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  1. Hey, can I put in a change of address on-line, or do I have to go down to Centre Street and do it in person???
  2. Wow.....I never new that! You learn something new everyday......
  3. Thank's for the info T.S.12, now I'm THE MAN........LOL
  4. Well, if they won't let you dig underground, how about an El???? I nice state of the art El to spruce up the Big Apple!!!!
  5. When you guys talk about them testing, lets say an R-160 on a specific line. What are they actually testing for???? If it works on other lines, why should it not work anywhere else in the system.....thanks.
  6. Thank's for the heads up P.B.D. Seems like any other place of work. They all have there B.S. that comes with the job, I guess you just need to come to work when you supposed to, keep your nose clean, mind your biz, and you should be good....
  7. It's going to take some time for this to grow on me, but maybe I'll feel better when I see it in person.
  8. RTO???? I'm a little green here.......
  9. You seem to have a lot to say on line, If you want we can meet up so we can talk face to face.
  10. So whats the relationships like between T/O's and C/R's?????? I used to work for another city agency and it was like being on the Jerry Springer show the way they treated each other.
  11. So Jah, in your opinion, what's the cons of the position of T/O??????
  12. I heard something to the effect that the MTA was not getting enough qualified canidates from within so that's why they started with the O/C exam. Again thats what I heard.....
  13. There's no such thing as can't, just how.....
  14. Man this sounds so cool!!! I wish when I was your age I had friends who did stuff like this, but then again the subway wasn't this safe back then. But if I don't go out the country, I would be down for this......keep me posted.
  15. Hello all, What exactly is CBTC??????????? Just wanna follow the conversation here.......
  16. I don't have the article with me, but I do remember what they said about his ability to operate the train. I guess you did not see this one.
  17. I remember reading the article in the paper and they mentioned that fact based on speaking to the MTA.
  18. Some people just require more trainning, and some pick it up quickly. Just like the young man who takes trains for the joy of it, I'm quite sure he did not go through 6 months of training but he was still able to drive that train reather well.
  19. Well, now it's time to get ready for the Train Operator exam, which is what my dream come true job really is....Good Luck Guys!!!
  20. So sad to hear that these trains will be no more:cry: I don't know what it is about the R40-S but they have always been my favorite ever since my childhood joy riding days. Kinda feels like when E.T. was walking up the ramp to his spaceship when he was going home. DON'T ACT LIKE I WAS THE ONLY KID IN THE MOVIE THEATER WHO WAS HOLDIN THEM TEARS BACK!!!
  21. Ooppss........I' ment Angels......
  22. I got 2 wrong, was hoping for a perfect score, but I'm thankful for what I did. Thank's to my Gaurdian Angles:D
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