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  1. just always do like you were told at the classroom you will be watch for one year if you do it there way your probation will be no problem do not listen to other operator you guys have to get the year down then your five years then your ten keep safe and good luck hope to see some of you at the pond im a steward there if any one needs a hand ill do my best to put you in the right direction just ask for keith if any of you come to fresh pond

  2. as you where taught in line training foward planning is the key if it blinks slow down and wait for the next light that way you are safe you need to know you guys are on probation for one year and you running a yellow or red can cause you your job or a six month extension so operate your bus in a safe matter at ALL TIMES and yes 9206 is a P.O.S.

  3. if you know you do not used drugs and your stuff is correct you will get the job many people will not tell you i smoke a joint last night so just worry about your self and if you are right and do not get the job go to EEO and fight when i first started i got put on medical hold lic problems took me a few months but i did what i had to to do and got the job still and it is worth the fight

  4. you must pass your cdl test which you guys will be takeing soon so while doing line training dont forget what you learn in the class room pre trip every bus it is dot law and transit rule to it will help you to get ready for your cdl test do it on each and every bus so you can get it down pack and good luck and i hope to see some of you guys in fresh pond soon im one of the stewards in the depot you can ask for keith if you need help with anythings or just to ask questions

  5. First and foremost, I hope all who read this is in good health and spirits.


    I'm a TA employee (presently at Gleason) looking to switch to an OA depot (preferably Manhattanville) since its close to home. I like Gleason and was wondering if I should take chance or not? I don't know how the OA seniority works over there for TA employees. Can anyone shed light on this?


    if you where hire in 2005 you will only have your seniority from that point on if you was hire in 2006 then you will be going in your seniority spot in other words if your peg is lower than 3000 then you will loose your time if its in the 5000 you will go in your seniority spot

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