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  1. My boyfriend and I celebrated our five year anniversary on the 12th so we didn't do much today. We split a chocolate bar in a small nod to the "holiday" B) It was a perfect day.
  2. New Trailer It doesn't look too bad, although I am choosing to not watch it as a railfan because then I'm sure I will drive myself crazy. Of course, it goes without saying that nothing beats the original though. Walter Matthau, ftw. I'm a tad bit confused though... The R142A is pulling into Grand Central-42nd St. and that's the one that's being hijacked? What the heck? Shouldn't it be the taking of the Flushing 1-2-3 then? lol Enjoy.
  3. I'm a Junior year History major at Hunter College, and I'm planning to go to graduate school for History, although I have no idea what I want to do after school. I would love to get a job with the NYHS eventually, or maybe a job with the MTA archives if I could swing it. I'm an avid writer, and I'm currently working on my first book. I love the German language and culture, everything from Bismarck to Kafka to Die Fantastischen Vier (they're a really funny, silly German group that I like, and I would recommend if you would ever like to mix it up). I'm not fluent yet, but I certainly am proud of my ability to guide lost German tourists around the subway! Music is a pretty big part of my life, I absolutely love going to concerts but when I am in a break from them (as I am currently), I'm content to just groove along with whatever is in my headphones. Ska and Indie forever! And, of course, I love the best baseball team in the world: the Yankees! haha :cool:
  4. They will do it for the if the train is at 242nd for a longer period of time than normal. One door section per car.
  5. I've seen a bunch of sets with them. I was at Grand Central and two sets with the LEDs were in the station, plus another Flushing-bound one at Times Square. The woman at Grand Central who usually yells whether the train is a Local or an Express will be able to take a break when people remember that green = local and so on. At Grand Central. You can see the green glow of the other set reflected in the train. Express at Times Square. They cast a really distinctive light in the train; everything takes on a slight red or green hue depending on the LED. I have to say that it does brighten things up a bit. :cool:
  6. Go for it! Can't hurt, right? lol
  7. Thanks Guys. My Dad is a member, so I'll be going with him. We called first about a week ago, and we've been calling every few days since (I really hope it's not sold out, but if it is I'll just do it another time). But thanks a lot, I will ask for Luz. Hopefully I can get this experience; my Dad has already been there several times but he wanted to bring me because I have a love for subways that is almost as great as his, if not more!
  8. Hey everyone- Has anyone heard about or is going to the City Hall Tour sponsored by the Transit Museum on December 14th? My Dad and I have called the Transit Museum, but we haven't gotten an answer. The site that we found the tour on is: http://www.mta.info/mta/museum/programs.htm Does anyone have any information we might be able to use? We haven't been able to contact anyone. Thanks!
  9. With the idea of a crosstown line, I looked at the geography and topography of Central Park to see what kind of subway line would best serve the purpose of connecting at least the (© in upper Manhattan. I think that this route would work pretty well to serve that purpose. It connects to the and at their respective 72nd St. stations underground and then emerges as an elevated line that can go on top of the 79th St. Transverse. Then it would go back underground just south of 79th St. with a station there to serve the Met, and could continue to connect to the at 77th St. The pink line is underground, the purple line is the elevated, the black lines are the approximate portals and the station for the Met is right under 79th St. in grey. I think this option better suits the purpose of the said proposed crosstown line without as much interference as something like a huge bridge would. As is pointed out, the technology does exist to ensure that this could be a modern el that could possibly become the new standard in subway technology. N.B. This is just for the Manhattan section, there would be options for continuation up/down the West Side and, of course, into Queens. I haven't really speculated further on that.
  10. Willkommen! Berlin ist eine nette schöne Stadt. Ich möchte irgendwann Berlin besuchen! Meine Grossvater's Familie war von Meerbeck. Welcome! B)
  11. i would like to think that i know my trains well! haha but i realize that there is much to learn. luckily i am curious!

  12. My name is Tess. I'm a 19 year old college student with a lifelong fascination with trains (starting with the first Lionel train set I got when I was 5). I'm a history major and it cannot be said enough the immense impact that trains have on our society. I've been lurking for some time here, and I've found a great deal of the information to be absolutely wonderful. Thank You!
  13. Apparently there was a signal problem at Caroll Street. I got off an F at Smith/9th to transfer to the G; no G came so I got on another F. It stood at the station for about 20 minutes before an announcement came that F and G service was suspended. They handed out block tickets. I walked to Hoyt-Schermerhorn via Smith and I saw that the F that I had gotten off was halfway between the portal and the ramp. There were a bunch of track workers swarming around the train.
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