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  1. Thanks! I appreciate it! Now I don't have to call Luz again LOL!
  2. Hello all, sorry to ask this, but is any other New York Transit museum members available to get back to me about the lo-v run and the Coney Island run? I booked both of them and "misplaced" the guide list. I am not sure which one was June and which one is July. Thanks! PLEASE PM ME!
  3. I totally agree Dan, Not smart to do at all. "Live and let live" it's not like he was smoking in the car. Leave that job to the MTA police.
  4. Hey Man. I believe its just the R1/9s. I don't think any LO-Vs will be out on this trip..

  5. Hey that tour you posted doesn't involve the lo-v's does it?

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! Good one! After reading a lot of replies, I have to say I agree with a few of you that people should have just ignored it and that people tend to overreact way too much! I was a kid once and I had a few engineers/Conductors on Metro North teach me how to operate M-1 - M-3's I would announce the stops, open/close doors and buzz twice to start. I was taught it all, and I loved it. Sure some people were not so enthusiastic about what was going on and they grumbled about it and that was that. I guess nothing can stay the same.... It's sad. Anyway I hope that nobody looses their job over a damn picture and one person's "questionable " words.
  7. hey I read in one of the posts you bought the acela. How do you like it? Did you take any pics of it? I got the r-27 set for Christmas last year from my Girlfriend.

  8. A bit overboard to say the least! I would hate to be that guys neighbor lol! I love the sensor activation.
  9. Good luck with that! Hope you get that home. Once you need some train help let me know. Take care and once again good luck with that project!

  10. Hey man I don't know if you got my last message or not but I have been busy with work and all.. I am hoping to buy a home this summer then I will have room to start making a layout. Duh I just read my last message I'm suck a dope! LOL !! Anyway take care!

  11. I wished I had thought to come on here first it would have been nice too meet a few of you guys.. How many people from here actually went on the tour? I was the guy in the dark blue jeans and black striped long sleeved collared shirt.
  12. Did you like the tour? I did it as well which was fun but then we got off for the zoo and I missed the Low-v train 8-(
  13. Hey thanks I have been very busy have not started anything yet will let you know when I do! 8-)

  14. Hey Ryan, just wanted to see if the pics and video I sent you helped you out on your project. Send me some feedback and also have a question if you know how to put those pics up on a forum. I don't know how to shrink the file so the work. Hope u r well. Alberto

  15. http://www.fadingad.com/blog/manhattan/nyc_greenwich_substation03.jpg This is what it looked like a while back
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