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  1. I would say that why it's so hard (or at least one of many possible answers) is because people aren't willing to be open with themselves and their significant others. I think it's possible for people to find s.o.'s , and that it's possible that there are many great, compatible people out there. So don't give up on love, and don't be disappointed if it doesn't wind up the way you expected; some of the best love finds you in unexpected and sometimes surprising ways! I've been pretty lucky to find someone that I love very much; we've been together just over five years. Frankly, I'm a little surprised I found someone that I want to make a life with, but I am quite pleased. Edit: Many of the people who are considered (or consider themselves) to be Average Joe's are the nicest, most appreciative people in the world (likewise with "plain janes" or whatever the feminine alternative is). I have an "Average" real-life Joe (that's his name lol) and he is such a great person who treats everyone well and is respectful and considerate. But don't worry, the right people will appreciate the "Average Joe's"
  2. I hope everything winds up alright with your credit card. I share your sentiment about leaving, it's just such a dismal time of year. I can't wait for it to be April and nice, it just always seems to make everything nicer then.

  3. I am good, thanks for asking! How are you, my friend?

  4. i would like to think that i know my trains well! haha but i realize that there is much to learn. luckily i am curious!

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