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  1. Good afternoon all. I've been looking into more information regarding the engineering hiring for MNRR. The initial hiring test has been completed, and I passed, and I'm assuming the background information checked out too, because I've received another email inviting me to the selective attention testing sometime this coming week. I'm assuming the interview will come afterwards -- can anyone provide details on the upcoming interview? What's it like? I've been an BO for 7+ plus years and looking for a change. I heard there's a way to bring over retirement time if you talk to the proper people and such. What's the word?
  2. I called Employment Center today and she confirmed my lady's information but said the list hasn't been established yet, so no one receives their score until they've done so. smh
  3. Ok, has anyone physically received their scores and list number in the mail? We haven't got anything from transit yet (when I mean "we", I mean my lady)... Can anyone provide me an email or direct number to human resources so we can resolve the matter?
  4. Did anyone receive their results for SA #6600? My lady took it at Brooklyn Tech on Sunday, 12/13/15 (AM). We contacted DCAS but there's no record of her SSN on file, so we spoke with an representative who couldn't find anything on 6600, and said we probably have to call MTA directly. Any ideas?
  5. Who's able to change my depot badge next to my name? Need it changed to MCH depot. Thanks
  6. 5327 & 28 were sent back to Flatbush from MJQ while 5335-36 were sent to Quill from Flatbush. Also, Quill has four 1200s in service - 1281, 82, 84 & 85, as to date.
  7. It's been an issue here and there on the SBS60 where machines will be out along the entire 125th corridor; but that's because of maintenance. The only thing I wish would happen is the Eagle team have direct updates to what machines are online, and which are down.
  8. When the 7 train station is completed, we might be thinking otherwise.
  9. The M60 has been putting many of those SBS buses into maintenance holds, which is why there's a shortage. Those 59xx LFSAs are taking a beating on the SBS60 between mileage and wear/tear of being highway buses... Which in turns puts the 5800s into new territory on the 60. Quill has received 5 new SBS buses in the past 3 months because of the maintenance holds -- most recently the two 53xx from Flatbush - 5327 & 28.
  10. As an current operator on the M60, I can tell you the best thing they could've done was add artics to the line; 40 fts can kiss ass. The overnights are getting worse, but they did adjust the headway, which was every 30 mins prior; now it's every 20 mins (which it should be every 15 from 1-5am), and every 15 mins between 4-5am, then every 10 mins 5-6am, then every 7 mins between 6am-8am. Problem with the line then and now, is the bus bunching.
  11. I respectfully disagree with your assessment in Queens with the SBS60. Believe it or not, those 60s are PACKED to the line during AM rush hour -- with people utilizing the 60 from the 77th Street stop, and especially Steinway to go to 31st for the N/Q trains, but most folks do stay on for Manhattan connections, trust me; my artic is loaded going Harlem-bound. So 77th street and Steinway is definitely useful in some aspect. The 82nd Street/Ditmars Blvd stop is highly utilized by car rental employees and passengers looking for those car rental locations between 82nd and 94th. I get questions everyday about where's such and such rental place at, or hotel, etc.. As I previously mentioned, my issue is with the stupid stop at 120th and Broadway-- you have people who see the 60 coming eastbound at 116th, get their ticket just to get off at 120th because the M4 & 104 didn't show; shit like that slow down the 60. Also I put in a request not to long ago to have the eastbound stop at 125 & Amsterdam which is nearside in the middle of Amsterdam between 125 and La Salle to join the stop at 125 and Amsterdam for the 15/100/101s which is farside, but much safer to stop at. The current stop is within a turning lane, and so difficult to get out the stop with the amount of traffic turning onto 125, so you can easily blow 2 to 3 lights during rush hours because of the cars and the school crossing guard there. For me? I have to make the turn from the middle lane going wide.. that's how bad it is.
