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Status Updates posted by Dan05979

  1. Your 20? You still a punk.

  2. Thanks man, Alot of work but alot of fun doing this.

  3. thanks, its a lot of work doing this job so far.

  4. Thanks, Thats my friends 5.

  5. Thanks Dog feel goo to be part of the team.

  6. that water looks so good right now

  7. Thats my boy driving that truck, everythings cool @ work long hours hot days mucho traffico on da 495 but you know, it is what it is.

  8. stop bothering my drivers while there trying to work. :cool:

    mr. queens blvd bus driver :cool:

  9. Happy B-Day Driver Keep on truckin' see you on the 495

  10. Thanks bud!

  11. Watch out baby Almar "ALARM" on your tail by Maurice ave BUS DRIVER

  12. Thanks buddy, your the best.

  13. Thanks bud! appreciate that peace.

  14. Who do you think you are having a birthday on the same day as Christmas? :cool: Happy Birthday, Hope Santa gave you an ultra lense for that super camera.

  15. Happy birthday LRG, I'll buy you a pack of cigaretts :cool:

  16. Happy Birthday Pablo

  17. I only did it for the bus drivers sake so he wont' get in trouble, he's in the pics and so is his bus # and run # you know. Thats the last thing harry needs and the bus driver also. Holla

  18. thank you.

  19. That was a great find, I had a feeling thats where that was. I'm gald you liked it because I loved that video.

  20. I don't understand what your asking for me to do.

  21. Love those pictures of assembly plant, please post more. How do the buses get deliverd to the city? Are they driven or put on a lowboy?

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