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  1. ah man, tonight was some crazy shit. We gotta do this again.

  2. If it were a weekend, I'd go nuts with the beer lol. I just saw the food prices at the Croxley place. 20 cent wings and 5 dollar pints? I'm sold!

  3. Sounds good. If I don't drink much it's cause I got a bad stomach right now.

  4. This week? or just Weds and thurs in general?

  5. Lol the release date of Watchmen is all messed up, some places are showing it today, some tomorrow. My offer is still up :P I'm going upstate this weekend, yay more cold! lol

  6. At least you had your cellphone to help you out. I had to go cold turkey :( I haven't seen WATCHMEN yet, it's not out yet. Wanna go watch it with me? :P Y claro que si te hubiera ayudado a mudar. I've done it for other people, so I don't see why not with you. On top of that, I'm doing good. Just got a raise last week, so this Friday I'm getting a boost.

  7. nah, the exam wont be till like 2-3 months from now. It's just the application period opens next week. Should have let me known you were moving. I would have helped. Just would have needed to feed me beer and pizza and i would have been good ;) No internet? Man, I would go NUTS lol I need my internet :) and yes, TGIF it's Friday.

  8. Doing good. Almost the weekend. Can't wait for Friday so I can relax. Haven't been able to do much at work since our network has been down for 2 and a half days. Then next week, I get to apply for the T/O exam. Can't wait for that. I want to see watchmen but I don't know anyone that would want to go see it with me. :(

  9. I'm not a fan of wine, but to each their own :P Mead is the closest I'll get to wine. I love drinking that drink at Renaissance Fairs.

  10. Didn't know you were a beer fan. :) If you like burgers too, there is this burger place by Astor Place called "Paul's Da Burger Place". They make the best burgers in NYC. They make them from fresh ground beef. One burger from them + a nice cold beer, will take you to heaven. We should hang out some time ;)

  11. Stella Artois + any type of food = God's gift to humanity.

  12. Pfft tea Andy? This lady drinks Heineken!

  13. Ah, Heineken! The drink of the gods! A old school NES gamer that drinks Heineken? Single? :P lol

  14. Feliz Cumpleaños! Espero que lo pases bien! In case you don't know Spanish, Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day. Since we don't know each other in real life, here is a virtual drink *ANY DRINK YOU WANT* lol

  15. man, I love your sarcastic posts lol I was dying when I read the comment you left in that thread about the camera.

  16. Estoy bien. Aqui tranquilo, cansado del trabajo. lol

  17. you're a mod now? congrats.

  18. Hey Dave hows it going? Just stopping by to see how it goes in the world down below. woot. I just rhymed lol

  19. Hey Zach, question. What scale are your model trains or what do you recommend for someone to get? which ones have the more variety in models between freight trains and mass transit trains.

  20. Not 100 sure. Won't know till we get the official scores. To get a rough estimate of how well you did, divide the amount of correct answers you got by 75. Remove the numbers on the left side of the decimal point and that will be your percentage score. For example I got 74 out of 75 questions correct, so I would divide 74 by 75 and get 0.98, so I would then remove 0. and get 98% so that would be my rough score.

  21. Lol that's city agencies for you lol You got to get on their asses to get what you need.

  22. So did you get that information you needed for your boss?

  23. Giants fan eh? Same here. Too bad they blew it :(

  24. I see you made it onto the NY Times.

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