  12. You know, I work the SBS60, and there's just a few things that need to be corrected - updating the bus stations for a more fitting looks, along with bus bulbs on 125.. Man, I'm tired of wiggling around the 100s, 101s and Bx15s just to serve my stop. They also need to get rid of the 120th and Broadway stop.. It's right next to the 116th station, 4 short blocks. smh
  13. They're out there, trust me. Your bus might've just been the lucky for the duration of your trip. They're hiring additional agents for the upcoming SBS86, so you'll see different faces. And don't worry about what the others are doing; some of them could've bought their tickets before hand (like 15 mins before); some are even transit employees; some just like to take risk, til they get caught... where you cough up $100, and that covers 20 fares right off the back. The inspectors are not worried about catching EVERYONE, just as long as they get their roundup for the day, they're good.. They'll get caught eventually. One thing they need to beef up inspections on is the overnight SBS60-- they only check my bus like once a month when they're doubling-up on shift. But I have the feeling when the SBS86 is up and running they'll be bouncing between both lines on the overnight, which will make their presence often (fyi: SBS60 is the only overnight +select at the moment).
  14. That's funny, because I've seen RTS in service today. Don't assume. Btw, 5965, 5966 & 5967 WF to MQ - wrapped for SBS service to join the rest of the 59xx fleet at MQ.
  15. They really need to rethink terminating the SBS at Dekalb Avenue only. And if this IS the case, I guarantee they'll be a service change the very next pick. The morning rush, those bridge buses are packed bridge-bound -- most of them dumping at Flushing Avenue (crucial stop), and the PM rush is the same, when you're picking up the folks going home from the hospital and other transfer passengers. It's better they convert it to the way it is now, by sending every other SBS to the bridge, or 1 out of 3 go to the bridge. The traffic isn't as bad on the weekends, so they'll have to work around it somehow by sending them up there. You can't just abandon Broadway from the planned ops. As for what Fresh Pond stated, those locals can very well handle Broadway during the evening hours, like after 10pm, but you can forget it during the day... I think their idea is to have folks board the local buses southbound, and transfer at Dekalb Avenue, but what happens when folks need northbound local service at Dekalb? 9/10 - those buses will have a hard time showing up, or be super-bunched when they do show. The SBS44 and locals were a different category because of the routing change - the locals were getting dildoed northbound on NY Avenue (being SBS' running up Rogers), blowing their layovers and getting killed again southbound because of the lateness. This isn't the case with B46 -- it's Broadway that'll be an issue, and of course they'll short half the locals at Dekalb to maintain service on the opposite direction.
  16. MHV9218, you're a f**king idiot! Point blank. It's guys like you who we want to punch in the face for your illogical thinking. We're you there? Do you know of the conditions of this area? Do you know the f**king operator?? Well let me break it down. Number 1 the accident happened after the crosswalk in the bus stop area. Number 2 it was dark and raining. Number 3 the bus stop is in a very dark area, not well lit. With those conditions, an accident can happen at any moment with a pedestrian. Also do you know of the clothing worn by the man killed? Perhaps dark clothing? Don't jump to any conclusions unless you were there. My brother was arrested for this unfortunate accident due to the new vision zero f**kery. The man was always by the book when it came to operating his bus... And I mean always. Very humble and laid back individual. My heart goes out to him and his wife who's dealing with this ordeal. You guys have no idea how much we go through as bus operators. No f**kin idea.. So unless you know the facts I suggest you sit your ass on the sideline and keep quiet.
  17. Alright, so now that SBS46 is in the works, word around the depot is they'll be using 40 ft buses only, which I highly doubt, but we'll see.
  18. False alarm. SBS44 moved over to 46 stand
  19. Don't know what's going on, but looks like SBS machine foundation poles and electric lines are being installed at the bridge on the 46 lane. You can see it gated with a green cover, but can see the structure.
  20. The headway in the morning is literally 1-2 mins... The 46 has needed artics for years now - SBS or not, but it was a big union issue that prevented the artic usage on Brooklyn lines, for the exception of the 44 (that was a deal accepted by our former union vice chair, Stephan Thomas).
  21. You guys make me laugh when you say use 40-fts for the SBS46. Are you f*cking kidding me? Yeah, it worked with the SBS34 and SBS79... but the 46 is heavier line than the 79 and 34 combined! #cmon LFSAs are a must with the SBS46.
  22. Lanes reconfigured along Utica Avenue between St Johns and Church Ave. Left lane banned at Church Avenue, Lenox Rd., Empire Blvd., and Eastern Parkway. Bus lanes almost complete. SBS will more than likely be here by next year for the corridor. That's the talk of the depot right now.
  23. 5138 back at Flatbush as of last week Friday from Grand Avenue (loaner)
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