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  1. I can update my status like I'm on facebook or something lmao

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      Yes, yes you can :P


      Good to see you on here.

  2. (late reply) thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  3. idk if you are the person to be talking to on this, but I think NOVAbus should test alternate fueling technologies like CNG, LNG, Gasoline-electric and whatnot for both current LFS models, and maybe Diesel-Electric Articulated buses. I'm sure lots of people would enjoy that :) Also, there should be a 30 foot and 35 foot LFS, and even a 45 foot version available. I'm sure I am asking for alot but its still something to think about

  4. the day that the flxible metro series comes back or something that looks very similar will be the day that i will be fully interested in transit as i was a few years back. These new low floor buses don't cut it hahaha

  5. Flxible like NJ Transit Flxible? Love those things, especially the Metro-Bs!

  6. hahaha police fail :P

  7. hey, how are you?

  8. :D Thanks for the positive comment. I am a bus fan too :P I live near some south jersey routes. The closest to me is the 406 in Palmyra
  9. So um... whazzp? You like NJT Too i see ;)

  10. sorry it took me so long forever to add you, I have rarely been online since the whole removal of the SEPTA section... since I am in Philly and mainly have SEPTA related things to contribute...

  11. * no :P whats up%3Pr

  12. i'm okay... had fun at he SEPTA roadeo last week :P

  13. nice did you have fun?

  14. lol they didn't want to get caught hehe

  15. I can imagine, You were worn out that day :P

  16. sounds like fun

  17. did you miss your stop?

  18. sweet, im checking it out now ;)

  19. bah it's okay :) where'd you go?

  20. i wonder if DC will eventually become its own state :eek:


    and yea, i will do it again... just... when everyone's sleeping ;)

  21. i want to do it again :P

  22. i'm happy to leave the first visitor message! Whazzup?

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