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  1. The conductor never turned off the announcements, there is a glitch in the system and has to be reset at 59st.
  2. The 179 has been out of service for a few weeks, don't know what's wrong.
  3. I only work the A line, don't know about the J, the ride felt fine, like a cloud. Sorry, that's all I can say on here.
  4. Here's my take on operating the 179 on the A line. The good: 1) The train is a rocket ship, after living on 46's and 32's I had to watch my speed because certain areas where the older trains are doing 40, on the 179 it's going 8-10+ miles faster, great! 2) It's new, so the cabs smell fresh & clean. 3) it's shiny. After being on the A for so long, I'm not used to seeing something new...EVER 4) Smiles...When I enter some busy stations, customers are smiling or surprised the A has some new stuff. The cameras come out, they stare, they mouth "is this an A?" 5) Privacy...The cab windows are tinted, less eyeballs on the t/o's sitting down. The bad: 1) The cab is smaller than the 160's On the 160's there was a cut out behind the seat so the seat can go further back. There is no cut out behind the cab seat on a 179. If the t/o is tall or big, it's a problem. Knees hit the console, of you're a big dude the t/o is so close to the console. 2) The cab window sucks. Those cab windows should slide sideways like a 46 or straight down like a 68. Conductors have been complaining about the latch hitting their chins and making it harder for shorter people to see. 3) The placement of the speedometer is near the ceiling or where the air gauge is on a 160. That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. speedometer and gauges should be eye level like any other normal transportation vehicle. 4) The master controller...THe MC is terrible, the handle is small and you have to put some muscle into holding it while operating which can start to hurt the hand, especially when the t/o is going express. Can't switch from left hand to right hand...terrible 5) The placement of the master controller. The MC is on the right hand side and it's very uncomfortable to operate while doing a long run. Local trip, fine you can rest your hand between stops, but from Howard beach to Broad channel, forget it. 6) The 179's on the C and probably J line...The operating crews cannot hear the automated announcements in their cabs. They fixed this issue with the A-179 supposedly they are correcting this with the C-179's and whatever 179's that are out there. I have more but it's more technical.
  5. yes there is, around sunday morning at 7ish there is a pitkin put in that goes in service from euclid to lefferts. that may be the 1st run of the 179. Am i sure? No. deadheading to 207? No. Deadheading to FR on a sunday? highly doubt it.
  6. Supposedly the 10 car 179 will start running on the A line starting Sunday, how do I know? I work the A line. The hours were not confirmed but it MAY be all 3 tours with supervision on board to help familiarize the operating crews. & and when I write "Supposedly" it's because I'll believe it when I see it and things always change in transit. Thank you, have a nice day. edit: Ok it's confirmed that the train will be running on the Am & PM tour coming out of pitkin yard.
  7. The 179 operating cabs are smaller than the 160's There is less room for the t/o to operate with the seat all the way back & down. The master controller is very uncomfortable to operate on a long run. The C/R's have a hard time with the cab window latch right up on their chins when doing their platform observation. It's even tougher for shorter c/r's to look out the window. There is absolutely no space to climb between cars on these 179's Unless you are built like a pencil. There is no way to climb up between cars or remove car barrier springs when doing yard moves. I personally never operated one but I hear all the complaints from my fellow co workers. Yes they are shiny & new but they are big lemons. They should have gotten input from operating crews on what should be improved from the 160's to the 179's but they didn't
  8. I'm a A line operator and yes this is all true. WE ALL HATE THE 32'S except for the few who like them just because they're massive annoying buffs and are still living in the past. MOST.OF.US.CREWS.ON.THE.A.HATE.THE.32 especially when going local for 2 whole trips. For the operator the cab seats are uncomfortable after a while, & your hand (left) and arms start bothering you too. Yes you can stand but who wants to be standing for 2 hours. For the conductor, they have to stand the entire way because there is no seat in the #2 end where they operate from in a 10 car set, plus we could give 2 fks about more doors, "rail fan winders" "nostalgia" and whatever else comes with a 32. Plus us operating crews cannot communicate with each other privately while on the road. Certain good dispatchers try to get rid of the 32's when rush hour is over and lay them up. Yes, even the dispatchers don't like the 32's As far as operating with the cab door open the entire trip, some do it just to get fresh cool a/c that never reaches the cab for some reason, but as far as supervision is concerned, some do "frown" on that activity. My questions is, even though I'm hearing bad things about the 179, WHEN THE FK are they coming to the A? The longest line in the system.
  9. Listen to your instructors and if they want to operate don't take it personal. Sometimes we get tired of standing. and don't let go of the master controller!! It's happened many times to me and I don't want to call that shit in.
  10. Anyone know what # they are on with the list? I'm asking for a friend of mine who'se in the 44 hundred range.
  11. Your my hero Subway guy. Hopefully one day i can meet you and shake your hand.
  12. Again, what is this Concourse Yard working the business? I thought if you signed in on the manual and they put down what job you are working for example C-203 then you get paid what that job does, what you are writing is since he signed out at 168 he gets deadhead to 207Y which is 28 minutes, So he's only getting paid 8 hours for posting not what C-203 or whatever job he posted pays.
  13. Why would you sign in at CCY for a job? #2 you don't get dead head because the job you posted is less than 8 hours but includes dead head back to 207Y so you are not loosing money. if you did C-203 or 204 then the jobs are penalty because of the built in dead head.
  14. I'm not going anywhere. I wish people can get thru there heads there's no steering wheel at the train ops positions. There are controls like an machine. You OPERATE a subway train or train.

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