationship with men. So she could have been a fake "lesbian".

  14. Just make sure none of them got drama like that other one, cause that is some jerry springer type shit.

  15. At this trolley museum in Connecticut. They have a R17, Low-V, High-V and a R9.

  16. I've been seen lots of nice camera deals lately. That's one of the reasons why i got this Nikon camera. Let me know when you plan on getting a new one and I'll keep an eye out on deals for you.

  17. Thanks :) I'm still a n00b, just got the camera the day before and yesterday was the test run. Today was a wonderful day for me too :D

  18. Man, today was a great day outside.

  19. Man, no wonder psycho girl doesn't want to let you go. That shit is some good pay. Makes my DOE pay look like spare change lol.

  20. My math might be fuzzy but is that 9 hours @ 39 an hour? Man, that's crazy.

  21. Nice, rack in that dough. after 8 hours you get paid time and a half?

  22. Re: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=110682#post110682

    I can see that you're going to shape up to be a good T/O. ;)

  23. So how are the PMs treating you>?

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