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  1. The only new timers I can recall in Manhattan are on the SB / local south of 86th street, just south of 34th street on the SB / local. and just north of Canal Street on the S/B express track. I'm honestly surprised the SB express stretch from 59th - 14th Street didn't get touched during that period. The other infamous slow spots (135th St, 34th St N/B, etc) have been around since forever. I believe the timers added on the CPW express section were installed around the mid - late 1980's from what I remember reading somewhere, someone can correct me if I'm wrong. In Brooklyn, going Manhattan bound is still sort of the same aside from the timers added at Broadway Junction and around Jay Street. This is going by what I remember from about 1993 and on.
  2. If I remember correctly, that sign went up a few years before those timers were added around 2010-2011 (someone correct me if I'm wrong?). I think they also added the timers at B'way Junction, the curve around High Street, Grant Ave SB, and a few others along the 8th Avenue/Fulton Line around the same time. Maybe my memory is starting to get a bit hazy. I used to catch the RFW of R32/R38 's whenever I could from 2003 until about 2009 and do not recall those timers during that period.
  3. I hope I'm not going crazy with this one, but I remember the R62s and other car classes that had GE1257E1 traction motors (R30, R33, R40, etc) had a distinctive howl/scream to them when I started riding the subway in the early 1990's. You can still sort of hear it when the R62s get up to speed, but it was definitely a lot more pronounced almost as soon as they started accelerating.
  4. While we're at it why don't the MTA also assemble an elite recovery team to bring back the redbirds and the other 60 foot SMEE's they dumped in the ocean last decade. I'm pretty sure railfans miss them on their respected lines as well.
  5. Some of those GMC RTS would leave you in a cloud of smoke when they took off. I remember hating when the MTA started painting their doors white in the late 90s, and then they took the alcoa's off the 94 TMCs, 96-98 Nova's and the GMC rebuilds. Good times. 😎
  6. I had the unfortunate luck of having to work out in LI on Friday. I left around 5:20 so I could make the 5:45 train out of NHP to Penn Station. Needless to say, I had to resort to taking the N24 back to the . The N24 was so packed I was basically stuck riding by the front door for the entire trip back to 179th street. I wouldn't have even gotten on if there wasn't a passenger that didn't have to get off at the stop I was at. On the plus side, we pretty much skipped a good amount of stops since the bus driver couldn't fit any more passengers. While the N24 is usually packed when I leave around 5, I'm usually able to get on the bus the rare times that I take it. That was definitely the craziest bus driver I've had. NICE sure does make service look like first class service.
  7. I believe there's one on the SB coming into 18th street (not too sure since I haven't looked through the "RFW" on the in quite some time). I've been noticing for the past year that trains seem to come in to 18th street way slower than they used to, which says a lot since it was never a fast stretch to begin with seeing how 23rd street is literally about 1 train length away.
  8. An R40M and R40 slant coupled together in service on the in 2009 An R32 and R42 coupled together in service on the around 1999 R42 CI rebuild on the around August/September 2007 right before they were retired R38 in 2004 A set of Corona R62A singles on the (both ends had RFWs) around 2006. Ended up riding it up to 242nd down to South Ferry and back up. I remember the T/O and C/R getting into an argument at 242nd because the the C/R did not want to deal with the corner cabs. Also remember catching one of the last unlinked R62A sets on the around 1999/early 2000. I also recall a few sets of R46 popping up on the during the summer of 2001 Pretty sure there's a few others that I can't recall at the moment.
  9. Man I wish they would have kept the long window doors on the R40S/M and the R42's. I'm actually surprised the pay phone in that station is working.

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